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If you have 90 minutes and you want to truly understand the ENTIRE STORY, then watch the presentation below:

(If not, scroll down to watch the 8 minute video and then the 10 minute long article after it)

This is the 90 minute presentation given by Diego Rodriguez (Baby Cyrus's grandfather) on May 10th, 2023, about Government Subsidized Child Trafficking that not only describes the entire Baby Cyrus Story, but explains the reasons WHY Baby Cyrus was kidnapped in the first place. This EYE-OPENING video presentation can change your paradigm completely and can save you and or a loved family member from every suffering the pain and anguish of having your child kidnapped by CPS! (The presentation begins at the 4:10 mark, if you'd like to skip the introduction.)

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For a shorter overview, you can START WITH THIS VIDEO (Video 1) - The 8 Minute Video that shows what happened when Baby Cyrus was kidnapped:

If you are like most Americans, you are shocked and enraged by what you saw in this video. (Additional videos related to the Baby Cyrus case can be seen here.). The details of what led up to this kidnapping and what happened after Baby Cyrus was kidnapped can be read below:

THEN READ THIS—Overview of the Baby Cyrus Kidnapping and Government Subsidized Child Trafficking Case:

This is the original story for those who want an overview of "What Happened?" (Approximate 10 minute read.)
May 5th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

My grandson, Baby Cyrus was kidnapped by police officers from Meridian, Idaho at the behest of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for no reason other than financial gain. The story and the actions of all bad actors, including police officers, politicians, St. Luke’s hospital, nurses, doctors, the prosecutor, the judge, and other bureaucrats have been so egregious, tyrannical, and demonstratively ILLEGAL, that the story has made national and even international news, and has been featured by news outlets all over the country—with some believing that this is now the highest profile CPS kidnapping case in American history.

In this article, I am going to summarize everything that happened so you can see what the force of government, when wickedly exercised with malice and evil intent, is capable of. I will share with you never before seen documents and video evidence that I’ve received from whistleblowers from within the system, and you will be shocked, horrified, and terrified for your own family’s safety. Believe me, if they can do it to my family, they can do it to yours, no matter how law-abiding and compliant you are.

Before I share with you the overview of Baby Cyrus's kidnapping, along with specific and some never before seen evidence, you must understand something very clearly or NOTHING at all that I share will make any sense. You see, if you are like most Americans, you are probably under the false impression that Child Protective Services, or CPS, exists to protect children from abusive parents, and that the foster care system exists to take abused children out of dangerous homes into safe homes. I likewise used to be under that false impression. As a Pastor of an inner city church for nearly a decade in Central California, I even have contacted CPS when I learned of instances of sexual molestation. So I understand that is the assumption that people have regarding CPS—that only abusive families or drug addicts get their children taken away by CPS. What I have learned is that nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that since Bill and Hillary Clinton gave America the ASFA law in 1997, all 50 states are now financially incentivized to kidnap children for any reason whatsoever. The federal government literally pays state governments to kidnap children under the guise of protecting them. They have indiscriminate power and authority to kidnap any child at any time for any reason, without due process, and they literally get paid to do so.

This is, by definition, child trafficking, and while it is very difficult to ascertain exactly how much money is doled out to states, experts say that it is currently an $80 billion industry in America. And this money that is paid by the federal government to all 50 states comes from the Social Security Fund Title 4. In other words, the Federal Government is robbing senior citizens of their social security funds and instead giving that money to state governments so they can kidnap babies and destroy families.

Senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia was the first prominent national figure to bring this to light in public. She spent countless hours investigated CPS, following the money trail, uncovering their corruption and evil, and ultimately wrote the report, “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.” Nancy declared unabashedly that CPS was essentially a child trafficking organization that kidnapped children for profit.

Nancy had made speeches around the country in national forums and was completing a video exposing the lack of oversight in Georgia’s Department of Family and Child Services (DFCS) as well as Child Protective Services (CPS) nationally; and started to receive lots of death threats. Unfortunately her video was never published as her and her husband were murdered, being found shot to death in March 2010.

