The Corrupt Politicians Are
Protecting Themselves Again

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The Corrupt Politicians Are Protecting Themselves Again

What if it was legally determined that Governor Brad Little’s actions in response to the “coronavirus crisis” was illegal, inappropriate, or harmful? I mean, we all know that it was, but if it was legally determined to be so? The case is easily made considering:

  • The Governor’s prerogative to declare a state of emergency can’t extend past 60 days according to state statute, but of course, we went FAR BEYOND that timeframe.
  • Statistics demonstrate that Idaho’s situation did not in any way qualify as an “emergency” and definitely not an “extreme emergency.” (e.g. according to the CDC fewer people died in Idaho between January and June 2020 than died the previous year during the same timeframe).
  • A Governor’s emergency orders may not violate federally protected Constitutional rights—which Brad Little’s orders did (specifically the 1st, 5th, and 14th amendments).
All that being said, individuals and business entities should have the right to sue Brad Little, and other organizations for their incompetence and irresponsible behavior in response to the “coronavirus crisis,” as people have lost their businesses, have suffered irreparable harm, and in many cases have been killed (e.g. putting people on ventilators even after doctors around the country had sounded the alarm showing how ventilators KILL covid patients). Shouldn’t you be able to sue St. Luke’s if they killed your family member using a ventilator when the whole country knows that ventilators kill people?

You, and thousands of your fellow Idahoans deserve to be able to sue for the damage and harm you have suffered because of the incompetence of our governor, his cronies, and other bureaucrats. And guess what? They know it! But rather than accept it, guess what they are going to do? Governor Brad Little is going to declare a special session on August 24th to pass legislation called “Shield Laws” that protects themselves and their cronies from lawsuits!

Yes, that is right. They are going to try to pass legislation to ensure that they can damage, harm, and abuse you, to the point of destroying your business, your finances, your freedom, and even your very life—and they will get away scott-free! Because they are going to make it ILLEGAL to sue anybody for action they took in response to the coronavirus. This effectively “shields” them and makes them immune from any and all legitimate lawsuits from innocent people (like you) who have been harmed. Are you okay with this?


Most people believe that if the existing government forces are not reined in, that mandatory vaccinations will be just around the corner. Well, what happens when perfectly healthy people are forced to take a vaccine that causes paralysis, or that triggers an auto-immune disorder, or that literally kills somebody (like other vaccines do regularly)? Then what? What recourse is there? Well, if Governor Brad Little and his cronies get their way, there will be no recourse against all of the people and levels of bureaucracy involved in forcing you to suffer with a faulty and dangerous vaccine. With the passage of these "shield laws," the stage will be set for unimaginable tyranny, without legal recourse, including government mandated vaccination.


Don’t buy the lies. They’re going to tell you that this legislation and this legislative session is to protect small businesses, churches, and individuals against “frivolous lawsuits” and stuff like that. But it’s all a lie! Don’t buy it. This is to protect themselves! The legislation has been proposed and supported by Idaho’s biggest lobbying organization (IACI)—the same people who donate more money to and control most of the Idaho State Legislature. Do you trust them?

Read the proposed legislation for yourself—you will find that it is a convoluted mess of gobbledygook that was designed to ensure that whoever has the most lawyers wins. It is written in such a confused manner, that it ensures blanket coverage for all big businesses and government entities, while effectively screwing all individuals and small business owners. You must oppose it all costs!

Call your legislators today and DEMAND that they stand against this proposed legislation for the August 24th Special Legislative Session.

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