List of Fake News and Propaganda About COVID-19

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List of Fake News and Propaganda About COVID-19

There's an old saying that says the truth stands on it's own. In other words, if something is true, you don't need to make up stories to defend it. If something is true, you don't have to lie to prove it. It's that simple.

So if the hysteria around COVID-19 was legitimate and the lethality and danger of the disease was also legitimate, then there would be no reason to lie about it, right?

So then why is there more lying and hysterical propaganda around this disease than anything we've ever seen in our lifetime? The answer is simple—without a false narrative, the government has no excuse for taking on unlimited authoritarian powers.

And without fake death statistics, the media has no excuse for causing this international crime (which they did). They must inflate the numbers in order to cover for their own abominable actions during this unprecedented authoritarian power grab.

In case you have not been paying attention, allow me to give you some examples of lies, damned lies, and fake statistics about COVID-19:

Italy's death statistics are flat wrong. We've already demonstrated here and here how death statistics regarding COVID-19 in Italy are patently false. The death rate there is being published at around 10%, when Italy's government's own published report shows the rate to be 0.17%. Its just a lie.

The CDC's death statistics are false. the CDC in America has actually published new guidelines requiring that COVID-19 be listed as the cause of death, even when no COVID-19 test was ever administered to the patient. And even when the patient has other known life threatening conditions.

Fast Recoveries. Additionally, research has shown that thousands of people have already had COVID-19 and recovered without being added to the total. And as many as 50% or more of the population may have already had the disease without any signs or symptoms whatsoever. This means that our published statistics are not just wrong, they are NOT EVEN CLOSE.

And then of course are the numerous stories of people, local news, social media posts, and citizen reporters, who are posting counter-propaganda stories on their own about how things published in the news is false. Here's some more examples:
Do you have an example? Send it to us and we'll update this page continuously.
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