What is Freedom Insurance?

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What is Freedom Insurance?

May 23, 2016 | Gunner Steele

What is Freedom Insurance?

I imagine you don't plan on your house burning down, right? But you've got homeowner's insurance anyway. You also probably don't plan on getting in a car accident, being diagnosed with cancer, or getting sued. But, you've got car insurance, health insurance, and if you're a business owner you've got all kinds of liability insurance to keep your business alive.

That's what insurance is, quite frankly. It is something we get with the hopes that we'll never have to use it. But if we do need it—we'll sure be glad that we have it.

So we buy it to protect ourselves. And its a smart decision.

But its kind of odd that few people consider protecting the things that are most valuable to them. FREEDOM is just one example.

Most Americans, and readers of this particular newsletter, would be quick to explain how much they value their freedom. And I agree. I value my freedom enough to shed my blood and sacrifice my life for my own freedom and the freedom of my children.

And I do all I can to preserve that freedom. And I would go so far as to say that I am willing to pick up arms and fight for freedom if it ever came to that.

But, I don't want it to ever come to that. Especially since I realize that I can get Freedom Insurance! So what is Freedom Insurance?

It's exactly what it sounds like—it's insurance for your Freedom and liberty. You hope you never have to use it, but if you do—you'll sure be glad that you have it.

And Freedom Insurance is not something that you necessarily buy—rather, its something that you obtain by making simple lifestyle changes, using common sense, and expanding your understanding of world events, economics, and history.

For example, if you do not want your government to seize your money unlawfully (which they unfortunately are doing more often these days), you can move a portion of your savings into foreign banks in foreign currencies outside of the jurisdiction of American bureaucrats. This is legal, ethical, and just plain common sense. It is also a measure of insurance—it protects you.

If you want to ensure that you can travel the world freely or temporarily leave the United States to protect yourself or your family for any reason, you can acquire citizenship in another country, while retaining your US Citizenship, and be free to travel should it become necessary. Hopefully you never NEED to do it, but its a form of insurance. (There are a multitude of other benefits to holding multiple passports as well). And believe it or not, a lone IRS bureaucrat can now revoke your passport!

If there is a major catastrophe and your freedom or safety is threatened, it would be wise to have water, food, firearms, ammunition, and cash. This is incredibly basic and obvious—yet few Americans—even those who consider themselves lovers of Freedom have these basic necessities available. This is common sense, people! Its not just for "survivalists", conspiracy theorists, and the paranoid. Its just a form of simple insurance.

Think about it, in the event of a catastrophe, be it a natural disaster, an invasion, a government induced problem, or any type of upheaval or unrest—who do you want to depend on to take care of you and preserve your freedom? Uncle Sam? Obama? Or yourself?

Having Freedom Insurance not only ensures that you always have food, shelter, and clothing (like a survivalist), but that you maintain your wealth, your assets, your prominence, and most importantly—your freedom (like a Freedom Man!).

I will continually share with you what you can do to obtain Freedom Insurance. But you would be wise to get started with some of the simple steps mentioned above. You certain won't be worse off for any of it.

Until next Monday, I'm yours in Freedom,
Gunner Steele
The Freedom Man

P.S. Next Monday I will share with you a few examples of how new technology is pushing back the overreach of government and breaking down old paradigms for progress and growth. We are definintely living in exciting times!
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