Don't Be Fooled By Caravans

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Don't Be Fooled By Caravans

October 22, 2018 | Gunner Steele

When I was a kid, people were mentally tough. You could call someone names and nobody had to get taxpayer subsidized counseling to overcome "abuse." We played smear the queer, boys made fun of girls, girls made fun of boys, and you knew the difference between good guys and the bad guys.

And the good guys are supposed to win, and the bad guys deserve to lose.

But not anymore. America has turned into a nation of pansies without brains or backbone, and completely void of common sense.

And our enemies know it. So what do they do? They have learned that Americans will buckle under the threat of any sob story of "poor" people who are "less fortunate" than us who are just trying to do "the best for their family."

Say those words, and Americans pansies will fold in an instant. And so it goes for the caravan of thousands of illegal immigrants, allegedly from Honduras, who are marching towards the US border right now.

Now we are being told that these "poor people" are escaping a tyranny in their country and have no money or food and are just trying to get their families to America where they can "claim asylum" and have a better life for their families. And we're supposed to say that it is "so sad," and then just let them do it.

Folks, make no mistake about it, I am 100% certain this is politically motivated and not legit. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but this is illegitimate. Let me explain why I believe it is a bogus caravan, and then I'll explain why you're a complete moron if you feel bad for these people...

This is a Politically Motivated Stunt

1. The timing is too perfect. These people are set to arrive right before the midterm elections. Democrats know that every single spear they have thrown at Donald Trump has failed. The American people are happy. The country is turning around and moving forward under Trump, whether people like his personality or not. But a humanitarian crisis like this could be used to sink him.

2. The only option to stop a mob of this size is the military. And can you imagine what that is going to look like on the news? American military forces preventing brown people from entering the country? God forbid somebody gets killed, but I'm most certain that somebody will get killed—and at the very least—people will be injured. I'm also of the belief that someone in the caravan, if not multiple "someones," will physically assault American soldiers and in defense, someone is going to get killed. And it will be played on the news for 3,000 years in America, day and night, day and night.

3. The death of "poor brown people" just "trying to achieve the American Dream," might be the only thing to give the democrats an advantage in the midterms.

4. Poor people will do anything for money. If someone like George Soros or any other leftist financing group could get their money over to Central America to this group of people, those poor people would be willing to do anything. They don't care about American politics, but they do care about the money that is being given or promised to them if they will do someone else's bidding.

These People are Fools and they Don't Care About Their Family

1. It is illegal to cross the American border without a visa. Everybody knows that. The President of our country has demanded that you not come and has promised to not let you in. Our neighbor to the south has demanded that you stop and has tried to stop you at their own border. Chaos, mayhem, and personal destruction are guaranteed to you and your family—and yet you still come? Why should I feel sorry for you?

2. Don't tell me that these fools love their families when they are marching their families to their own destruction. They are not escaping a bad situation, they are marching forward to a worse one.

3. I know they are "poor." That is sad. But sad situations do not entitle anyone to the American taxpayers pocketbook. That is theft. It always has been and always will be. Theft is theft. Why don't churches teach the 10 commandments anymore? Why don't mothers and fathers teach their children that theft is always wrong even if you're poor?

4. If we let these people in, then what is the point of having a border? What is the point of having a nation? Where is the concept of national sovereignty? Why not just let anyone and everyone in for any reason whatsoever? And you better expect that the rest of the world is coming if these caravaners get in.

Don't be a softie. Don't be a pansy. Its time to recognize that destruction comes to those who seek it. And if you're poor, you better not try to beat down my door and FORCE your way into my kitchen to get some good, because my response will be swift and definitive.

And here's some final questions you really ought to ask yourself:
  • If these people care about their families, why are they dooming their families for destruction on this march?
  • If they have no money, how are they eating on this long journey?
  • Who told them that they could get "asylum" and access to America if they simply marched toward the border? Mexicans (our nearest neighbors) are trying less and less since Donald Trump became President as deportations are at all time highs, and the world generally knows that right now is the absolute wrong time to try to enter America legally.
  • Why now? The "crisis" in Honduras has been going on for nearly a year. Why is this happening right now, right before our midterm elections?
  • Why didn't they stop in Mexico? Technically and legally, if someone is seeking asylum, they must claim it at the FIRST country they enter after leaving their country. Why didn't they stop in Mexico? Mexico is an advanced nation with tons of resources, a common language, and a new Socialist President who loves to give out freebies. Why are they breaking the law, international agreements, and forcing their families to make an arduous trek through unforgivable terrain?
Ask yourselves these questions.

As a Christian man, I believe it is my personal duty in the private sector to help others whenever possible. Especially the poor. But my personal duty to God is not the same as a poor person's "right" to my pocketbook, nor is it an open door to eliminate the security of my nation.

So all you Christians—man up. Quit being a pansy. If you want to help these people, then YOU go down there and help them out. But don't tell the world, that just anybody can invade your country, take your money, and permit their own family to be destroyed, just because you feel sorry for the fact that they are poor.

Until next Monday,
I'm yours in Freedom
Gunner Steele

P.S. There are poor people in Africa, too. And the entire Soviet Bloc. And southeast Asia. In fact, over half of the world, more than 3 billion people are poor (they live off of the equivalent of less than $2.50 per day). That is poorer than Honduras. And 80% of the entire world is poor—living on less than $300 per month. And most of them all live in oppressive countries with oppressive leaders. It is a sad situation, no doubt. So should we just let them all move into the US tomorrow and give them access to our public treasury?

I've got a better idea...lets send Missionaries into their countries, and teach them the entirety of the Bible—including free markets and hard work. And instead of confining freedom to our land, lets send it out to the rest of the world.
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