Facebook vs the IRS

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Facebook vs the IRS

August 1, 2016 | Gunner Steele

The American Government doesn't have a very good history when it comes to dealing with technology companies. From Microsoft to Apple, and now Google, AirBNB, and Facebook—the feds prove themselves time and time again to be against transformational technology that they cannot control.

The latest news is that the IRS is going after Facebook for up to $5 billion plus penalties and interest going back to 2010. Yup. That's right. 6 year old stuff.

If I had to guess, I'd bet that Facebook didn't do anything wrong. Facebook has enough money to hire the best lawyers and the best accountants to find the best ways to legally and ethically shield their profits from the thieving hands of government. Anything is possible, but it is highly doubtful that these teams of professionals would put Facebook at risk through ill-advised tax avoidance strategies.

Furthermore, let us remember that Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion are two different things. Tax Avoidance is legal, honest, and moral. Tax Evasion is illegal.

EVERY MORAL MAN should be exercising Tax Avoidance all the time. That is unless you believe that your government only funds and finances honorable and righteous causes with the money they extract from you. Or if you believe that your government is an honorable institution run by equally honorable people.

I always cringe when I hear foolish sheeple zombie-bots talk about "tax evasion" by "eeee-vill" corporations and slimy capitalists. When usually they are actually just talking about hard working businessmen and entrepreneurs who are simply avoiding taxes. There is a big difference. I have found a simplistic response to these fools, and I encourage you to use it. Just ask them this:

"You are required by law to fill out a piece of paper. If you fill out Paper A, you will owe $100. If you fill out Paper B, you will owe $100,000. You must fill one out. Which one do you choose?" When they answer, "Paper A, of course." You simply respond by saying, "How unpatriotic of you. I can't believe you are so selfish! You obviously only care about yourself and how you can get richer while others are suffering!"

Once they look at you in complete bewilderment, you can point out how STUPID everyone is for buying into propaganda about businesses and individuals lawfully avoiding taxes. Because its the exact same thing.

In Facebook's case, $5 billion is not chump change. It could severely damage the company. I imagine that this will play out in the public for the next few weeks with the Feds and Facebook taking jabs at each other. It will be interesting.

But the point here should be obvious to you...and that is this:

Bankrupt governments will stop at nothing to forcefully extract anyone's hard earned money from their bank accounts. Companies, non-profits, retirement funds, individuals, corporations...everyone! It doesn't matter. If you have money—the government is coming to get it.

And thanks to the passage of privacy-ending legislation like FATCA and Obamacare, it is becoming increasingly difficult to shield your money from government's prying eyes.

Do you have money? Do you believe it belongs to you? Do you want to give it to your children? Donate it to charity? Do you believe you can spend your money better than the federal government can? Are you willing to let some unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat steal your money without due process? You know it happens every day in America now.

If you are smart, you will start looking into other options to protect your money and your life's work. Because if Facebook isn't safe from the Federal Government, then neither are you.

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