Coronavirus Proves You're A Useful Idiot

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The Corona Virus Proves You’re A Useful Idiot

March 23, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

I’m willing to bet you’re old enough to remember the term “useful idiot,” as it was used a lot during the Cold War times. For those that don’t remember, I’ll give you a little refresher, the term “useful idiot” was allegedly initially coined by Vladimir Lenin, the communist dictator, revolutionary, and mass murderer. Generally speaking, the term was used to describe anybody, particularly those outside of the Soviet Union, who were sympathetic to Communism or susceptible to Communist propaganda and manipulation. Simply speaking, these types of people were “idiots,” but they were useful for the communist cause.

Over time, particularly during the Cold War, this term became often used for anybody who was either socialist/communist leaning, or just someone who was easily manipulated by propaganda. Because while YES, these people are and were complete idiots, they were still useful for the cause. And the cause in that case, was the promotion of socialism/communism and the undermining of the ideology of FREEDOM, and the historic judeo-christian American way.

Some things never change.

Communists are relentless and they have all the time in the world. In other words, they are still looking to promote their controlling, dictatorial, and murderous ideology, and they are doing so all over the world. And America is still full of millions of useful idiots who buy into it all, mostly in the name of “entitlement” or free stuff that is promised to them by politicians.

And it’s all done by propaganda. There is no more powerful tool to use to control the minds of millions of useful idiots, than synchronized propaganda. Useful idiots BELIEVE propaganda. Useful idiots FOLLOW propaganda. Useful idiots are CONTROLLED by propaganda.

And the coronavirus pandemic, and more specifically the worldwide RESPONSE to it, is one of the greatest litmus tests for determining who the useful idiots in the world are right now.

Before I make my point, let me say that I unequivocally believe (with the admittedly limited amount of factual and empirical evidence and data that is available online regarding the COVID-19 disease) that the virus is real—it is not a hoax. I believe that the COVID-19 disease comes from a real virus that causes a real disease and that it is, in fact, lethal for many people who contract it. And I am also certain, that ultimately, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people will die from this disease. I legitimately believe that. So there it is, even I believe that the coronavirus can kill you.


I should probably define some terms that are causing lots of confusion. Because yes, “coronaviruses” have been around for a long time. What we have right now, is a new strain of coronavirus that has not been previously identified. Hence the term “novel” coronavirus you keep hearing. So yes, in years gone past, people have contracted all kinds of coronaviruses that cause cold-like symptoms, but that is not the same as what we have right now, since we have a “novel coronavirus,” which means we have a new strain. And this new strain of the virus is being called SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease called COVID-19. The 19 stands for 2019, which is when it was identified. But in the news, most people are just referring to the current “novel coronavirus” as COVID-19. Okay, got that?

So, by way of example, the large family of coronaviruses can cause anything from the common cold to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which also were pandemics in recent history. But COVID-19 is altogether new.

And according to the CDC and other health “professionals,” the manner in which COVID-19 spreads is basically the same way the flu, or any other coronavirus spreads—through close contact with affected individuals. Basically, the same things we are careful about when someone has the flu, like not breathing the same air, not touching the same stuff, etc., is what we need to be careful about now. In other words, safety measures for prevention of COVID-19 are essentially the same as for the seasonal flu or for any other coronavirus.


Speaking of recent “outbreaks” of viruses and diseases, let’s take a quick look at some statistics provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the WHO (Wolrd Health Organization)—two organizations, who I readily admit, that I don’t trust and I don’t have confidence in their objectivity. Nevertheless, here are the numbers:

  • Swine Flu aka H1N1 (2009-2010) • Over 200,000 deaths
  • Ebola (2014-2016) • Over 11,300 deaths

So that’s pretty bad. I personally believe that anytime ONE person dies from any disease, which takes their life earlier than they otherwise should have been taken, it is an absolute tragedy. There is nothing more precious than human life on God’s great Earth.

That being said, let’s take a look at how this compares to COVID-19. In the United States, so far, there are over 41,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 483 deaths. Every one of those deaths is a tragedy.

But lets compare that with deaths by the flu, which kills approximately 50,000 Americans every year (though the toll can vary widely year over year). According to the CDC:

  • American deaths by the flu in 2018: approximately 61,000
  • American deaths by the flu in 2019: approximately 34,000
  • American deaths by the flu so far in 2020: about 18,000 (estimating a final total of up to 59,000)

So basically in the same time that COVID-19 has killed 483 Americans, the seasonal flu, which you’ve actually probably had at some time in your life, has killed 18,000 Americans. Let that sink in.

