COVID Put Your Heart on Display

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COVID Put Your Heart on Display

May 17th, 2021 | by Gunner Steele

Many Christian people have bought the lie that money and power corrupt people and have therefore shunned both. But the truth is that money and power do not corrupt people, they simply amplify who you already are.

And that is why money and power appears to corrupt people, because people who were already corrupt (but never had a chance to demonstrate their corruption)—once they get power or money, then have that opportunity, and the corruption that was always in their heart is finally put on FULL DISPLAY.

Likewise, the fake COVID crisis has quite literally put everyone's hearts on display. By that I mean that the way you responded to COVID has demonstrated to everyone who you really are and what you really are made of.

POLITICIANS - if you used COVID as an opportunity to violate the Constitution, destroy peoples' rights, and enact tyrannical and totalitarian control over the people, then that is who you always were—a true tyrant from the beginning. COVID just amplified it and gave you the opportunity to demonstrate your authoritarian tendencies and the corruption of your wicked heart.

POLICE - if you blindly followed orders and arrested innocent citizens who did not break any law, if you violated their rights without due process because you were "just following orders," and if you defended and protected other police officers for doing the same, then COVID simply amplified the fact that you are a feckless tool, who is quite literally no different than the Gestapo or any other criminally compliant stooge who does the bidding of tyrants and evil despots. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you're not—because your heart is corrupt and COVID showed it. Likewise if you stood by and watched as your contemporaries did so, and you did nothing to stop it or denounce it, your heart is a guilty accomplice to the sins of your contemporaries.

PASTORS - if you shut down your churches, cowered in fear, complied with government edicts, and rejected common sense and God's Word, COVID put on display for the whole world that you are a hireling, and not a true shepherd (John 10:12-13). You don't care for people's souls, but only yourselves. Judgment will be hot for you (James 3:1).

LEGISLATORS - if you stood by and did nothing, never used your platform as a means to lead a movement for freedom, and simply complained about injustices while doing nothing about it, COVID has demonstrated that you are not a leader, but a useless pawn, who doesn't deserve a leadership position in the community. Your heart was on display in 2020.

FATHERS - if you put masks on your children, forced your family to get jabbed with an unproven "vaccine," and gleefully obeyed whatever mandates came to you from the CDC, the WHO, government institutions and the like, all while shunning true science, avoiding contrary viewpoints, and blindly accepting popular narratives so you could "live a normal life," then you are a true pansy—a "beta" male who deserves the empty life and lack of respect that you get from your wife, children, and associates. You were not a family leader before or now, and COVID has fully demonstrated to the world that you are more aligned with femininity than male leadership.

CITIZENS - if you thoughtlessly obeyed government mandates and attacked or impugned other citizens for refusing to do so, your heart has been corrupt from the beginning—COVID simply gave you the opportunity to attack others while puffing yourself up in your own mind, while wanting to believe that you are morally superior.

You see, God has given every man a soul and a conscience from birth. It is this conscience that burns when you transgress God's law and commit immoral sins like abortion (which is murder), fornication, drunkenness, theft, and lying—all of which liberal people do on a daily basis.

So how do they appease their conscience? They have to find ways to feel morally superior since their conscience tells them daily that they are immoral and wrong.

Therefore they must find a way to appease their conscience! They must find a way to fill their inward desire for morality—but their worldview and lifestyle won't allow it!

Then along comes COVID and mask mandates and vaccines. And now, all the while they commit fornication, tell lies, and murder babies, they can finally feel morally superior because they wear masks in order to "protect others." What nonsense!

But like money and power, COVID has put on full display what was really in your heart. So look back at 2020-2021, take a look at your thoughts and actions—examine yourself and see how you responded to the fake COVID crisis—for in doing so, you will see for yourself, whether you like it or not, who you really are and what really is in your heart.

Because what you believe about yourself is usually wrong—we all lie to ourselves about our hearts (Jeremiah 17:9). So you have to see for yourself what's in it—by your actions!

What did the COVID crisis amplify in you?
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