Listen, if people on the streets will murder someone else for a $100 pair of Air Jordan’s, you better believe that they will murder a Senator who threatens an $80 billion child trafficking cash machine.

Until you understand this, you will never understand what happened to baby Cyrus. You will foolishly believe that there has to be more to the story, or that I am not sharing additional details with you. But I will share all the facts with you and the additional details that are too long to cover here in this article can be found on Baby Cyrus’s website at freedomman.org/cyrus.

Now, I am about to show you empirical evidence that my Grandson, Baby Cyrus, was violently kidnapped by Meridian police, without cause and without evidence, that Baby Cyrus was falsely declared to be in “imminent danger,” even though CPS and St. Luke’s hospital admitted that he was not, and that my daughter and son-in-law were illegally prosecuted in secret, without due process, and in violation of their Constitutional rights and in violation of multiple Idaho State statutes.

I will then share with you what you can do about it and how you can join the fight to stop child trafficking forever in Idaho and in America.

On March 11th, 2022 after my daughter Marissa and my Son-in-law Levi had spent over 2 months of their lives, and thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, going to medical specialists trying to determine the cause of their son, Baby Cyrus's cyclical vomiting syndrome, they canceled one single weigh-in appointment with Nurse Aaron Dykstra of Functional Medicine of Idaho.

The appointment was at 10:00 am that morning, but Marissa woke up feeling under the weather and called to cancel her appointment. Nobody answered so she left a message and went back to sleep. At 10:20 am, just 20 minutes after the originally scheduled appointment, Nurse Aaron Dykstra called CPS and started a chain of events that ultimately ended in violence and abduction.

A few hours later, CPS social worker Nice Loufoua sent Marissa a text message, and about an hour after that Meridian police showed up to my house looking for Baby Cyrus and Levi who were not at my house.

Later that evening after Marissa was feeling better, we left as a family to have dinner at a friend’s house who himself is a former police officer. Apparently, local law enforcement had put out a BOLO, which means “Be on the Look out” for Levi’s truck—so the entire local area law enforcement were looking for Levi, all because they canceled a single weigh-in appointment.

We later learned that Meridian Police illegally traced Levi's cell phone by demanding that his cell phone provider turn over location data from pings to his cell phone. They found out where Levi and the rest of us were, having dinner at a friend's house, and waited for hours until we left and then proceeded to pull Levi over at a Chevron gas station in Garden City on Chinden Blvd.

At that point around 15 to 20 police officers showed up and began acting like tyrants and thugs, abusing my family with excessive force. Belligerent tyrant Sargent Christopher McGilvery pulled Levi out of the truck without cause or reason, slammed him up against the truck and then put him in handcuffs.

Then he began to bark orders for my other daughter, Miranda, who is not Baby Cyrus’s mother, to stop recording and to get out of the truck. Miranda repeatedly asked, “Why, what crime did I commit,” but this belligerent thug, just yelled at her to get her “ass out of the car” and began to yank her out of the window, along with corrupt cop Kenneth Caygle. After being assaulted by these two belligerent thugs, Miranda complied and when she was told by corrupt cop Kenneth Caygle that she was being put under arrest for felony injury to a child, she said, “Felony injury to a child, that’s not my child.”

Corrupt cop Kenneth Caygle, in an unbelievable demonstration of incompetence then stated, “Now you’re under arrest for false information as well” because she said Baby Cyrus was not her baby, which he is not.

Belligerent and tyrannical thug Sergeant Christopher McGilvery then when on to mock Miranda and stated sarcastically, “If that’s not your child then you don’t need to be going into handcuffs…” Of course, nobody needed to be going into handcuffs because no crime had ever been committed, nor was their any evidence for any crime, especially for the alleged crime of “felony injury to a child.” But these two ignorant and incompetent criminals with a badge, had put Miranda under false arrest twice, and could care less about law and order.

Corrupt cop Kenneth Caygle, after double locking Miranda’s handcuffs, which serves no purpose other than to demonstrate force and aggression, then put Miranda in the back of a squad car.