While I would typically not like to use statistics to make a point when human life is concerned, this situation leaves me no other alternative. So lets talk about two simple conclusions based on statistics alone:

  1. The seasonal flu is massively more dangerous and lethal than COVID-19.
  2. The Swine Flu (H1N1) was more lethal and dangerous than COVID-19.


So now let me make my obvious point—the current “novel coronavirus” which causes COVID-19 is a deadly virus which will kill an unfortunate number of people this year, and for many years to come. However, it is apparently less dangerous than the swine flu pandemic of 2009 and remarkably less dangerous than the seasonal flu.

That is an obvious and common sense conclusion for anyone with a pulse (and particularly anyone who did not receive a government education). So now lets talk about the world’s response to COVID-19 in the last few weeks and even months:

Tourism has shut down; airlines have quit flying; sporting events and entire league play has been canceled; major events like SXSW and the Houston Rodeo were canceled; California, New York, and other states have closed all businesses in their states; churches have canceled services; schools have closed; and too much more to even list.

So while I believe that COVID-19 is real and that it will kill thousands of people in America, and probably hundreds of thousands worldwide, we all know that there has never been a response or reaction to any other disease like we’ve had with this one.

So the question is: WHY? Why is there paranoia, hysteria, and fear in America over COVID-19? Why are we stopping our economic freight train, halting our activities, and pausing our lives for a disease that is statistically less dangerous than the seasonal flu? The current state of affairs in America over COVID-19 is literally unprecedented.

The economic and psychological consequences of all of this hysteria are and will be impossible to calculate. But this much is certain:
  1. An economic recession in America will come as a consequence of COVID-19, even though America has enjoyed one of the greatest economies in our history during the last several years.
  2. Unemployment rates will skyrocket, even though unemployment rates have been the lowest in American history for the last few years (particularly amongst so-called "minority groups").
  3. Citizen’s desire for government help and support, and for government “solutions” will increase even though Americans were starting to be re-instilled with the classic American spirit of independence.
  4. Rich people were get richer, and poor people will get poorer as a result of the recession which will create a greater disparity between the rich and the poor, creating more fodder for class warfare.
  5. Socialism and communism will once again appear as an attractive solution to useful idiots in America.

The bottom line is that the COVID-19 disease caused by the current “novel coronavirus” has not caused or created any of this. Simply put—propaganda caused the current crisis. Propaganda is pushing the message of fear, paranoia, hysteria, insanity, and more government intervention into your mind and your spirit, all day, every day, 24 hours per day. And the public is sucking it up—hook, line, and sinker. Old people are watching the news and are fearful. Middle age people are sharing emails and phone calls with one another, causing panic and more fear. And millennials and teenagers are glued to their phones and social media, passing around mindless memes, tweets, and posts repeating the narrative and ensuring that the propaganda persists.

Remember what I said earlier? Well, it’s worth repeating: There is no more powerful tool to use to control the minds of millions of useful idiots, than synchronized propaganda. Useful idiots BELIEVE propaganda. Useful idiots FOLLOW propaganda. Useful idiots are CONTROLLED by propaganda.

So here’s the litmus test:
  • If you’re afraid of COVID-19 but not afraid of the seasonal flu, you’re a useful idiot.
  • If you think we should be quarantined because of COVID-19, but you've never believed that for the seasonal flu, you’re a useful idiot.
  • If you think you’re more susceptible to death than ever before, you’re a useful idiot.
  • If you think your government has solutions for you, your health, and your family, you’re a useful idiot.

So now this begs the question, who is controlling the narrative? What is the purpose of the propaganda? What is actually going on? Well, that is a subject and topic for another day—but it doesn’t take a genius to “follow the money” or to “connect the dots.”

Yours in Freedom,
Gunner Steel Signature
P.S. You may have noticed that I've been out of commission for many months now. Yes, I've been busy doing other things. But I had to come out of hiding to respond to the coronavirus hysteria since everybody is asking me my opinion. I'll be back later on with more great stuff, but for now, relax, stay calm, stay healthy, and don't be a useful idiot!
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