Idaho Congressional Delegation

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Congressman Mike Simpson (Idaho's 2nd District) - F

Mike Simpson is one of the most corrupt, worthless, and disgusting pieces of trash in all of Idaho. He is pure scum who deserves to be locked up in prison forever. Click here to contact him.
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Congressman Russ Fulcher (Idaho's 1st District) - C

Russ Fulcher is a new-ish Congressman who was a conservative Idaho State Senator who brokered a deal with Raul Labrador to take his seat in Congress so Raul could run for Governor in 2018. Like most, Russ started off good but quickly set off down the wrong path. Click here to contact Russ Fulcher.
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Senator Mike Crapo - D

Mike Crapo is a drunk and a poor excuse for a Senator. His record shows he has done nothing beneficial for Idaho that a simple piece of software couldn't have handled better. Click here to contact Mike Crapo.
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Senator Jim Risch - C

Jim Risch is an affable old man who needs to retire. His voting record likewise shows that he is definitely not needed to represent the best interests of Idaho, and he is definitely a "company man" who takes orders from the GOP instead of his constituents. Click here to contact Jim Risch.
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