3 Ways They Lie About COVID-19 Deaths

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3 Ways They Lie About COVID-19 Deaths

May 11, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

Everyone knows that fear is the second easiest way to manipulate the masses (hunger is the first). And nothing is more scary to people than the threat of death.

This is why death toll numbers for COVID-19 are being paraded before your eyes on every medium imaginable, all day, every day, and without end.

However, even though current numbers of deaths for COVID-19 are far lower than multiple other diseases, viruses, health conditions, and other dangerous activities (like traffic accidents), this constant barrage of death statistics is totally unprecedented. In other words, we’ve never published death toll counts like this before for anything else in history!

It begs the question—
why are we doing it now?

But beyond that, the big question is this—why are the numbers so blatantly false? Why are these death toll statistics being artificially inflated?

For those who are uninformed, let me demonstrate to you three ways that the statistics are being artificially inflated. This is not “conspiracy-theory” type stuff—this is basic analysis from publicly available documentation. We have included all references so you can check for yourself…

1. COVID-19 is Getting Credit for Cancer and Heart Disease Deaths (and more)

This is so blatantly evident and obvious, that it is nearly impossible to believe that people aren’t going to jail for these blatant lies. But it is a fact, that people who are dying from the majority of the top 10 causes of death in America are having their deaths attributed to COVID-19.

According to the CDC (who I don’t trust or believe, but we’re going to use their numbers from 2017), the top 10 causes of death in America are:

1. Heart Disease (647,457 deaths)
2. Cancer (599,108 deaths)
3. Unintentional injuries (169,936 deaths)
4. Chronic lower respiratory disease, includes asthma (160,201 deaths)
5. Stroke (146,383 deaths)
6. Alzheimers (121,404 deaths)
7. Diabetes (83,564deaths)
8. Influenza and pneumonia (55,672 deaths)
9. Kidney disease (50,633 deaths)
10. Suicide (47,173 deaths)
Remarkably, John Hopkins University published a study demonstrating that the 3rd leading cause of deaths in America are medical errors! The study shows that between 250,000 and 440,000 deaths in America are basically caused by doctors and bad medical protocols in health care facilities.

Now, take a look at the following page which was published by the New York City health department regarding death statistics for COVID-19 up to May 9th, 2020. Now remember, New York City is allegedly “ground zero” for the coronavirus crisis. They are supposed to have more cases than anywhere else in America.
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You can download this data yourself here: New York City COVID-19 Death Statistics

The total number of deaths being attributed to COVID-19 is 14,753. However, their own datasheet demonstrates that of those 14,753 deaths being attributed to COVID-19, only 94 of them could actually be attributed to COVID-19 alone. That’s right, 94 out of 14,753! That is .00637 or .637%. It is not even 1%.

The other 14,659 people who died had other life-threatening health conditions. That means 99.994% of the people who they are claiming died from COVID-19 had other life-threatening diseases. And they actually list those conditions on the bottom of the page. Take a look for yourself.

These underlying illnesses include Diabetes (7), Lung Disease (4), Cancer (2), Immunodeficiency, Heart Disease (1), Hypertension (causes strokes - 5), Asthma (4), Kidney Disease (9), GI/Liver Disease, and Obesity. The items I listed in bold are actually on the top 10 lists of the causes of death in America. So, 7 out of the top 10 causes of death in America, are all now being attributed to COVID-19 deaths.

This means if you go to a New York hospital with diabetes and heart disease and then die of a heart attack, it gets attributed to COVID-19. Does that make any sense to you? Furthermore, doctors have told us that these deaths are being attributed to COVID-19 even when the patients were never even tested for COVID-19.

Why is this happening? Well the first and most obvious reason is this—the health care clinic gets a medical payment of $13,000 if COVID-19 is listed as the reason for death. Yes, our government is financially incentivizing health care facilities and doctors to list COVID-19 as the cause of death. Click play to see for yourself:
In Italy, the same thing is going on. Here is a link to their official government report. In summary, we have found that of those deaths being attributed to COVID-19:
  • Only 12% of them actually had COVID-19 listed as the cause of death on their death certificate.
  • Half of them had more than 3 pre-existing diseases before testing positive for COVID-19.
  • Almost 80% had at least 2 pre-existing, life-threatening conditions other than COVID-19.
  • Only 1.7% of those who died ONLY had COVID-19. Yes, you read that right.
So even in Italy, the numbers were being falsely attributed to COVID-19 even when the people dying had up to 3 other morbidities. Yes, an 80 year old obese Italian with lung disease, pneumonia, and cancer all at the same time had his death listed in international news as COVID-19. How's that for accuracy in reporting?

This is actually well known news. Doctors have been reporting this for weeks now. Even Deborah Birx admitted it on national TV.

So what about deaths from heart disease and cancer, the two leading causes of death in America? Well, remarkably people just stopped dying from these two leading causes. Many news outlets have covered this, though at this time it is nearly impossible to get a year-over-year statistical reference check because those numbers would demonstrate empirically that the normal annual death toll for heart disease and cancer has been rolled into COVID-19 death toll numbers.

Here’s some examples:
I doubt we’ll ever get those numbers accurately because the obvious conclusion will be devastating to the coronavirus narrative.

In other words, if an average of 1.1 million people die from heart disease and cancer every year for the last 10 years, but in 2020, that number miraculously drops to 500,000—while COVID-19 deaths are just over 500,000—what would be the obvious conclusion? That a miracle took place and people stopped dying of heart disease and cancer? Or that people who die of heart disease and cancer had their deaths fraudulently reported as COVID-19 deaths?

