Immigration - The Difference!

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What's the Difference Between Immigration Then and Now?

November 26, 2018 | Gunner Steele
In case you didn’t know, President Donald Trump is a monster because he tear gases little children.  Yup.  Its all over the news and the internet, so it must be true.  I mean hey, its even trending on Twitter, or something like that.

And you know what, its “disgusting” because America is a country “built on immigration” and that there is nothing “wrong or illegal” with people trying to come to America to escape "tyranny, poverty, and oppression."  Right?  I mean, we want everybody to have a good life, right?  So we should let everyone come to America to find the “American Dream,” right?

Ughhh.  I can’t stand to hear or see this nonsense.  It literally makes me sick to my stomach.  And sometimes I feel like Elijah—like I’m the last man standing, and like nobody in America even has a brain anymore.

But fortunately, that’s not true.  You guys are smart.  You’re not dumb.  You don’t fall for the emotionally driven false news narratives with pictures of little kids getting tear gassed at the border.

The Answer to the Immigration Problem

You know, the answer to the “immigration problem” we have is SO EASY.  Literally. So. Easy.  It’s solved by eliminating welfare and that’s it.  Then we can basically have an open border.  And when I say, “eliminating welfare,” I mean ALL FORMS of welfare and not just cash aid.

This means no public school, no healthcare, no cash aid, no social security, no free housing, no subsidies for anything…in short—NO NOTHING!  And sorry, we are not going to speak your language—you have to learn ours.  Period.

How many immigrants would want to come to America if they knew they would get, have, and receive ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when they got here?

And those who did come, what kind of immigrants would they be?

Because for those of you who are linguini-spined, effeminate, liberal-infused, girly girls, driven by emotions and “sob stories” of the “less fortunate,” you probably don’t realize that what I just described is exactly the kind of immigrant that “America was built upon,” and who came to America in search of the “American Dream.”

Those German, Polish, Italian, Jewish, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and other immigrants who came after most of the world’s wars and conflicts—came here to America with the hope to just be free.  They had no sense of entitlement.

When they got here, they received nothing from our government.  No welfare.  No cash aid.  No housing projects.  No nothing.  They picked themselves up by their own bootstraps and with hard and intelligent work, they built a future for themselves and their families—and lifted up and built America in the process.  And guess what—they all learned English.  What a novel idea.

And that’s what so few are willing to admit—that people are not equal and immigrants are not equal.  Those who come looking for something from us should be looked at as the leeches, thieves, and criminals that they are.

Those who are coming to make a better life for themselves should be allowed!  They just don’t get anything from us.  Nothing.  As long as they don’t hurt me or steal my stuff, why should I care if they come?  Furthermore, I want them to come—because the only ones who come will be actual skilled workers who are actually thankful for whatever job they have—not like modern American millennial dingbats who have zero skills and are completely ungrateful for everything that they have.

And what about this current “caravan” of the supposed “helpless and hurting” migrants from Central America?  Well, first of all, let me say that I believe these people really are mostly uneducated, gullible, ignorant fools who are being used by others as pawns for their own political gain.

So while I see them on one hand as victims, they are still perpetrators in their own right.  Let us consider a handful of facts:

1.  It has been explained to them well and good that America will not let them in, that they cannot come, and that our own President is sending military reinforcements to the border to ensure they do not enter our country illegally, and yet they come anyway.  Sorry, Donald Trump is not the monster, its the ignorant parents who subject their kids to a pre-determined doom.  If I go home and slap my kid, do you blame Donald Trump or do you blame me?  These parents are the perpetrators.  Period.

2.  They have acted criminally on their journey, and entering our country in such a manner is illegal—why would we think they would become “law-abiding citizens” when they broke every law to get here?

3.  Mexico has offered them all asylum and they flat-out refused.  (And before you think Mexico is a terrible place to live, consider the fact that more Americans apply for residency in Mexico every year than Mexicans who apply for residency in the United States).

4.  If thousands of them can gather together to storm down our border walls and force their way into our country, why don’t they have this type of resolve to storm their own government and earn their own freedom?

5.  Residents of Tijuana are actually rejecting the caravan telling them to “get out of here” and “return to their own country.”  They have said that members of the caravan were entitled, filthy, ungrateful, and left a trail of trash behind them.  Now look—have you ever been to Tijuana?  If people from Tijuana say that YOU are dirty—man, that’s really bad.  I have no words to describe this.  And you want these people here?

You see—you just don’t let everyone into your house, now do you?  Friendly, clean, respectful, and decent people are allowed while the filthy, disrespectful, potentially dangerous, and those with criminal tendencies are not.  Correct?

America should be no different.  The type of immigrant you are should determine if you are allowed into our country.  It is SO SIMPLE.
  • You want to blow us up?  Not allowed.
  • You want sharia law?  Not allowed.
  • You run an arabic website dedicated to hating America?  Not allowed.
  • You want a free house?  Not allowed.
  • You want your kids taught in Spanish in our public schools?  Not allowed.
  • You want free food?  Not allowed.
  • You want to cut in line?  Not allowed.
  • You want nothing but the chance to work?  Come on in.

You see folks, as always, the most complicated things in life boil down to common sense.  But that is something that Public Education actually STRIPS away from the American public.  Even from those who consider themselves “conservatives.”

Sorry, but if you had 12-16 years of indoctrination and dogma from the democratic-created socialistic indoctrination system we call “public school,” you’d be a fool to think you were not affected.

Gracias, you say?  You're welcome.
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