God Is Censored on Airplanes

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God Is Censored on Airplanes

September 26, 2016 | Gunner Steele

I have a list of important action steps for lovers of FREEDOM to take as I mentioned in my last email, but before I send that out to you, I wanted to tell you an interesting story...

Last week I was on an airplane and I decided to watch another in-flight movie. The new entertainment systems are pretty amazing. There were probably 100 or more options to choose from.

I decided to watch a movie called X-Men Apocalypse. Now, I actually don't know much about the X-Men. And I haven't seen any of the previous movies. But, I noticed that it was made by Marvel Studios—and I have really enjoyed many of Marvel's previous movies like Captain America and the Avengers. So I figured I'd give it a shot.

Anyhow, there was something very odd and interesting that happened while I was watching the movie. You see, there were a handful of references to "God" in this movie. For example, at one point the protagonist in the movie tells the villain that he is a "false god." Another time, someone says that "God only knows..." and yet another, "God has answered our prayers."

Nothing shocking there, right? I mean they are just simple expressions that we all hear and use from time to time.

But here was where it got interesting...the word "God" was actually censored every time it was spoken. So there was silence in place of the word "God." But you can still see the actors lips moving and you heard temporary silence.

Sure, there were plenty of curse words in the movie and they were not censored. And I've even watched movies on the airplane with the F word and I've actually seen on airplane screens where full fledged nudity was on display (and everyone around could see it—including me). So every curse word is allowed, brutal violence is allowed, and full nudity is allowed—but for some reason, the word "God" is now being censored.

Think about the implications here for a minute...

In our modern day, politically correct society, we feel the need to ensure no one is offended. And apparently the most important way to ensure that no one is offended is to remove God, or references to faith, from society.

In fact, it is a wide and well-known saying to "never talk about religion or politics." But think about it—religion and politics dictate 90% or more of how everyone on the planet lives. Whether you visit India, China, Brazil, England, Saudi Arabia, or any of the 50 states—people all do and don't do things based on their religion and their political beliefs and political structure.

So we're telling ourselves that we can't talk about or have control over that which controls the majority of our livelihood! Its insanity.

In the past, companies were told not to mention "Jesus." Because that is His name—and a specific and overt reference to Christianity. But now, we are so weak, so incompetent, so fragile, and so easily offended as a society, that even the vaguest reference to "God," is being censored.

This is simply a symptom of a broken society that is headed towards complete lawlessness. And let me explain what I mean by lawlessness:

Lawlessness (Gunner's Definition): the absence of the objective rule of law in any society.

Too many people think that lawlessness is when there are no rules or laws. But we don't have that problem. In fact, we've got too many rules and laws. But they don't apply to everyone consistently, and in many times they don't apply at all.

In the highest law of our land, we have a right to freedom of religion. But this right is being eliminated through re-interpretation. Business owners are being put out of business for obeying their faith and doctors are being forced to abandon their faith.

And all of this is being done in the name of securing other peoples' right to not be offended or to not have their feelings hurt. You know—to ensure inclusiveness and tolerance. But here's the problem—there are no laws for inclusiveness, tolerance, or the right to not be offended.

So what do you have when you have a society that pays deference and respect to cultural aberrations and the general feelings of a loud minority who do not want their feelings hurt, while simultaneously abandoning the necessity of obedience to the actual supreme Law of the Land as they are plainly stated?

You have lawlessness. And if history is our guide, then you have clear and present evidence of a society on the path to tyranny.

And tyranny comes to any society that allows it to come.

So sometimes, seemingly innocuous anomalies, like the word "God" being censored on movies in airplanes, can be the sign of something much more sinister. So, what other symptoms do you see around you?

And most importantly, are you going to stand by and let tyranny come? Or are you willing to take action and preserve freedom?
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