Autism Is A Medical Problem And There Is Proven, Effective Medical Treatment - Dr. Kenneth Stoller

In this provocative video, Dr. Kenneth Stoller, MD states unequivocally that Autism is actually a medical problem that can be effectively treated and reversed (in varying degrees) using proper diagnosis and medical treatment. Furthermore, he states that vaccines are the primary cause of the Autism epidemic, and that the U.S. government has known this for more than 20 years. Vaccines can cause encephalopathies (brain damage), and Autism is an encephalopathy, so therefore vaccines cause autism, according to Dr. Stoller. Dr. Stoller gives an overview of both the medical biomarkers found in children with Autism as well as an overview of the various types of successful treatments currently used for children with Autism.

Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD, FACHM
Medical Director
New Hope Clinics
2825 Santa Monica, Boulevard, Ste 310
Santa Monica, CA 90404
[email protected]

Larry Cook, author of The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living http://www.thenaturalguide.com

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