3 Essential Actions for 2016

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3 Essential Actions for 2016

January 18, 2016 | Gunner Steele

3 Ways to Take Action in 2016.

America is in bad shape. Our debt is too high, our freedoms are being taken away, our privacy has been destroyed, and our economy is in shambles.

Yeah yeah yeah. We get it. We know it and we're tired of hearing about it. Right?

Okay, so rather than rehearse the evidence with you, why don't we talk about some things you can do this year to take care of YOURSELF?

1. Learn About Privacy and Asset Protection
You are guaranteed privacy by the 4th Amendment which states, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

This guaranteed right is being destroyed everyday by your government who is snooping on your every move, particularly online—whether they have reason to believe your are a criminal or a terrorist or not. You might not care—maybe you're one of the ignorant sheeple who believe "I'm not doing anything wrong, so I don't care if they spy on me." If so, fine. I've got nothing for you.

But for those of you who care about Freedom, your own privacy, and the preservation of the Constitution, you need to learn about privacy.

About how to protect yourself online, in public, while you travel, and how to shield your assets from frivolous lawyers and leeches who see your life's work and effort—your blood, sweat, and tears—as nothing more than a treasure chest that they have a right to plunder!

Yes, there is a lot to learn here and it costs lots of money to learn about it from experts and consultants. But guess what, I'll teach it to you for FREE. Yup, just something cool you get from being on my list.

2. Protect Yourself With Insurance (not that kind of insurance)
Do you think your house is going to burn down? Statistically speaking, the chance that your house might burn to the ground is incredibly low? So why do you have fire insurance on your house? Well yes, the mortgage company requires it, but more important than that—the risk of losing everything in a fire is so great, that no matter how unlikely it is to happen, you still want to have insurance—just in case! Right?

So then why do you put all of your trust in one currency? In one banking system? In one nation? In one Congress? Its foolish! But, most American Citizens do just that! Its not wise.

Any basic investor knows that they should not put all of their eggs in one basket, and neither should you with your life's work. If you have all of your wealth in US Dollars and in US Banks, then you are unwittingly keeping your financial health and your family's future in the hands of unelected bureaucrats who you don't trust for anything else! Why would you do that? Its ridiculous!

You need to learn about the options of currency diversification, the benefits of multiple citizenship, and the economic opportunities in emerging markets around the world. Even if you don't take action on any of it—you'll be better off knowing about it. And you can make a conscious decision as to whether or not you feel more comfortable with "useful idiots," "young skulls full of mush," or with "lovers of freedom and champions of liberty." I'll let you take your pick.

Again, most people don't know about this stuff, because its highly exclusive information that is typically only reserved for the elite, the 1 percenters, and the highly educated and informed. And again, it costs thousands to learn about it. But again, I'm willing to teach it to you for FREE for being on my list.

3. De-Propagandize Yourself and Travel
If you think that the only place to make real money in the world is America, if you think that you are "innocent until proven guilty" here in the US, or that you have "freedom of speech" or that "Latin America is 3rd World" or that "Hong Kong is controlled by the Chinese" or that "European socialists have high taxes" or that "Mexico is dangerous" or that "the Republican party is conservative" then I've got to tell you—you've been propagandized!

Like a fish doesn't know that its wet, most Americans don't have any clue how much propaganda they actually believe. And its really HARD to explain to them otherwise. So here's my advice—unplug from as much popular media as possible, find some reputable online sources for your news, and travel as much as you can. It will be a huge eye-opener for you, and you'll be prepared to take advantage of opportunities nobody else knows about, and protect yourself in ways that others never even think about.

As a member of my list, I'll share with you current trends in World Economics, emerging marketplaces, unknown travel resources, and lots of other things in my warchest and treasure chest. Its only for those of you on my list.

One bonus tip—VOTE in every election! And don't vote for Republicans because they are Republicans. Vote for people who believe in Freedom. Vote in primary elections, and select the very best candidate available—someone who is not owned by lobbyists and someone who you know believes in the principles of Freedom and Liberty.

And its safe to say, almost universally—vote out every incumbent at the Federal level. Vote em out! Period! I don't care if they're "good people" or if you "like them." Vote em out. Either they're actively involved in destroying our nation, or they're not doing enough to prevent its destruction. Get rid of them.

Until next week, I'm yours in Freedom,
Gunner Steele
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