"Extreme Measures" is a Relative Term

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"Extreme Measures" is a Relative Term

April 1, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

The current coronavirus craze, which I call the Great Scam of 2020, is revealing a LOT of stuff about a LOT of people. One of them is that not everybody has the same definition of what "extreme" means.

We all know that Americans all have different definitions for the role of government in their lives, and this typically ends up with the those on the left accepting any measure of goverment intervention as long as it is not "extreme." Well, this begs the question, what is extreme?

Because for me, EVERYTHING that the government is doing right now is extreme. In fact, in many cases it is more extreme than the former Soviet Union. But before I list them, let's take a look at how governments around the world are taking Rahm Emanuel's advice and not letting this "crisis go to waste."

Children Murdered For Coronavirus Curfew Non Compliance

In Kenya, they instituted a coronavirus curfew and the local police were so eager to enforce the law, that they shot and killed a 13 year old boy for non-compliance. At the time of the shooting, the entire nation of Kenya, with over 50 million people, had only 59 known COVID-19 cases with 1 death. So now government enforcement has killed as many people as COVID-19. Yay government intervention!

The father of the deceased child said, “They come in screaming and beating us like cows, and we are law-abiding citizens." It's a sad but true quote, since most governments see their people as nothing more than milk cows, anyway.

Workers Sprayed With Toxic Chemicals

In India, officials are spraying toxic chemicals on workers before they head home.
Workers sprayed with toxic chemicals
So what is this chemical compound? Apparently, it was "water mixed with Sodium Hypochlorite, which is used on large scale for surface purification, bleaching, odor removal and water disinfection." A news report stated that a 1% solution was used and that "A 1% solution can cause damage to the skin of anyone who comes in contact with it. If it gets inside the body, it can cause serious harm to lungs. Sodium hypochlorite is corrosive, and is meant largely to clean hard surfaces. It is not recommended to be used on human beings, certainly not as a spray or shower. Even a 0.05% solution could be very harmful for the eyes."

Nothing like being poisoned by officials trying to "prevent you" from getting sick. Score more points for BIG BROTHER!

Humiliation Tactics Used In Paraguay

For violators of curfew rules in Paraguay, local law enforcement have chased citizens with tasers and forced them to the ground where they have to repeat, "I won’t leave my house again, officer," while lying face down on the floor.
Paraguay Cops abuse citizens over COVID
In a video published by the law enforcement officers themselves, a man is humiliated by being forced to do jumping jacks or risk being tased. Paraguay's Minister of the Interior, Euclides Acevedo, actually praised the work of his police force saying, "I congratulate them, since I don't have the same ability to be so creative [when it comes to enforcing the law]." Mr. Acevedo, let me be the first to tell you that you are a worthless pile of mierda!

Yup, isn't it so cool that police officers are able to come up with creative ways to abuse citizens! So cool!

Philippines Locks Up Lockdown Violators In Dog Cages

So what's the best way to deal with those who don't comply with COVID-19 lockdown orders? Well, lock 'em up. But not in prison, of course. In dog cages. At least that's what they're doing in the Philippines now that the government has an excuse for taking more enforcement powers over its people.
Locking COVID violators in dog cages
So you might say that these are all examples of "extreme measures" taken by authorities in their respective locations. But of course, your opinion is subjective as not a single one of these enforcement officers believed there action was extreme. After all, it was necessary to "save lives" and to "keep the law."

So while YOU may think it was extreme, THEY did not.

Likewise, I submit that while YOU may not think that what we are doing in America is extreme, our FOUNDING FATHERS would have thought so. And I agree with them. Let's take a look at a short list:

Church Services are Being Prohibited and Pastors Are Being Arrested

Can you imagine telling George Washington and James Madison that they could not go to church or they would be punished by law enforcement? Or telling Benjamin Rush or even Benjamin Franklin that ministers of churches would be arrested for holding church services? It is more than obvious that they would see that as a complete violation of human rights and of Constitutional Law (particularly the 1st amendment), and a very EXTREME measure that no government has the right to take.

Yet here in America that has already happened. In Tampa, Florida, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was arrested for having church and thereby violating COVID-19 related lockdown orders. Another Pastor in Louisiana, Tony Spell, was issued a misdemeanor summons for six counts of violating the Governor's order which bans large meetings. Six counts! Yup, arrested for having church! What is your definition of "extreme?"

Weddings Are Being Forcibly Shut Down By Police

In Lakewood, New Jersey, police broke up and forcibly shut down two separate weddings one day apart because nobody deserves to be happy when people could get mild-cold like symptoms!

Wedding hosts were actually charged with "maintaining a nuisance" for daring to host their wedding. Another man was charged with the same "crime" for hosting a private wedding IN HIS OWN HOME!

Private Parties are Being Intruded On and Broken Up

Police have also broken up private parties in people's private homes for violating local ordinances which forbid peaceable gatherings of law abiding citizens. Also in New Jersey, a party host was charged with "disorderly conduct" for having more than 30 people in her private abode.

Not to be outdone, Maryland's Governor, Larry "the Loser" Hogan has said that "those who violate the [stay-at-home] order could face a misdemeanor and be jailed for up to one year or fined $5,000."

Yup, you can go to jail for being outside. Thank you Uncle Sam! Thank you for protecting me! Imagine being in jail with some drug addicts, murderers, wife-beaters, mafia members, and thieves and they ask you, "What are you in for?" And you reply, "I went for a jog."

But don't worry, cause you probably won't stay long since…

Democrat Cities Are Releasing Prisoners

Yup, cities like New York and Los Angeles are now releasing prisoners because they might get COVID-19. Such genius! I mean, what could be more "locked down" than being "locked up?"

Think about it, there is nowhere safer to be in an outbreak than locked up in prison! But in another display of liberal genius, prisoners are now being released back into society to prevent them from getting or spreading COVID-19. Libtards are such geniuses! (And they wonder why they're called "libtards?")

What Then Is Actually An "Extreme Measure?"

So what is extreme? It's obvious that "extreme" is a subjective term which is why we must have absolute laws with historical and certain definitions in order to maintain stability, rule, and order in a civilized society.

For us Americans, the absolute law is The Constitution of the United States of America. And the Constitution expressly forbids any and all of the aforementioned actions taken by government enforcement officers.

Chief among them is our first amendment right which not only provides Americans the right to exercise our faith, but it also expressly, plainly, and deliberately states that our government cannot "abridge…the right of the people peaceably to assemble."

Sorry, but that is written! No disease and no "emergency" can undo those plainly written words. Any police officer or other enforcement officer of the government, at any level, who "enforces" these unconstitutional ordinances in any jurisdiction in our country—federal, state, or local—deserves to be tarred and feathered and to have his name written and published in the annals of American history as a traitor to the Constitution, a destroyer of human rights, an enemy of the Christian faith, and to be forever known as a pathetic, spineless, filthy rat not even worthy to be spit upon.

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