How To Protect Your Children from Being Kidnapped by CPS

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How To Protect Your Children from Being Kidnapped by CPS

By Diego Rodriguez

The vast majority of Americans are still under the mistaken belief that the organization known as CPS (Child Protective Services) is a benevolent organization which protects children from abusive parents. Nothing can be further from the truth.

If you are a parent, CPS is your darkest enemy. They exist in order to kidnap your children for profit (they get paid by the federal government to do so), and to do everything in their power to destroy your family in the process. And, they are very good at it! They have been incredibly successful at accomplishing both of those goals.

If you want to ensure that your children are never kidnapped by CPS, you are going to have to make some important life decisions. I've outlined them below:

Beliefs and ideas that guarantee you will do everything wrong when your family gets involved with CPS:

  • Don't hold on to the belief that "I haven't done anything wrong so nothing bad will happen." You have to be remarkably ignorant to believe that bad things only happen to bad people. In the case of CPS, they themselves admit that over 83% of all of their kidnappings are based on unsubstantiated charges. But that doesn't stop them from kidnapping your kids anyway. If you maintain this false belief, it will nearly guarantee you will make all the wrong decisions that will ensure you will lose your kids.
  • Don't trust police officers, doctors, and hospitals. It is still hard for many Americans to process the concept that police officers would be willing to do wrong and kidnap their children. But regardless of your beliefs, and where they come from, the statistics are very plain. 100% of all CPS kidnappings happen when tyrannical police officers forcefully steal children at the point of a gun. I don't care if your dad, uncle, cousin, brother, or husband is a police officer—if you trust that they will "do the right thing," you will lose your child. The same goes for doctors and hospitals.

How to prevent yourself from ever having an incident with CPS:

When somebody calls CPS and says that they think a child is in danger, that is called a "referral." And that referral initiates the process of a child being "put into the system," and it requires a visit from a CPS social worker. The two most common ways that a CPS referral is made are 1) a referral from a doctor or hospital and 2) a referral from an angry neighbor. So the best way to prevent yourself from ever getting a CPS referral is to:
  • Never, ever, ever, ever, go to an allopathic hospital. NEVER. I repeat, NEVER! Allopathic hospitals are the big, government subsidized hospitals in nearly every city in America. Don't go to them. Period. Just don't. There's so many alternatives: small health clinics, direct care providers, naturopathic doctors, functional medicine, integrative health providers, homeopathic doctors, and dozens of other medical clinics that are not connected to allopathic hospitals. The second you step into their domain, you are putting you and your family's lives in danger. Consider the fact that allopathic hospitals and the doctors who work there are the 3rd leading cause of death in America—behind heart attacks and cancer. Most of these hospitals have CPS workers on-site! And they are daily looking out for any and every opportunity to take your child away.
  • Make friends with your neighbors. I realize that this is not always possible as some people live next to some downright "freaky people," curmudgeons, "Karens," and weirdos. But by and large, your neighbors are normal people just like you. However, our modern day society has taught us to stick to ourselves and most people have very little contact with their neighbors beyond just a simple wave of the hand when you pull in our out of your garage. Cultivate good relationships with your neighbors. This is what used to make America, America! We had strong communities that took care of themselves. If your neighbors know you, like you, know your kids, know your story, have shared meals with you and the like—it is far less likely that they will call CPS when you decide to homeschool, or when your kids kick the soccer ball over the fence.
  • Build a strong network of support. There is an old saying, "You're only as strong as your network." In life, this means that your circle of influence, your friends and family, your "group" that knows you and that you know, may be the most important element of your life. And these are the people who will step up to the plate to support you and defend you if you ever need it. So build your network strong and wide. Find a good church and be faithful to it. Have neighborhood barbecues. Have your boss, coworkers, or employees over for dinner. Participate in community meetings. Join the John Birch Society, local Tea Party groups, Americans for Prosperity, and any and every other network of people who share likes and dislikes. Let people know you, because that is the only way they will be willing to fight for you when you need it most.
  • Join HSLDA and Heritage Defense. If you are a homeschooling family, you must immediately join Heritage Defense and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). They will help you with legal issues when the time comes that you need it most. And they can't help you if you try to join AFTER you already have a problem. Join now.
  • Join the People's Rights Network. People's Rights is a network of freedom lovers who agree to help one another when their freedom is being threatened or their rights are being violated. Beyond prayer and having a good legal team, the People's Rights network was the most influential group in helping to save Baby Cyrus was he was kidnapped by CPS.

What to do if you have been contacted by CPS?

  • Do not open the door! Do not engage CPS in any way whatsoever. You are under no obligation to talk to them. Simply do not talk to them, ever.
  • Contact an attorney immediately! If you are a member of Heritage Defense or HSLDA, contact them immediately. Otherwise, call a local attorney to get immediate legal support.
  • Activate your PLAN B, if necessary. If your kids, your family, and your future are important to you, then you must take CPS very seriously. They are the single most dangerous entity in America today if you have minor-aged children. Just look up the stories of parents whose children were kidnapped, who never saw their children again, or whose children were returned abused and traumatized, or whose children were sold to homosexuals, or who lost all of their finances, whose marriages ended in financial ruin and divorce, and who simply never recovered after the destructive nature of kidnap ravaged their homes. If you realize that it all starts with a single phone call to CPS and a subsequent knock on your door from a CPS social worker, then you need to elevate your senses and maturely recognize how grave the situation is. If you were to ask any other parent who has been through it, what would you be willing to do to avoid your child ever having been kidnapped in the first place? The answer is always: ANYTHING! So you should seriously consider having a PLAN B in place, and acting upon it immediately. This could be as simple as moving out of state temporarily with a relative or in an AirBNB. It could be as extreme as having residency in another country so that you can move their temporarily to keep your children safe from the evil clutches of CPS. But whatever it is, you need to have a plan ready to go, that you, your children, and your family all know and understand and are ready to activate in a moment's notice.
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