Then belligerent tyrant Sergeant Christopher McGilvery proceeded to the back of the truck where he opened the door and saw Marissa with baby Cyrus, where he began to try to coax her out of the truck so he could get her into the ambulance and kidnap Baby Cyrus out of the sight and view of the cameras of onlookers and the rest of our family.

Remarkably, after violently assaulting Marissa’s husband and her sister in front of her face, belligerent tyrant Sargent Christopher McGilvery proceeded to talk to Marissa with a voice like he is a young mother talking to a baby—basically acting like a sadistic schizophrenic. He proceeded to lie repeatedly to Marissa promising her that she would not be separated from Baby Cyrus and that she could go with Baby Cyrus to the hospital.

But once they had coaxed Marissa into the ambulance, the entire story changed as clinical sociopath Detective Steve Hansen, Badge #3534, demanded that Marissa give up Baby Cyrus or go to jail. He even threatened that harm would come to Baby Cyrus if she did not let him go, and in a demonstration of textbook sociopathy, which is described as “a mental disorder in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. People with antisocial personality disorder tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others harshly or with callous indifference. They show no guilt or remorse for their behavior.” Detective Hanson actually tells Marissa, who is a grieving breastfeeding mother who is being threatened unlawfully without reason, evidence, or due process, to “Give the baby to the EMT and you can go on your merry way.” He is a textbook example of a clinical sociopath.

Of course, the entire kidnapping is only deemed lawful according to Idaho State Statute 16-1608 if a police officer declares that a child is in “imminent danger.” That should be a very high bar to cross as it essentially means that a law enforcement officer is saying that unless Baby Cyrus is immediately removed from his parents custody, he will die or face “serious physical or mental injury.”

The officer in charge was child trafficker Jeff Fuller. He himself made the declaration of “imminent danger” with zero evidence. He claimed to be using “what the doctors” have said, though there was not a single doctor who had made any such claim regarding Baby Cyrus. In fact, in his own police report, Child Trafficker Jeff Fuller admits that he based his declaration of “imminent danger” on the words of Nurse Tracy Jungman, who is not a doctor, and who had never even seen Baby Cyrus. To make a life-altering diagnosis on a patient without ever having seen them is medical malpractice. Yet, that is exactly what happened here, and Child Trafficker Jeff Fuller was happy to do so.

Baby Cyrus was then taken forcefully from Marissa’s arms where he was traumatized and has PTSD from this moment to this day. Marissa was then publicly humiliated as perverted Meridian police officer, Sean King, who resigned from his previous position at the Caldwell police department in the midst of an FBI investigation regarding sexual misconduct against citizens by Caldwell police officers, proceeded to grope Marissa, put his hand up her shirt and down her pants and around her waist. This was a male police officer groping a female citizen for no reason, other than he could. A female officer was not called, and there was no need for it as Marissa had already been patted down and checked for weapons previously when she stepped out of the truck. Had anybody else done this to a citizen, they would be thrown in jail, but perverted officer Sean King roams the streets today harassing untold numbers of citizens on a daily basis.

Baby Cyrus was then taken in the ambulance from the Chevron Gas station to Meridian St. Luke’s hospital. At that point, I personally drove to the Ada County Jail to bail my two daughters out of jail who had both been falsely arrested for no legitimate reason. Since there was no legitimate reason to arrest them, Meridian cops just gave them both the charge of Resisting and Obstruction, also called, "R & O," which is the charge corrupt police officers use nationwide to arrest any body at any time without reason.

At the same time, my friend, Ammon Bundy, left his home in Emmett, Idaho and drove nearly an hour straight to the Meridian St. Luke’s hospital where he gathered out front with a small group of others to protest the illegal, corrupt, and immoral kidnapping of Baby Cyrus.

Without telling him he had to leave and without Ammon ever refusing to leave, the same belligerent tyrant, Sergeant Christopher McGilvery walks up to Ammon and arrests him for “trespassing,” which of course, is an illegal trespass, because a private property owner must demand that you leave their property before you can be trespassed. This never happened, but belligerent tyrant Sergeant Christopher McGilvery has already demonstrated that he does not care about the law because Meridian officials and citizens have let him get away with criminal activity for years.

