America's Kryptonite is Trump's Achilles' Heel

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America's Kryptonite is Trump's Achilles' Heel

July 13, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

Superman is possibly the greatest superhero character of all time. And when he was first created in 1938 and put on the cover of Action Comics, he was purposely and intentionally created as an American icon. His colors were red and blue, and of course, he didn’t just come to Earth, but he came to America. He spoke English. And he was a white man raised my white farmers (gasp!).

And while Superman represents so many things to so many people, the most notable characteristic of Superman was his invincibility. He was a god-like figure. He was literally invincible. He was impervious to bullets, explosions, or any weapon of any kind. And therefore, he could not be beaten, period.

Well, an invincible, god-like figure makes for a relatively boring comic book character, so a weakness had to be invented for Superman. That weakness, as most everyone knows, is KRYPTONITE.

Superman’s superpowers disappeared when he was exposed to kryptonite. Now, the previously invincible, god-like man, could be harmed, and even killed, all because of this one little substance called kryptonite.

America is a lot like Superman. Our country is the greatest, the strongest, and the most affluent nation in the history of the world. Our military might, our economic dominance, and our cultural vestiges have made us essentially impervious to every attack against our nation—and we are currently living under the longest lasting government maintained by it’s original founding documents in the history of world. It’s quite impressive if you stop to think about it!

So what in the world could possibly be strong enough to destroy America and her founding principles? What could possibly be strong enough to end freewill worship, free travel, equal protection, and the principles of freedom and liberty which we cherish and enjoy in America?

Communists have tried and failed. Socialism, egalitarianism, feminism, racism, and every other “ism” ever tried, has failed. We’ve never stopped people from worshipping their God or attending their houses of worship—that is part of the fabric of our society. We’ve never restricted travel and free trade. We’ve never done the things we’re doing now. NEVER! We would never even think to do such things.

And NO, the answer is not a VIRUS. A virus has not caused any of this. You’re smarter than that.

So then what was America’s kryptonite? What was it that was powerful enough to bring America to it’s knees? To destroy her economic might, to finally conquer the free exercise of religion, and to trample on nearly all basic civil rights?

Well before I tell you, let me give you another clue—because America’s kryptonite was likewise President Trump’s Achilles Heel. You may or may not remember from Roman mythology how Achilles was the great hero of the Trojan War. He was not invincible, but he was considered impervious to all attacks because of his great exploits in battle. No matter what challenge he faced, he always seemed to overcome them.

As the legend goes, his mother Thetis held him by one of his heels and dipped him in the river Styx as an infant. His heel, therefore, become his weak point. He was later killed when he was shot in the heel by an arrow. The term “Achilles Heel” has ever since been referred to as a point of weakness in someone who is otherwise incredibly strong and resilient.

Well, take a look at Trump. I don’t think there has ever been anybody more resilient to attacks than him. He has withstood a non-stop onslaught of hatred and baseless attacks since the day he won the election. From “Russian collusion,” to claims of infidelity, to impeachment, to the “swamp” in both political parties—he has withstood it all. Furthermore, Trump never seems to be moved or emotionally threatened by attacks from his political enemies. He always appears to be in control and on top of his game. Trump never listens to political consultants, or to conventional wisdom, or to any mainstream policy analysts. Trump rejects all outside advice and follows his gut and his own principles and beliefs.

But all of this came to a screeching halt at the onset of the “coronavirus crisis.”

Trump, finally, after 3 years in office of non-stop success, a boisterous economy, and unparalleled support for himself and his campaign, acquiesced, gave in, and lost it all, in one fell swoop.

Our economy which was once the greatest in the history of our nation, has in a few short months, crashed and crumbled like never before in history. Trump’s approval numbers are lower than ever, many of his greatest allies are turning against him, the grassroots are abandoning him, riots are taking place all over the country, law and order has been overturned in some places, and our most basic liberties have been abridged in nearly every corner of our nation—all under HIS WATCH.

So what the heck happened?

I think it’s obvious that Achilles got shot through the heel and America was struck with a kryptonite meteor. It was one and the same. So what was it?

As I already said, it was not the coronavirus, nor it's associated disease, COVID-19. Many would say that it was fear. And that would be partially right, but it’s not a proper answer—because fear has to be packaged and delivered. Somebody or something has to deliver the message of fear to you in such a way that you believe it and accept it, and therefore become fearful.

And that messenger, or that package, is the real culprit. It’s the real kryponite, the true Achilles heel. And this is what it is:

The assertion of death proclaimed by a doctor.

