Rocky Mountain Heist

Rocky Mountain Heist - How 4 Rich Liberals Flipped Colorado from a Republican State to a Liberal Stronghold

2 Elements Necessary to Flip a State:

The video above shows EXACTLY how Colorado was flipped from a Red State to a Blue State. Those who believe it could never happen in their state are absolutely ignorant.

Beyond what is presented in the documentary above, the two most critical elements necessary to "flip a state" are the following:

1. UNPRINCIPLED VOTERS - an unprincipled voter is someone who does not vote based on actual principles, but based on other factors more important to them like party identity, personal gain, ego, selfishness, and obedience to their own leaders. These are the people who are "republicans but not conservatives," and those who vote for whoever the big lobbying group that controls their job tells them to vote for.

They are also represented by basically every single person who gets a paycheck from the government or whose jobs are subsidized by the government including: police officers, the military, government contractors, federal and state employees, teachers and all educational personnel, firemen, and the entire healthcare industry (including nurses and doctors).

An unprincipled voter will always vote for their pocketbook over their professed principles. For example, an unprincipled nurse who claims to believe in small government and lower taxes will always vote for higher taxes "in order to protect the community" and more regulations "to ensure high quality healthcare" for all. In the end, the nurse is just protecting her job and increasing her paycheck. The same thing happens for all other people who get a paycheck from the government.

You don't believe that? Then explain why police officers dutifully violated the Constitution every single time they were asked to across America during the COVID scam of 2020? They arrested Pastors, shut down churches, arrested innocent Americans for being being outside, for being in public parks, and going to the beach.

Why? Because unprincipled people always obey whoever holds the power over their paycheck. It is that simple.

And everywhere unprincipled voters exist in a majority, the state can easily be flipped because these people are easily manipulated and happily receive orders and/or blindly accept lies.

Think about it—how much money would it take and how many advertisements would need to be run in order to get a true conservative to vote for a liberal democrat? How much money would it take for you to vote for Obama or Hillary? No amount of money would suffice, correct? If you are principled, there is no amount of money that could be spent to get you to vote for a liberal candidate.

However, unprincipled voters are easily persuaded by simple campaigning methods—particularly smear campaigns against conservatives. All liberals have to do is run false advertising against conservative candidates and call them "extremists," "radicals," "quacks," "anti-science," "bigots," etc., who don't support "cops, teachers, nurses, etc." (basically the entire list of government subsidized and government supported unprincipled voters). These ignorant, unprincipled voters then quickly and easily reject the true conservatives because they are ignorant and unwilling to inform themselves of the truth.

Unprincipled voters are the bane of American society and the true reason why America has lost her way (the cause for the existence of unprincipled voters is another subject altogether). And I repeat, any state with more than 50% unprincipled voters has basically no long-term hope for true long-term freedom, no matter how "free" that state appears to be today.

2. APATHETIC POPULATION - the 2nd most important element necessary is an apathetic population. Many regions across the country, particularly those like Colorado where the people enjoyed a high quality of life, become remarkably apathetic. People don't feel any need to pay attention or get involved because "life is good."

This false sense of security lulls people into a slumber that gives space and time for the proverbial "frog to boil." Culturally speaking, there are just some states and regions of the country where the population is just plain apathetic. They don't care. They don't pay attention. And, they refuse to take the time to look and see what their fellow neighbor is doing against them.

If you show an apathetic citizen the voting record of their neighbor, friend, or their actual representative, they will either not believe it, or not care. If you see this en masse in your city, state, or district—there unfortunately may be no turning back.

Coming Soon to a State Near You

The following states are next on the target list and it will happen there if voters don't quickly eliminate the RINOs in their leadership and force their populations to wake up, pay attention, and vote based on principles:

1. Arizona

2. Idaho

3. Utah

4. Montana

5. Alaska
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