Two Extremes

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Two Extremes

August 29, 2016 | Gunner Steele

I have to make a little confession...I kinda like extremists. I don't mean extremists who blow people up and stuff like that. I mean people who are kind of weird and eccentric and nutty. People who always think the sky is falling and that somebody is out to get them and all that. You know—zombie apocalypse people. Like John Malkovich's character from RED.

I have to admit that I kinda like these people. I do. And you know, I live in Idaho so we've got a ton of them up here. And I think the main reason I like them is because behind the apparent craziness, they make some sense. And they force you to actually think about things when everyone else is just moving forward like ignorant sheeple.

But the reason why I can't jump onboard with full-fledged conspiracy theory based lunacy is because I have confidence in the resilience of True Americans, the power of Family, and the sovereignty of God.

You see, on one hand, is the extremist position that says, "America is just fine and there are no conspiracies and everything is going to get better." That is an extreme position and it's quite frankly—stupid. In the "hoods" and the barrios of America, a couple of gangsters will conspire together to kill someone for a pair of Air Jordans (shoes). It happens all the time. So you have to be a complete fool to think that conspiracies don't go on when hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars are on the line. It happens. And its evil.

On the other hand, is an extremist position that says that everything in the world, including the fate of all Americans is controlled by a few elite men in a secret room somewhere and they are pulling the strings to create wars, financial chaos, cultural divisions, and more to ensure their absolute power and reign over the entire world. You know—the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. The problem with this position, while there are some truths within it, is that it often leads to a paralyzing position where adherents to this belief system simply hunker down and build a lifestyle based on SURVIVAL only.

I'm all in favor of survival. I mean, who wants to die or suffer? But, I prefer THRIVING over SURVIVING. You see, what is happening in America today is not unique in history. Tyrannical governments who overstep their boundaries and overtax their people and become 100% corrupt are replete throughout history.

And empires come and go.

I'd hate to see good-hearted, well-intentioned people seal their own fates in paranoia or extremism, when they otherwise could have been useful and valuable in the real world, effecting real change, and preserving real freedom.

In other words...
  • Voting is still important. Particularly at the state and local level. Vote for honorable men. And if there are none, then have enough guts to run for office yourself.
  • Education is still important. Teach your children the principles of freedom. Teach it to your neighbors. Teach it to your church.
  • Resistance is not futile. Never bow to illegal action from state authorities. Sue the government if you have to. Now, I would never encourage unethical action on our behalf, but I likewise would never encourage submission to illegal action from oppressors (even if they are in government).
  • Information is still powerful. Boldly proclaim the truth to everyone. Use technology. Share the truth. Make everyone aware.
  • Freedom is worth it. Never forget that we fight for freedom. We fight for a worthy cause.

So my point is that we are living in historic times. Nobody knows the future but God. Secret organizations and elitist groups don't have power over the future. Only God is sovereign.

And we have new and historic opportunities based on the wealth of knowledge and information available, new technologies, arms, available land, and our own human passion that have not always existed in previous eras. Can you imagine what George Washington and our founding fathers could've accomplished with the arms we have available to us today? Or the technology we have today? Can you imagine what Benjamin Franklin could've done with the ability to publish like we have today? I could go on and on.

But I just want to remind everyone that FREEDOM WILL NEVER DIE. We won't let it. You and I will not let it die. We won't let them take away our Faith. We won't let them take away our families. We won't let them take away our freedom of speech. We won't let them take away our arms. We won't let them take away our conscience. We won't!

So educate yourself. Look into the points made by the extremists on both sides of any issue. Consider them well. Think logically. But ultimately, never let extreme positions paralyze you. Give them space to prepare you, to help you identify opportunities for prosperity, and to avoid certain miseries. But never, never, become paralyzed.

We are Americans. We are better than that.

Until next Monday,
I'm yours in Freedom
Gunner Steele

P.S. For an example of conspiracies in action, take a look at how many people have mysteriously disappeared who are connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton. In the last 6 weeks alone, 4 people have died.
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