The answer is obvious.

2. Doctors Are Killing COVID-19 Patients With Outdated Ventilator Protocols

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since we already know that doctors and medical errors are the third leading cause of death in America, but the evidence is mounting that current medical protocols for the use of ventilators are actually killing more COVID-19 patients than anything else.

This report published in the well respected Lancet medical journal demonstrates that 86% of COVID-19 patients put on a ventilator die. A new report has that number at almost 90%. Some doctors have reported their own personal statistics as 100%. But the medical community is obviously blaming these deaths on COVID-19 and not on the improper use of ventilators.

Just so you know, the current protocol for putting a COVID-19 patient on a ventilator includes medically inducing a state of paralysis and sedation (similar to being in a coma), so that the doctor can force a tube down one’s throat and into the lungs in order to use a machine (the ventilator) to mechanically breathe on the patients behalf. Yes, you must be medically paralyzed in order to have this procedure done.

And guess what? It’s killing people. Even young children are being killed by this process. Doctors all over America are now questioning these protocols and many are REFUSING to use these protocols anymore—as many of them take their oath to “do no harm” very seriously.

Here's an example of a doctor explaining this problem:
Here are some more links to videos and articles describing the same issue:
But the mainstream medical community is standing by their existing protocol and refusing to change even though they watch their patients die daily on these machines.

You might ask, what causes such stubbornness? I mean hey, its pretty impressive to be a part of the 3rd leading cause of death in America and to still refuse to reconsider your ways. Think about it—medical arrogance and ignorance is what killed our great President George Washington (through bloodletting), when he was once considered “bullet proof” and unable to be killed in battle.

But in addition to medical hubris, we have the additional problem of more government created financial incentives. Because if a COVID-19 patient is put on a ventilator and dies, they receive a payment of $39,000! Is it any wonder that patients are immediately put on ventilators even as just a “precautionary” measure (that’s what they say).

Here is a video testimonial of one doctor who has declared the truth to everyone:
Think about it…a perfectly healthy 10 year old kid comes to the hospital with COVID-19 like symptoms. The doctor then, “as a precautionary measure” puts the kid on a ventilator after medically inducing paralysis, so the child is “knocked out.” A few days later, the child dies. The news then flashes everywhere “Perfectly healthy 10 year old child tragically killed by the Coronavirus.” And people everywhere panic and think that they’re next in line if they don’t hide away in a basement somewhere.

But the truth was that the medical establishment was paid $39,000 to kill that child and add to the national hysteria. And this is happening every single day in America.

3. Fake or Uncertain Testing Data

Finally, the testing process for COVID-19 leaves much to be desired. There is no way any honest hearted person can look at the common testing procedures for coronavirus and say that they can possibly be 100% accurate. Or that they can have any real confidence in the numbers.

In short, the most common test being used right now to test for COVID-19 is called the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test (COVID-19 RT-PCR). To make a long story short, this test actually checks for the existence of a sequence of RNA from the virus that should be in the patient. The problem is that COVID-19 isn’t the only cause that would produce a positive result. And since there is no “gold standard” to test it against, the false positives can be off the charts. Dr. Andrew Kaufman believes that the false positives are as high as 80%.

To further demonstrate this, the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, tricked his own his own national health laboratory into doing a test on coronavirus. He had imported the tests and then sent a pawpaw (a type of fruit), a quail, a goat, and engine oil and had them labeled as human samples.

Most of them came back as positive for coronavirus. The President then went on national TV to describe his findings and claim there was sabotage and fake news being peddled in order to create hysteria. Thankfully, he also suspended the head of Tanzania's national health laboratory.

So let’s put this all into conclusion. I have always stated that I believe that the coronavirus is a real virus that causes a real disease that will actually kill real people. That is not a big deal to me as we have been dealing with death by viruses and diseases for as long as we’ve understood that viruses exist. So now that we've demonstrated that the statistics being peddled on mainstream news are unquestionably false and seriously inflated, the real question now is this—how many people are actually dying of COVID-19?

By way of example, we can use New York City’s statistics. There we see that the total number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 that actually came from COVID-19 (and not other death causing illnesses) was a mere .637%. If we assume that the total number of deaths we will have in America from COVID-19 is as high as 2 million Americans, than .637% of 2 million is only 12,740.

Of those 12,740, we know that a great majority of them are put on ventilators. We can be conservative and say only half are put on ventilators (the actual number is probably much higher, but I doubt we’ll ever get an accurate number). So 6,370 of those were put on ventilators and we know that 80% (or more) are being killed by the ventilators, and not by COVID-19. That is 5,096 people. If we subtract that from the 12,740, we are left with 7,644 who are going to actually die from COVID-19 and not from other life threatening morbidities or from medical error (from ventilators specifically).

So the total number of real COVID-19 deaths would be 7,644.

And folks, that is with a starting number of 2 million deaths attributed to COVID-19. I believe the final number will be very high as they need the final death count to be outrageously high in order to justify the narrative and the outlandish actions being taken. But who knows, it may be as low as 500,000 in the end. If so, the final tally of real deaths from COVID-19 will be as low as 1,911 Americans.

But this all begs the final question, why?

You have heard before the saying, “follow the money.” And yes, that is usually true. But let me add some nuance to that common saying, because there is something more seductive and more enticing than money. And that is…POWER.

So follow the power structure. Who benefits in terms of expanded power and the opportunity to control other peoples' lives as a result of the coronavirus crisis? Follow that trail and see where it leads you…
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