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#1 LIE—Baby Cyrus was in "Imminent Danger"

The claim of "imminent danger" is the only justification that law enforcement can use to legally kidnap a child. However, "imminent danger" has a very high threshold to reach—it essentially means that a child is about to die within moments if the child is not taken from his parents and put into the care of a physician.

Imminent means "about to happen." It means NOW. It doesn't mean in days or weeks or more. Imminent is imminent!

Generally speaking, "imminent danger" should only be declared when a child is in an environment where he is being abused or assaulted (like what Idaho cops do to innocent people).

Regardless of what these police officers claim, they have not been able to provide one single shred of evidence that Cyrus was in "imminent danger." There is no evidence. It is all a lie!

They claim to only be going off of what "doctors say." But they still have provided no evidence. That means, that unless you and I stand up against this tyranny, any child can be kidnapped at any time and they can claim "imminent danger" because "doctors say so."

Additionally, we have documented proof that CPS knew Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger and had him kidnapped anyway. As previously reported, Baby Cyrus medical records from St. Luke's said this:
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Notice it says that "Health and Welfare had already identified a foster family” but decided not to discharge Cyrus with the foster family because they felt it was “unsafe.” Well…their entire case is built around the lie that "Baby Cyrus was soooo sick and malnourished that he needed to be in the care of doctors and medical professionals in the hospital." But this is an absolute lie as they admit in their medical report above that they had already planned on immediately discharging Cyrus with a foster family! So evidently Baby Cyrus was not in any type of medical emergency whatsoever! He was not in "imminent danger." It was all a lie!

Also watch the video on this page that shows the video evidence that Baby Cyrus was never in "imminent danger": They Lied to You—New Video Evidence Proves that Baby Cyrus was a Perfectly "Healthy Baby" When He Was Kidnapped By Meridian Police

#2 LIE—Marissa and Levi had missed multiple doctor's appointments for Baby Cyrus.

Several news outlets have reported that Marissa and Levi missed multiple doctor's appointments for Baby Cyrus. This is a flat lie. The only appointment that was ever canceled for Baby Cyrus was on March 11th with Aaron Dykstra. Aaron Dykstra then called CPS 20 minutes after the scheduled missed appointment and got the entire kidnapping process started.

Reports that they missed appointment on March 5th or 6th or on any other date are just lies. They never had any other missed appointments.

Meridian Police Department's Statement is FULL OF LIES:

On March 12th, the day after the Meridian Police Department kidnapped Baby Cyrus, they released this statement that was full of lies!


Let's chronicle the lies told in this statement…

Police were informed the child had been admitted to the hospital on Tuesday March 1, 2022 after medical personnel determined the child was suffering from severe malnourishment. This is a lie. Marissa and Levi took Baby Cyrus to St. Luke's after their Nurse Practitioner from Functional Medicine of Idaho suggested they go there for Baby Cyrus to be fully re-hydrated with an I.V. Cyrus was not "suffering from severe malnourishment." That is a bald faced lie. Nor was the child "admitted to the hospital" as if they were forced there because of Cyrus's "malnourishment." On the contrary, Levi and Marissa took Baby Cyrus voluntarily to re-hydrate him with the understanding that they would return to Functional Medicine of Idaho with their Nurse Practitioner within hours.

During a follow up appointment earlier, this week it was determined the child had again lost a significant amount of weight and when the parents canceled the next follow-up appointment and could not be located, the Meridian Police were contacted and advised this child’s condition could lead to severe injury or even death if not treated. Baby Cyrus did not lose a significant amount of weight. He lost 35 grams, which is 1.23 ounces. And as far as not being able to be located, that is quite deceptive since the Nurse Practitioner, Aaron Dykstra, with whom the appointment was canceled only tried calling twice, while Marissa was sleeping before calling CPS. He didn't even try to call Levi or the emergency contact on the intake form. So this is just deception, pure and simple.

As far as the child's condition leading to severe injury or death, well, there is no way the police department can know that. So in their defense, we will assume they are just repeating false information they received from Aaron Dykstra.

Health and Welfare was able to contact the child’s father, who agreed to bring the child in for an examination, but then failed to show up. Levi never agreed to bring the child in for an examination. He was simply sent the information by Nice Loufoua, an aggressive social worker who demanded that Levi take Baby Cyrus to the Faces of Hope Victims Abuse Center. Sorry, but no sane parent is going to a place like that.

