Optimistic Math

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Optimistic Math

July 25, 2016 | Gunner Steele

I'm optimistic because I believe in Math. I love math because numbers don't lie. Numbers are honest and objective unlike feelings which are fickle and fleeting.

So when it comes to the hope that America can repay her debts, balance her budget, and avoid an economic collapse—I'm not very optimistic because regardless of how you feel about it, the MATH is really simple. We can't pay the $100 trillion+ debt that we owe. Its just math, folks.

But there's other math that makes me optimistic. Just last week, a friend of mine asked me how I could possibly be optimistic for America's future when more than 50% of the population is on the public dole and more than 90% of Americans are functional illiterates having been educated by our public education system. In his mind, modern day Americans, millennials, and welfare recipients (and he included Social Security recipients in that group) will sink this ship before the next generation.

And quite frankly, I don't really disagree with him.

But, I'm still optimistic. And here's why...

Remember, to me America is not a geography. America is an idea. Its a belief. It's a concept. And that concept can be stated in one word—FREEDOM. Since I have no attachment to geography or nostalgia, I don't really care what America looks like geographically in the future. All I care about is that FREEDOM persists and that FREEDOM is sustained.

Sure, there are millions of leftists, liberals, socialists, communists, progressives, feminists, and collectivists populating out streets and voting in our elections. And yes—I'm persuaded that the true numbers are much higher than 50% of our population.

But guess what? America is a big country. And there's a lot of us here. And there's still a ton of red-blooded, America loving, Reagan-ites, conservatives, Constitutionalists, Christians, traditional families, entrepreneurs, libertarians, right wingers, 2nd amendment supporters, and freedom fighters as well. Sure, we're probably out numbered (and I say "we" because I put myself in that number), but numbers alone don't win battles.

And how many of us are there? Well, lets shoot really low. Lets say the other side has 60% of the American population. That means we'd have 40% on "our side."

Of that 40%, I'd say that easily half of them are "passive" meaning that they are probably not really willing to fight for what they believe in. So let's dismiss them. That leaves us with the other half which makes up about 20% of the American population. I know it sounds bad.

That means only 20% of America still believes in the Constitution, in traditional Judeo-Christian values, in FREEDOM, and in the principles of the Declaration of Independence. At first, that might sound depressing and discouraging. But it's not!

There are 324 million people in America. 20% of that is nearly 65 million people! That's right! 65 million people!

If we made a country out of that population and called it Freedomland, it would be the 23rd largest country on the planet. It would be more populated than Italy, South Korea, Spain, Argentina, Canada, or Australia. It would be about the same size as the UK.

And, what kind of country would Freedomland be? Who would live there? Well, the most productive and prosperous people in America right now (that's who). The innovators, the thinkers, the business leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, farmers, fathers, pastors, authors, military leaders, and the like. And who would they leave behind in the "Old America?" They'd leave behind liberals, university professors, actors, bureaucrats, drug addicts, welfare recipients, criminals, and most of the democratic party.

Freedomland would be amazing. Freedomland would be gigantic. Freedomland would become the "Next America." Call it what you want to call it. Maybe something like Freedomland will happen in the future. Maybe it won't. That's not the point.

The point is this—as long as we have enough FREEDOM loving men and women in this country who are willing to defend their God-given right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness—then we'll always have a future with FREEDOM to look forward to.

And even with depressing numbers putting us down to a mere 20% of the population—we're still a force to be reckoned with. I'm estimating that there's nearly 65 million of us! And this simple math lets me know that my grandchildren will have somewhere to live where they can enjoy the FREEDOMS that our Forefathers shed their blood for.

Until next Monday, I'm yours in Freedom,
Gunner Steele
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