Good That Will Come from Coronavirus Pandemic

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Good That Will Come from Coronavirus Pandemic

April 27, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

It is hard to imagine that anything good could come from the coronavirus pandemic and our world leader's consequent tyrannical response(s) to it. However, just like in times past, no matter how tragic an event or circumstance, there is always something positive that comes about as a result of a crisis.

Here are at least a few things we recognize as being positive consequences of the COVID-19 insanity:

1. Americans Will Start Saving Money Again

For whatever reason, Americans are really bad at saving money. Numerous studies have shown that the average American lives paycheck to paycheck and does not save money.

This is a terrible way to live and actually puts our nation at risk of being subservient to our debtors.

Independent people save their own money, have their own capital, and invest in their own businesses, families, and future.

The Coronavirus Crisis, aka the Great Scam of 2020, showed Americans that they must take care of themselves and be self-sufficient and have their own savings to ensure their own safety and to provide for their families.

2. People Will Wash Their Hands (Finally)

I admit, I'm a germophobe. I've always been someone who radically washes his hands and avoids people who appear to be sick or dirty.

And there is nothing that disgusts me more than going into public restrooms (at the airport, in restaurants, etc.) and seeing how the vast majority of men leave the restroom without washing their hands.

It is just disgusting! I often wash my hands before using the restroom and then afterwards again! But anecdotal experience shows me that most people don't! Most people don't wash their hands. It literally grosses me out.

Hopefully the Great Scam of 2020 will cause a cultural change causing more Americans to wash their hands (finally)!

3. The Independent Living Movement

After World War II, there was a movement across America where people wanted to be more independent—and one of the common things seen as a result were "freedom gardens." In short, average Americans learned to plant their own fruit trees and gardens in their backyards and on their property.

It was just normal and a way of being more independent. I remember growing up and taking plums straight off of the tree and eating them up. We had walnuts, apricots, nectarines, and more. Our neighbors had tomatoes, grapes, pears, lemons, oranges, and more. And everybody had so much that we had to share with one another.

That was normal. Today, nobody has their own produce and it doesn't make any sense. I hope the Great Scam of 2020 will encourage people to have their own produce and to learn to be even more independent—without need for their government.

4. More Homeschooling

Unquestionably, the greatest ill of our society today is government school. Every other ill of our nation can be traced to this great blight on our national culture.

And even though we are seeing many memes and stories about parents going crazy having their children at home during the national lockdowns, we are also seeing large numbers of parents seeing, believing, and recognizing that they "can do this."

Many parents are recognizing the blessed opportunity of raising and training their own children and not having them indoctrinated by government stooges hell bent on shaping children in their socialist worldview.

In fact, many school districts and socialist leaders are panicking right now as they fear that parents may not send their kids back to school.

Certainly, there are more potential benefits that will come. But for now, we wait and watch as patriots fight back against evil and unconstitutional orders around our country and world, while tyrants seek to continue to lay the heavy hand of oppression on otherwise free people.
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