COVID Hypocrisy from Politicians

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COVID Hypocrisy from Politicians

December 7th, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

Sometimes I wonder what it will take in order for the mass sheeple of this world to WAKE UP and see the light. And then, I'm reminded, that NOTHING will ever help them, nor save them, nor change them. That's why they are "sheeple" in the first place.

Likewise, I often wonder about my own people—the so called conservative free-thinkers of the world. Because nothing could have prepared me for the absolute pitiful response of so many Christians, Republicans, Libertarians, "lovers of freedom," and the like during 2020.

The bottom line? People just swallow up PROPAGANDA wholesale, no matter how much they deny being affected by it. Even you.

If you watch and listen to everybody, all day, every day, tell you that you're going to die because of COVID and from people not wearing masks, and from not social distancing or because you went to church, or to the store, or attended a meeting—then eventually you will believe it. Even if its just a little seed in the back of your mind, you're still scared whether you want to admit it or not. That's the power of propaganda.

But guess what? You know who is not scared of COVID? The politicians who are telling you that you have to be scared and that you have to stay home and that your business and your life has to be shut down!

You know why? Because they know that it is all a scam. They know they've done it all to exercise power and to control others—and that NOTHING has been about public safety from day one. It was about money, control, and power.

For more evidence, consider the following shortlist of ridiculously hypocritical politicians who are demonstrating through their actions that they are not the least bit worried about COVID:

Mayor of Austin, Texas tells his Constitutents that they need to stay home from his resort in Cabo San Lucas!

You can't make this stuff up. Can you imagine how brazen and insolent this worthless piece of trash is? This arrogant slob, Democrat Mayor Steve Adler or Austin, TX literally made a video while in his cushy Cabo San Lucas resort telling Austin residents to stay home and social distance.

Likewise, this hypocrite, while telling everyone else to not have gatherings of large people, hosted an outdoor wedding reception for his daughter at an upscale hotel in Austin.

It's not just that he got caught, it is the fact that he plainly doesn't believe any of the rhetoric. Why? Because as a member of the "ruling class" he knows it's all fake! Only you peons and sheeple believe this nonsense. And that's how and why they can control you!

Mayor of Denver, Colorado Tells Residents to Stay Home for Thanksgiving and then Boards an Airplane to Spend Thanksgiving with his Own Family

Not to be outdone by liberals in Austin, the trash-factory Democrat Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, made continual advisories to residents of Denver not to travel for Thanksgiving.

He even sent out a tweet just before Thanksgiving which said to “avoid travel if you can.” Then what did he do? He hopped on an airplane to go visit his family for Thanksgiving.

Does that sound like someone who is afraid of dying from catching COVID while traveling? He's a worthless hypocrite!

LA County Supervisor Votes to Shutdown ALL Restaurants in LA County, then hours later goes to eat out at a restaurant

Worthless, disgusting, and endlessly ugly LA County Supervisor, Democrat Sheila Kuehl, gave long testimony about how dangerous it was to continue having restaurants stay open because of the potential to spread COVID-19.

A few hours later after successfully voting to forcefully and unconstitutionally close all restaurants in LA County, she is seen dining outside at one of her "favorite" restaurants, Il Forno in Santa Monica.

There is no excuse. She is a lying hypocrite who OBVIOUSLY does not actually believe that there is any danger in eating at a restaurant.

More Examples

Time nor space don't allow us to go through all of the examples because they are so numerous. But here are a few links to some other famous cases of political COVID hypocrisy:
For some examples, the BBC noted the following acts of hypocrisy:
  • On Tuesday, the Democrat mayor of San Jose, California, Sam Liccardo, apologized for attending a Thanksgiving dinner with family members from five households - more than state regulations allowed
  • A delegation of California lawmakers jetted off to a resort in Maui, Hawaii, for a conference with lobbyists as state residents were being instructed to avoid nonessential travel
  • California Senator Democrat Dianne Feinstein - who has called for congressional coronavirus aid to be made conditional on states imposing mask mandates - was photographed at the US Capitol and at an airport without any face-covering
  • US House of Representatives Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also of California, was pictured without a mask inside a hair salon, breaking rules that only allow service outdoors, but she refused to apologize
  • Chicago Mayor Democrat Lori Lightfoot defended her decision to get a haircut while barbershops and salons were closed under Illinois' stay-at-home order. Ms Lightfoot had previously said "getting your roots done is not essential"
  • Washington DC Mayor Democrat Muriel Bowser violated her own Covid-19 travel advisory and quarantine requirements after going to Delaware to celebrate Joe Biden's presidential victory. She defended the trip as "essential travel".
It should be OH so obvious to anyone with a brain or a pulse, that these politicians aren't actually fearful of COVID and don't actually believe any of the rhetoric that they themselves are spewing out.

They know it's all a lie. They know it's all a scam. And they likewise know that thanks to decades of public education and mainstream media indoctrination that they control, that the majority of Americans are too ignorant, and just flat out too stupid to recognize the truth. And that is how they gain absolute control and how we lose our Republic…
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