Bitcoin and Crowdsourcing

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Bitcoin and Crowdsourcing

May 30, 2016 | Gunner Steele

Technology Saves Freedom!?

Last night I was flying home and decided to watch one of those FREE movies on the Delta Studio service. Its pretty slick—you can watch any of their movies from your own iPad or iPhone because there is a media server on the plane that streams the videos via WiFi for the entire plane.

Its actually phenomenal. But we're used to this kind of techno-wizardry, right? So its tough to impress us anymore.

But I decided to watch Iron Man 1. What a classic that was. This is the movie that basically kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is now a multi-billion dollar media juggernaut.

And there was this one interesting scene I forgot about. It's where Jeff Bridges (who is the bad guy in this movie), takes some strange audio device and holds it up to a man's ears—the device then emits a high-pitched tone and the man's veins start popping out—and he is rendered motionless.

Jeff Bridges then says, "Technology has always been your Achilles heel in this part of the world."

And it was a point well made—those who possess the means to new technologies have a strategic advantage over those that don't. And you know what, that is another reason why I am still excited about living in these times.

Because no matter how screwed up things get in Washington—there's always a way out.

For example, there are two recent innovations that are completely changing the course of history and allowing us as individuals to operate freely without the constraints of typical governmental regulations.

One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the creation of the Blockchain. Without getting too geeky and nerdy on you, this is basically a system for allowing distributed databases to perform transactions globally without the need for a central bank. This is the core technology that gave rise to Bitcoin.

If you have not heard of Bitcoin, then let me just tell you—it is awesome.

Its basically Digital Cash. Just like governments can't track cash transactions (since they are private transactions between two individuals), neither can they track Bitcoin transactions. If you lose your cash, you've lost it. If you lose your Bitcoins, you've lost them. And just like cash is real money, so is Bitcoin. In fact right now, 1 single Bitcoin is worth over $500 US Dollars. Its basically stronger than the US Dollar, the Swiss Franc, the Euro, or the Chinese Renminbi.

But Bitcoins are not held as physical paper. They are digital codes. And buying and trading bitcoins is easy. You do it on your computer, or more easily, on your mobile phone. And anybody can accept bitcoins these days—even your babysitter.

In short, you and I can operate and trade freely using Bitcoins without government intervention, regulation, or confiscation. The prospects for Bitcoin, or its successor are truly exciting. Governments of course, are terrified of it because it is the kind of technology that can severely minimize government's power—and that is why it is a technology that must be supported by all lovers of Freedom.

In short, Bitcoin, and Blockchain technology is just another tool in preserving our Freedom!

Crowdfunding is a way for anybody to fund their projects, businesses, or ideas. In the past, financing has always been handled by banks. And in the past, that was fine, because banks were smart and conservative. They only lent money that they actually had, and they were smart about who they lent it to and therefore could offer a safe means for saving and investing one's cash.

And they also provided us with the backbone of our social system—Capitalism, because banks provided the capital for future enterprise based on sound principles of investment. But today, with the rise of Central Banks, metastasizing governments, and never-ending regulations, our banks are about as safe as a wolf is over a hen house.

But guess what, thanks to modern technology, you don't need to go to a bank anymore. If you have a great idea, invention, or business opportunity, you can make your pitch to the public and get it funded through Crowdsourcing. If people believe in you and your offer (like banks of the past), then they can fund your project directly through websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

And again, we are in control of our own futures without the needless interruption of government and 3rd party regulatory agencies.

And these are only 2 out of literally dozens of new technologies that are rising up right now to help us preserve our freedom for generations to come. So while there are plenty of things to be frustrated about right now, there are also plenty of things to be excited about.

Freedom will last. It always has and it always will. You and I are going to ensure it, right? And with new innovations, we'll have the tools to see that we pass on the spirit of Freedom for a thousand generations.

Until next Monday, I'm yours in Freedom,
Gunner Steele
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