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Tax burden

How Much Taxes Should Christians Actually Pay?

Generally speaking, and with few exceptions, most Christians today recognize that it is our biblical duty to pay taxes. Jesus Himself taught us that we should pay our taxes and so did the Apostle Paul…
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How To Protect Your Children from Being Kidnapped by CPS

The vast majority of Americans are still under the mistaken belief that the organization known as CPS (Child Protective Services) is a benevolent organization which protects children from abusive parents. Nothing can be further from the truth…
Thomas Jefferson

Difference Between a Republic and a Democracy

People are confused by the Electoral College because they have confused the United States with a democracy. The United States in not a democracy and our founders loathed the concept of democracy…
Covid virus

COVID Treatment Protocol

America’s Frontline Doctors have put out a simple, yet proven regimen/protocol for overcoming COVID quickly and easily using medicines that have been on the market for decades, have no negative side effects, and are dirt cheap…
Rush Limbaugh

True History of Thanksgiving

Today, public schools are simply not teaching how important the religious dimension was in shaping our history and our nation's character. Whether teachers are just uncomfortable with this material, or whether there has been a concerted effort to cover up the truth, the result is the same. Kids are no longer learning enough to understand and appreciate how and why America was created…
Burning Constitution

Overcoming Federal Overreach

Many conservatives mistakenly think that an Article V Convention of States is the silver-bullet solution that will end federal tyranny and overreach in our country. However, they neglect to recognize that our current federal overreach is a consequence of a failed morality in our nation and culture…
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