According to hospital records, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, at that point tacitly admitted that Baby Cyrus was never in imminent danger as the medical records state that “He [Baby Cyrus] was brought to the Meridian ED [emergency department] for evaluation. Health and welfare identified a foster family but due to protesters surrounding the hospital regarding this case, it was felt that discharge with the family foster family from the emergency department was unsafe for all involved."
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This is a tacit admission that CPS knew that Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger as they had already planned on dumping him off with a complete stranger that very night, demonstrating that he did not need to be with a doctor and was not about to die or in danger of “serious physical or mental injury.” The claim of "imminent danger" was, by their own admission, a complete and total lie!

Further evidence of this is the fact that the attending physician at St Luke’s Meridian reviewed Baby Cyrus and the medical records indicate she said the following:
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The sending physician handed us the pt [i.e. patient] secured in his car seat. She indicated the patient was in stable condition and requested that we leave promptly. She stated, “just go! This is a healthy baby with no interventions"…no acute life threats noted.

So CPS admitted Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger, and the St. Luke’s physician likewise admitted that Baby Cyrus as not in imminent danger but was a “healthy baby with no interventions,” and even though imminent danger means that your life is threatened and you are about to die, the physician stated clearly that there were “no acute life threats noted.”

The proof is clear and simple—Baby Cyrus was never in "imminent danger"—it was all a lie and the authorities knew it! Yet they kidnapped him anyway. Now, if you didn’t previously know or understand what Nancy Schaefer declared to the whole world about the Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services, then none of this would make sense. But we now know that the state of Idaho, along with an endless amount of bureaucrats, make money off of these kidnappings. Nancy Schaefer lost her life for exposing this truth.

Four days later, Marissa and Levi went to their Shelter Care hearing where dishonorable Judge Laurie Fortier, in clear violation of the 6th amendment which guarantees us a right to a public trial with an impartial jury of your peers, ruled as judge, jury, and executioner—basically acting like God and reserving and executing all power over Levi, Marissa, and Baby Cyrus, including forcibly keeping Baby Cyrus away from Levi and Marissa, still without evidence, and still without due process, and, completely in secret! She even subjected Levi and Marissa to a gag order, preventing them from speaking about any part of the court proceedings, or they would be arrested.

Fortunately, I have obtained copies of court documents from whistleblowers who sent them to me on our secure whistleblower email at [email protected].

At the court hearing, depraved prosecutor Kyle Bringhurst brought his case against Marissa and Levi along with CPS worker Roxanne Printz. He had no evidence.

For your knowledge, Idaho state statute 16-1602 requires that in order for a child to be forcibly removed from his parents, there must not only be actual evidence that the child is in imminent danger, but that the parents are the ones who caused through “conduct or omission” Baby Cyrus to be in “imminent danger.”

Depraved prosecutor Kyle Bringhurst did not produce a single solitary shred of evidence to the court. And you must remember that Roxanne Printz who was the representative from CPS advising Prosecutor Kyle Bringhurst, gets paid by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare which makes money off of Baby Cyrus kidnapping. In any other environment this would be called a "conflict of interest" and in most industries it is illegal and prosecutable with jail time.

In this case, Roxanne Printz wrote the affidavit submitted to the court which is supposed to be a document written by someone who was a witness to events that transpired. But Roxanne had never seen Baby Cyrus nor Marissa or Levi. This makes her an illegal witness. She is also a compromised witness since her organization gets paid when babies like Cyrus are kidnapped.

Furthermore her affidavit was full of demonstrable lies, falsehoods, mischaracterizations, and incorrect information including simple things like wrong dates, etc. It also was based 100% on hearsay, where she repeatedly states, “it was reported that…”, “it was reported that…”, and “it was reported that…”, which is the textbook definition of hearsay and is not supposed to be allowed in a court of law. But dishonorable Judge Laurie Fortier accepted all hearsay, without evidence, and without witnesses in her ruling against Levi and Marissa.

