Effeminate America

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Effeminate America

March 21, 2016 | Gunner Steele

You know, it is often overlooked how much culture has to do with economic prosperity. But culture is what dictates how people live and what they think. Culture is actually more powerful than religion or faith.

I know that's a hard one to swallow, but its a fact. When it comes down to culture vs. faith, people always pick their culture. Why do you think so many Black Christians voted for Obama? And this is nothing new...even the New Testament is full of examples of this very thing.

Why? Because people obey their culture by default, and they only obey their faith by choice. In other words, you have to force yourself to do something that you claim to believe, but you automatically do what your culture dictates.

So, if your culture teaches you to work hard, save your money, and consume less than you produce—that's what you'll do. If your culture teaches you to do the least amount possible to survive—then that's what you'll do.

Anyone who has ever visited extremely poor countries like India or Haiti understand what it's like to see people who are dying because of cultural sloth, and not because of a lack of resources.

And I write this to you today because it is a fact that American culture has become effeminate. We are soft and wimpy and afraid and timid. We are fearful of risks and only want security.

We will surrender our rights for the promise of safety, and we'll abandon our core principles to ensure we are fed and have a roof over our heads.

Yup, at least a century's worth of socialistic thinking, compulsory attendance laws at government schools, anti-capitalistic indoctrination, revisionist history regarding America's foundations, hollywood's depictions of male misogyny and buffoonery, combined with hyperbolic political correctness and weak pulpits in American churches have given us an effeminate America.

Let me give you an illustration of what I mean. As we speak, Americans by force of law, are preparing to file their tax returns. This is the rule that we have in America that says that we, as citizens, must tell our government every thing we’ve earned and everything we’ve spent our money on, and then give them a portion of our profits based on the rules that they’ve set up to extract our money from us. It's a form of legal plunder and it is all by force.

So, like good sheep, we line up and turn over cumulatively over 50% of our earnings every year. That’s the figure once you add up all the taxes at all levels of government and include taxes that are inserted as fees like on gasoline and energy, and everything else.

And then what do we do about it? Nothing. We accept it. Sure, some of us complain. Some of us hold signs, and some of us write letters. But then, even though our forefathers wisely gave us the power to remove those who enact tyranny upon us, we re-elect them anyhow. We keep our abusers in power. And we just take it. After all, a fish doesn’t really know that its wet. I mean 50% is bad, but it could be worse, right?

Just to add some context to this, I want you to consider our founding fathers. You see, in 1776, there was no income tax. That didn’t come along until 1913, over 130 years later. And guess what, In 1776, the taxes imposed by the British on our forefathers were about 1% in the North, and maybe around 3% in the South. And you know what, they considered that to by tyrannical and ultimately fought a war over it. Why? Because they were men. Real men. Not effeminate wimps.

For more context, consider these words that were put into the actual Declaration of Independence to prove to the world that the King of England was a tyrant.

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Really? King George erected a multitude of offices and that made him a tyrant? And that was before the department of education, and homeland security, and transportation, and the department of commerce, and the department of health and human services, and so on. In fact, of the over 450 offices that exist in our federal government, most of them consist of hierarchies of agencies within themselves. In other words, they are bureaucracies within bureaucracies. Our federal government today would make King George blush.

And what about the swarms of officers? Well, historians say that, not counting troops who were here to defend the western territory from the French, the number of British officers was well under a thousand. In ALL of the colonies. That’s it. And they mostly resided in port cities where they collected import taxes. In other words, in 1776, the average American had never even met a British officer. But, our forefathers believe that it was tyrannical for them to exist. You know why? Because it was. And because our forefathers weren't effeminate sissies. They didn't need a nanny watching over them or a bully keeping them under control.

We really have no clue. Today, Americans, by virtue of their votes, surrender more liberty in one Congressional session or one legislative session in our respective State Capitols, than our forefathers surrendered to the British crown in nearly 100 years.

Why do we accept this today when our forefathers went to war over it? Because America today is effeminate.

Years ago, the most interaction that people had with the federal government in America was the conversation they had with their mail man from time to time. Today, Americans turn to the government to feed them, to give them medical aid, to pay their bills, to buy their drugs, to teach their children, to tell them what kind of materials to stay away from, to tell them what they can say and can’t say, how they should think, what they can eat, what they can watch, where they can go, and what kind of light bulb they can put in their house. And many Americans now let the government grab them, search them, and grope their bodies at the airport in the name of security. Because remember, government knows best and you must submit to your government. Its great training. Sounds like the type of control a mommy has over her kids.

Where are the men in America today? I write today's update as a plea to the men of this country to rise up again as men. As Freedom Men. As men who are willing to sacrifice their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for Freedom and Liberty.

And while I don’t believe we will have to turn to arms in our generation, we at least better be willing to do so if it were to become necessary. And if that thought scares you, then please, check your man-card at the door.

Until next Monday, I'm yours in Freedom,
Gunner Steele
The Freedom Man

P.S. Next Monday, I'll share with you some more strategies that REAL MEN are taking to ensure their own Freedom and Liberty for themselves and their posterity.
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