IRS Strikes at Families Again!

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IRS Strikes at Families Again!

August 8, 2016 | Gunner Steele

So I've got more crazy news for you about the IRS this week. And, I've got to make a pretty serious, important, and even damning observation today. Because there is always more than meets the eye when it comes to NEWS and HEADLINES.

The latest news is that the IRS is now doubling the "Marriage Penalty" for tax filers. In fact, here's the exact headline from Forbes Magazine: "IRS Increases 'Marriage Penalty,' Unmarried Cohabitants To Get Twice The Mortgage Interest Deduction." So even though that sounds bad, its actually worse than you think.

The term "marriage penalty" refers to the fact that married couples pay more in taxes than "single" people who are shacking up together. In other words, if a couple is living together, but they're not married, they pay less taxes. You may or may not remember the time in America when living with someone you weren't married to was called "living in sin." But nevermind that.

The point is that people who are actually married have been paying more in taxes for years. So this has been called a "marriage penalty," because married people are essentially penalized for being married. This is also an incentive for shack-ups to stay shacked up. I mean, why would they want to get married and pay more in taxes?

But now, its even worse! Because 2 weeks ago, the IRS made it worse. They doubled the mortgage deduction available for people "living in sin" making a traditional marriage and traditional family that much more financially unappealing.

So here's the serious, important, and damning observation—America will not survive because of one single solitary fact: America is increasingly hostile towards the traditional family unit.

And the institution of the family, as it has existed traditionally and historically is the foundation for all of civilization—regardless of religion. The family is the solution for nearly every single one of mankind's ills.

You see, high taxes, over regulation, loss of freedom, gun control, religious coercion, unjust wars, and the dozens of other problems we have with our government today are all just symptoms. The true disease is the loss of the traditional institution of the family.

And quite frankly, the institution of the family is the greatest threat to Collectivism and the endless growth of the state. Nearly every "nanny function" of the state, from education to health care, social security to economic stimulus, and everything else you can think of—could and should be handled by families. In fact, it used to be that way.

Strong families do not need the state. In fact, strong families are the only thing that stand in the way of an all-powerful State. So the only way to grow the state and increase its power is to weaken and undermine the family. And that's what we've had going on in this country for nearly a century now. And alarmingly, the hostility towards the family seems to be increasing exponentially in the last generation and particularly in the last decade.
  • Men are featured as either buffoons and idiots or misogynist and playboys on media.
  • Welfare offers women support and security without the "need for a man."
  • Women are demeaned for not pursuing careers.
  • Children are sent off to the state to train and educate them for 8 hours a day and for more than 12 years of their life.
  • Children are routinely stripped away from their families without just cause or for violating state mandates like: vaccines, immunizations, or truancy laws.
  • Bizarre relationships like "gay marriage", swinging, open marriage (where husbands and wives are free to engage in extramarital sexual activity) and now polyamory (where multiple men marry multiple women), are all glamorized and being forced down our collective throats.
  • Social security separates the elderly from the glorious relationship they would otherwise have with their children and grandchildren by making them dependent upon the state in their old age, instead of their family.
  • And of course, our tax system makes it more appealing to shack up and share expenses, than to get married and raise a family.
What ever happened to Leave it to Beaver? And Father Knows Best? And the Andy Griffith Show? They're long gone folks. And just like these wholesome shows once exalted and magnified the family and reflected the general state of America, so our media and government today likewise reflect the current state of America.

And make no mistake about it, barring a major revolution in some form, our government will not change, and the IRS will continue to work against our families. As if it wasn't enough for them to go after Facebook, right?

Until next Monday,
I'm yours in Freedom
Gunner Steele

P.S. Speaking of Social Security, there's been some really interesting news on that front. I'll keep you posted as it develops.
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