Why I Love Being An American

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Why I Love Being An American

December 10th, 2018 | Gunner Steele
I was at a conference this weekend where one of the speakers reminded me of why I love being an American.

He asked the audience to raise their hand if they knew of someone who owned a business. Literally everybody in the room raised their hands.

He then said, “Look around the room. You all better thank God that you were born in America because what you’re seeing here is unique to our great country. If I were to ask this same question in the majority of the rest of the world, very few hands would be raised. Because entrepreneurship and the particular drive that Americans have to be independent and successful is unique to America.”

And he was right.

You know, its not enough to just be "free." What makes American unique is more than just the FREEDOM that has been bestowed upon us, but it's that peculiar and particular culture of entrepreneurship and independence that still exists in our national DNA no matter how desperately liberals, globalists, and marxists have tried to eradicate it.

Because entrepreneurship is the ultimate form of independence and freedom. It is also the primary source of human advancement. Think about it.

What and who have brought genuine progress to humankind? Governments? Organized religion? Charities?

Who gives us trains, planes, automobiles, clean energy, clean water, medical advancement, rocketships, the internet, life-saving cures, and the like?

Entrepreneurs working in the free market bring all of this to us. Even churches and charities can do very little without the financial backing of entrepreneurs.

Truly, the Lord's work is more effectively accomplished by entrepreneurs than by any other means known to man.

That's why I support every man's desire to work for himself. That is how America used to be. Where the majority of men worked for themselves and their families worked along side them. Today its the other way around. Fewer and fewer are venturing out to be their own boss or to own their own business.

And this is a tragedy because it is quite evident that entrepreneurs—not governments, not community organizations, and not even churches—are the primary means for societal greatness, prosperity, and progress. Entrepreneurs have done more collective good for the world than governments, charities, treaties, or any other institution.

And nowhere in the history of the world has this ever been put on greater display than in the United States of America.

So ask yourself this question, "How many people do you know who own their own business?" The fact that you can name even just ONE, means that you were blessed by God to be born in the greatest country on Earth. You already won life's lottery.

And you should exploit that reality and that opportunity to its fullest.
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