The Dirtiest Word

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The Dirtiest Word

June 20, 2016 | Gunner Steele

"Offshore" Propaganda

Okay, I admit it—I'm sick and tired of this crap and I just can't take it anymore. If one more person uses the word "offshore" like it's a dirty word, I'm going to explode!

Seriously?!?!?! Is everyone that stupid?!?! Does everyone really buy into that much propaganda? Are Americans so brain-dead that they can't think for themselves? I guess I'm afraid to answer that question...

With the recent exposure of the so-called "Panama Papers," we are getting renewed propaganda hits on "offshore" bank accounts. And the public is once again having it drilled into their mushy little minds that the word "offshore" is dirty and that it automatically equates to criminals, thieves, drug dealers, and tax cheats.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but I've got to ask you a question—what do you think of when you hear the word "offshore?" What type of feeling does that word give you?

If you think something dirty or you think its bad—BOOM! You've been propagandized. And you better watch out, because if they force fed you one giant heap of horse manure, and you bought it—then what else are you swallowing lock, stock, and barrel?

Let me make this super simple for you, folks...people move their money into foreign bank accounts because it is safer and cheaper. That's it. They're not criminals.

It works like this...you have to pay your taxes, right? And I would never suggest that anybody try to avoid paying taxes that you actually owe. But, our governments are all screwed up and they create the most asinine tax laws in the history of mankind.

And so they give you a choice, fill out Form A and you pay $100. Fill out form B and you pay $1,000. Both are legal and at least one is required. Which one do you fill out? Isn't it obvious?!?!

That's as simple as it is, folks. No one in their right mind would fill out form B. And that's what's going on with our tax situation. Smart people are taking advantage of the fact that they can "fill out form A" and legally move some of their wealth into foreign bank accounts that are safer and more capitalized and legally avoid additional taxes that they would otherwise have to pay to their host government. Legal tax avoidance is not tax evasion. Duh!

So how dumb do you have to be to fill out Form B?

You see, when you pay your taxes, you have a choice. You can give over as much of your money to Uncle Sam as you want, or you can legally avoid paying taxes that you shouldn't owe anyway.

But forget about legality for a moment. (Like I said, I believe in paying every cent that I legally owe primarily because I am instructed to "Render unto Caesar's that which is Caesars." For me, its as simple as that. But I will render that which is Caesar's only—and not a penny more!)

But again, forget about what's legal just for the sake of argument...I want to ask you what is ethical? What is moral?

Think about it—any extra taxes you give to the government are used to blow people up, to feed a metastasized bureaucracy, and to fund activities that you are probably morally or religiously opposed to. In other words, if you fill out form B, not only do you pay an extra $900, but that extra $900 will go to fund curriculum promoting LGBT lifestyles in schools, it will fund atheistic teaching in our universities, it will subsidize Planned Parenthood's abortions, and will continually fund never-ending unconstitutional bureaucracies.

So don't buy into the propaganda. Don't be a milk cow for the government! Don't be a brain-dead zombie! Don't be a fool!

Offshore bank accounts are not used solely by criminals and drug dealers! They are mostly used by honest, hard working entrepreneurs, and free-thinking people who recognize their moral and ethical obligation to keep their own money! Come on, think! Who can do more good with your money? The government, or you?

Furthermore, American banks are horribly underfunded and unprotected, with poor service, and some the lowest interest rates in history. It makes ZERO sense (pun intended) for any one with a brain to hold all of their wealth "on shore." It's like investing all of your money in ONE STOCK. Nobody would do that. But if your wealth is only in one currency (the dollar) and only in one country's banking system (in America that actual means the Federal Reserve), then you're gambling with your future. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of Americans who lost their life savings in the housing crash just a few years back.

And even if you don't realize how you're gambling with your future with American banks, at least recognize that you're not getting a good Return on Investment. And that's what foreign banks offer—a safe place to store your wealth with a solid return on investment.

So, think for yourself! Don't buy the propaganda. And for the love of Freedom, put some of your wealth into well-funded, highly capitalized, foreign banks with a high rate of return. In fact, for all of the negative press that its receive recently, Panama is actually a great option.

Until next Monday, I'm yours in Freedom,
Gunner Steele
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