Dr. Peter McCullough Interview - COVID Vaccines

Top American doctor: COVID shots are 'obsolete,' dangerous, must be shut down

John Henry speaks with Dr. Peter A. McCullough, one of the most qualified physicians on COVID-19 in the United States. They talk about the coronavirus vaccines and the censorship and bans of effective early treatments.

This was originally published on the John-Henry Westen Show on July 23, 2021.

A short list of consequences from the COVID vaccine noted by Dr. McCullough include: brain injury, paralysis, memory impairment, blindness, ringing in the ears, Bell’s palsy, cervical myelitis, myocarditis, seizures, inability to swallow. Many of these take 9 months to manifest.

His conclusion: "We need to SHUT DOWN the COVID vaccine program immediately. It is not working. It has failed. We don't want to see another person harmed with the vaccine!"
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