That’s it. That is America’s kryptonite. American’s will fight tooth and nail, literally to the death, to preserve their Constitutional rights and their precious liberties, but will sacrifice all of it in a nanosecond as soon as a doctor says, “If you don’t do this, you will die.” And it doesn’t matter what the “do this” is—American’s will do it.

Stop worshipping your God! Stop going to church! Stop going to work! Stop shopping. Stop traveling. Stop breathing. Stop visiting friends. Stop doing anything at all. Give up your privacy. Submit to government search and seizure. Give up your children. Give up your rights. Give up your freedom! Do it or you will die! As long as a doctor says it, Americans cave. In an instant! It’s American kryptonite.

And it also was Trump’s Achilles heel. Think about it. He did the opposite of what every one has told him to do from before his campaign, up to his election, and for the last 3+ years in office. But then, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a well-known corrupt and disgraceful doctor who is in charge of the National Institute of Health, told Trump that if he didn’t do anything, over 2 million Americans would die—BOOM! So what happened? Trump caved. He gave in. He finally submitted and gave in to the controlling “advice” of somebody else.

Trump being Trump, at the very least, we would have expected him to get other opinions and review and analyze the data for himself before trusting what Dr. Fauci claimed—particularly since the alleged action(s) necessary to stop all of these deaths were unprecedented and unconstitutional. But he didn't. He just accepted the assertion of death proclaimed by a doctor. And what were the results of believing in Fauci?

Consider what the world would like today had Trump not been shot through the heel with an arrow when Dr. Fauci told him, "Over 2 million Americans will die unless we shut down the country."

Had Trump been the typical Trump and not had this Achilles heel, he would have told Fauci to "go play in the traffic," and he would have left America alone.

There would have been no national pronouncement of fear or danger regarding the coronavirus. There would be no "CDC standards or guidelines," meaning there would have been no social distancing or facemasks.

Hospitals would have had a slight increase of patients with flu-like symptoms, and the medical community would have recognized/realized that a new virus exists and would have battled it the same way they do any new flu-like disease in any year.

All death counts would have remained the same. Deaths from cancer, heart attacks, lung disease, diabetes, and all other diseases would have been properly attributed to themselves and not to COVID-19.

The economy would not have shut down. There would be no $2.2 trillion CARES package or government "stimulus" spending. Hospitals would not be getting paid $39,000 to put people on ventilators and kill them.

Life would be normal. Costco and Walmart would have operated normally. There would not have been a toilet paper shortage. Churches would never have been shut down. Children would not be taken from their families at birth. Protests would not have taken place and social polarization would not have intensified.

Trump's approval numbers would be at a record high and the economy would be soaring.

Furthermore, and this can not be overemphasized, but most of the western world would have likewise followed suit. Most free countries would have ignored this "crisis" and it would have been treated like very other "crisis" before (e.g. ebola, H1N1, SARS, MERS, etc.).

What few people take into consideration is that Trump allowing the CDC to make national guidelines for coping with the coronavirus was the impetus and reasoning for most of the Western World to do the same. Particularly Latin America, where some countries, like Colombia, have implemented draconian measures unseen in recent history and only equalled by the Soviets in the Cold War era.

The bottom line is this—Americans have been groomed to not just BELIEVE, but OBEY any doctor as soon as they say, "If you don't do this, you will die."

And it's quite ridiculous, given the fact, that by the most conservative estimates, Doctor's errors are responsible for more deaths in America every year than car accidents, gun-related deaths, gang-related murders, influenza, AIDS, and COVID-19 combined. You read that right.

Doctors errors are responsible for at least 250,000 deaths in America every single year. Because doctors are not gods. They are not all-knowing. Truth be told, there are very few intelligent, critically thoughtful, unbiased doctors in America. They likewise only do what they've been taught, without thinking anything through. The consequences of this are the aforementioned 250,000 "deaths by doctor" every year. That number is literally more than all of the other deaths noted above COMBINED.

For sake of comparison, the number of unarmed Black Americans killed by cops is about 16 per year. Doctors kill 250,000 plus. But look how America is responding to cops killing unarmed black men compared to doctors killing Americans (and yes, Doctors disproportionately kill black people in comparison with other people groups).

So my question is this—WHY? Why are Americans so foolish? Why did President Trump give in to Dr. Fauci? Or at least believe him? Why is our kryptonite our kryptonite? What is it about American’s relationship with doctors that make them such powerful figures? Should we trust and obey doctors?

Well, I’ll leave you to think about the answer to those questions for the remainder of this week, and then I’ll answer it for you next Monday...
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