Additionally, the State of Idaho requires in State Statute 16-1610 subsection i-3, that “reasonable efforts be made prior to the placement of the child in care to prevent the removal of the child from his home.” In other words, it is required in the state of Idaho that CPS demonstrate that it made “reasonable efforts” to ensure that a child is not forcibly removed from its parents when it is not necessary. The proof of these “reasonable efforts” must be attested to in the affidavit. But the only thing Roxanne Printz put in her affidavit was:

4. That reasonable efforts to eliminate the need for shelter care were: the Department has no prior history with this family.
Stacks Image 595
If you are shaking your head in dismay trying to figure out what that means, you are not alone. This is a clear demonstration of either one, total incompetence or two, blatant disregard for the rule of law. There is no third option. It appears that Roxanne Printz is using a form letter or template and simply copying and pasting information into this document and that she copied and pasted a statement that has nothing to do with “reasonable efforts to eliminate the need for shelter care.”

Obviously, this is infinitely important as CPS cannot keep Baby Cyrus away from his parents unless they can demonstrate that they made these “reasonable efforts to eliminate the need to place the child in foster care.” But they have shown ZERO evidence and have not shown that any efforts were made at all. They simply broke this law!

And to show even more incompetence or blatant disregard for the rule of law, dishonorable Judge Laurie Fortier herself, the tyrannical judge known for taking babies away from families and destroying the lives of thousands, placed in her sentencing against Levi and Marissa, called the “Findings of Fact and Order,” that the court finds:

2. The following efforts were made to prevent or eliminate the need to place the child into temporary foster care and these efforts were reasonable:
The Department has no prior history with this family.

Stacks Image 597
The same nonsensical statement that has nothing to do with anything is placed here to justify the kidnapping of Baby Cyrus. Obviously, if the public had access to this information that I am sharing with you right now, they would be rightfully outraged and terrified. If the public knew that our court system was corrupt, that dishonorable Judge Laurie Fortier routinely violated the Constitution without consequence, that CPS lies and uses hearsay to justify kidnapping babies, and that every single parent in Idaho and America is at risk of losing their children for no reason whatsoever—other than the fact that the state has the power to take your children by force and gets paid to do so—then there would be riots in the streets! And rightfully so!

And guess what? This information that I just shared with you is the very information that is kept secret from the public. Dishonorable Judge Laurie Fortier has ordered that this information cannot be shared. Nobody who was part of the court proceedings were allowed to speak about it. I would not have these documents if a whistleblower had not anonymously sent them to me through our secure email. I am happy to publish them as the gag order and the secret court trial are unconstitutional anyway! And the public needs to know!

As you can see, the facts of this case are overwhelmingly clear. Baby Cyrus was never in "imminent danger." In fact, there are right now no less than 5 doctors and medical professionals who have told CPS repeatedly that Levi and Marissa had nothing to do with Baby Cyrus’s vomiting or weight loss, and that his condition is genetic and that he will eventually grow out of it, and they are ready and willing to testify in court at Baby Cyrus’s next hearing. But CPS, child trafficker Roxanne Printz, depraved prosecutor Kyle Bringhurst, and dishonorable Judge Laurie Fortier don’t care. Senator Nancy Schaefer explained to us why.

All of the additional details, the full length videos and more are available to see and research here on Baby Cyrus website.

If you are not outraged and terrified, then I don’t know what would actually cause you to be so. You have just seen the overwhelming empirical evidence of criminal Child Trafficking, sponsored by the federal government, using funds from Social Security, that is taking place against hundreds of thousands of innocent American citizens every year in America—and what I showed you was just the evidence from the single case against my family. Many other families have faced even more horrific circumstances.

The only way that this will ever change is if there is enough public outcry to publicly shame and pressure our government to do what is right.

Let Baby Cyrus’ case rise to even more national prominence so that his case can be used as the test case that finally brings an end to Government subsidized child trafficking in America ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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