Reagan's Prophecy

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Reagan's Prophecy

July 18, 2016 | Gunner Steele

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was a genius in more ways than one. But this quote above was particularly prescient. You see, Reagan could see something that most men could not see. He could see the future. He could tell where America was going if it didn't change its course.

Well I've got bad news for you—American didn't change its course. In fact, it only accelerated its course.

In future letters, I will carefully document the major causes of this, and I will also carefully and succinctly list what I believe to be the proper corrective action we can take as individuals and corporately.

But right now, I'd like to highlight for you, using a handful of anecdotes, the fact that Reagan's "prophecy" has already come to pass. The problem is that Americans will always continue to feel "free" as long as they are not in jail. But just because you're not in jail—it doesn't mean you are free.

Consider this...
  • In America, you cannot sell raw milk or other actual and real foods that the FDA does not allow, without risk of imprisonment or loss of property. In fact, there have been actual multi-agency S.W.A.T. style raids on small dairy farms for this "crime."
  • In the land of the free, you cannot sell or consume "steroids" which, if taken and used while exercising in the gym, might help make you buff. I know, I know. We can't have that. We can't have buff people. Just ask Rob DeLuca, the founder of BodyBuilding.com who had his warehouse in Idaho raided, S.W.A.T. style, and then fined millions of dollars for selling anabolic steroids online. (Just for the record, a woman's birth control pill basically has the same ingredients as what was being sold here).
  • In the home of the brave, it is a federal crime to advertise or publish a cure for cancer—even if you actually have one. The Gerson Institute which has incredible success for curing cancer has been located in Mexico for years to avoid federal prosecution. And they're not alone. Mexico is loaded with American Doctors performing life-saving procedures with life-saving supplements that are banned in the Land of the Free. Yes, Americans now routinely flee to Mexico in search of medical freedom.
  • In America, you are not allowed to carry more than $10,000 cash of your own money on your person at any time. It's a crime. If you get caught with it, the government can take it from you. Period.
  • Where the "Flag Still Stands for Freedom," you can't speak your mind about homosexuality without risk of "offending" someone and losing your financial well-being through frivolous lawsuits, or being arrested for hate speech.
  • In the country that respects the "Rule of Law," you can go to jail for giving too much of your own money to your friend who is running for office. Or, you can be arrested for having a phone call with your friend if you happen to be running ads against his opponent. That's called "coordination" and its strictly forbidden in this free country.

I could go on and on and list more examples concerning real estate transactions, excessive taxation, business regulations, free speech restrictions, religious liberty violations, and more.

In short, in America you used to be able to buy whatever food or health supplements you wanted to put in your own body without federal oversight. You used to be able to get whatever medical treatment you needed or wanted for yourself without approval from Uncle Sam. You used to be able to open your mouth and say or publish whatever you wanted to say, even if it hurt somebody's little feelings. You used to be able to earn and save your own money. You used to be able to carry your own money. You used to be able to support your friends running for office with your own money.

I'm talking about freedoms that we used to have, that we no longer have. I'm talking about American violations of basic civil liberties that we would've used just one generation ago as examples of Soviet tyranny. Now they happen routinely in our own backyard and we just shrug our shoulders.

You see, Reagan's prophecy has already come true. I just spent the last few minutes, telling you about what things once were like in America, when men were free.

Now what are you willing to do to be free again?

Until next Monday, I'm yours in Freedom,
Gunner Steele
The Freedom Man

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