Officers attempted to contact the parents and check on the child at a residence in Meridian, but the occupants were uncooperative and refused to let officers check on the child’s welfare. This lie is remarkable because I (Diego Rodriguez) was the one who met the officers at the door. They came to my house (not Levi's house) and Levi and Cyrus were not there. I never "refused" to let them in, I simply told them that Levi and Cyrus were not there. I also have 3 witnesses in the front room at the time who watched the entire thing and have signed affidavits testifying to the fact that I never "refused to let the officers check on the child's welfare." The officers who came to the door were Detective Hanson (Badge #3534) and Detective Jeff Fuller (Badge #3138). If these men wrote in their report that I "refused" to let them in, then THEY ARE LIARS.

Ammon BUNDY and several of his followers showed up to St. Luke’s Meridian and refused to leave the property when asked to do so. After several attempts to get BUNDY to leave the property and his continual refusal to do so, the Meridian Police Department arrested BUNDY for trespassing. Again, the Meridian Police Department can't stop lying. They just can't. Ammon was never asked to leave the property. And he never once refused to do so. They are liars. Watch the video for yourself:
Twenty-three (23) year old Miranda CHAVOYA and twenty-one (21) year old Marissa ANDERSON were arrested for Resisting or Obstructing at the scene of the traffic stop and booked into the Ada County Jail for one (1) count each of misdemeanor Resisting or Obstructing Officers. Watch the video below and you decide whether or not Miranda and Marissa should have been arrested for "resisting or obstructing officers." Furthermore Miranda was plainly put under false arrest, twice! Once for "felony injury to a child" and second for "falsification to an officer." Both false charges and false arrests. Only after these incompetent buffoons realized they messed up, did they change the charge to "resisting or obstructing":

KTVB's Misleading Article is Full of Falsehoods:

Local fake news station KTVB published an article about Baby Cyrus's kidnapping, highlighting the fact that Ammon Bundy was arrested for protesting at the hospital last night. The article was full of misinformation. Here are the facts:

The Meridian Police Dept. said in a news release issued later Saturday morning that police on Friday received an Idaho Health and Welfare referral about a ten-month-old child who had been admitted to the hospital on March 1 "after medical personnel determined the child was suffering from severe malnourishment." This is just a total mischaracterization of the facts. Baby Cyrus had begun vomiting a month or so ago when Marissa started to introduce solid foods to him. Her and Levi spent countless hours researching every possible cause—going to doctors, naturopaths, specialists, and more—and all at great out-of-pocket expense. Cyrus would get better and then relapse. This happened a few times. As part of their continued research and care for Cyrus, they decided (reluctantly) to take Cyrus to St. Luke's so he could get an IV to help re-hydrate him after vomiting so much. The plan/idea was for him to be well so they could try different foods, formulas, or whatever—to see what Cyrus could take and what he could not.

To claim that "medical personel determined the child was suffering from severe malnourishment" is an outright lie, and is obviously designed to make it look as if Levi and Marissa were not taking care of Cyrus.

Meridian Police said Health and Welfare was able to contact the child’s father, who agreed to bring the child in for an examination, but then failed to show up. This is also a gross mischaracterization of the facts. Levi did contact Nice Loufoua, the social worker who had texted Marissa, and asked her what was going on? She refused to give any answers to him. He asked what they thought was wrong with Baby Cyrus since they were given a clean bill of health and discharged from the hospital. Nice refused to give Levi, Cyrus's father, any information and just demanded that he go immediately to a clinic because it is a "medical emergency." But she refused to tell him what the "medical emergency" was. She then texted him the address for "Faces of Hope Victim Center."

Would you take your child to a place called the Faces of Hope Victim Center after being verbally harassed by a social worker? Upon looking up this place, you can see that this is a victim center for child abuse. Levi and Marissa wisely recognized this as a setup.

According to Meridian Police, Bundy "and several of his followers" showed up to St. Luke’s Meridian and refused to leave the property when asked to do so. This is a blatant lie. Ammon was never asked to leave the property. The police simply walked up to him and arrested him. You can watch the video above for yourself.

Spirit of Gossipers, Liars, and Rumor Spreaders:

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Then there's ignorant gossip spreaders who reject truth, civility, and decency by loving to spread lies without evidence. RaeAnn Ellis here is a perfect example of someone who spreads "hearsay," and revels in doing so.

The lies and garbage she spreads could be said about any one—including her. She has no regard for truth, evidence, or reality. This is a wicked spirit of sin, that is prevalent and warned against in God's Word:

Proverbs 17:4 - A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue.

Exodus 23:1 - Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

1 Timothy 5:13 - And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not.

Proverbs 19:5 - A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.

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