Fred Martin is so Creepy

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Fred Martin is so Creepy

September 30th, 2020 | by Diego Rodriguez

District 15 Senator Fred Martin is creepy and weird. When I ran against him for his state senate seat in 2014, I did so for one simple reason—he had the worst voting record of any Republican in the Idaho legislature. He literally voted worse than all but 3 democrats in the Senate.

I lived in his district and I couldn't stand by and do nothing while this unbelievably corrupt and disgusting Senator continued to trample on our rights and vote in favor of everything conservatives stand against. He actually voted against everything his own party stood for.

I launched an aggressive campaign exposing Fred Martin's voting record to the constituents of district 15, but in the end, it didn't matter. District 15 constituents just didn't care. They refused to consider the facts. They would deny that Fred could possibly have voted the way I demonstrated he voted in the campaign materials that we sent to them.

In the end, because Fred was well known and loved in his district, and particularly by members of his church at large which covers a great portion of the geography of district 15, they simply refused to believe FACTS even when put in front of their face.

This was and is a microcosm of EXACTLY what is wrong with politics today. Voters are completely uninformed and actually refuse to be informed when the facts that exist contradict their own biases, desires, or relationships. People end up voting for somebody who they like, who they know, or who seems like "a nice guy." Too many people don't care about facts, actual voting records, and real actions taken in the real world.

What I Did Not Know About Fred Martin

Remarkably, Fred Martin was under investigation from events in 2012 and even in January 2014 (just 2 months prior to my campaign against him), by the Idaho State Police for creepy and potentially perverted activity at Centennial High School.

This story was never published at the time—in fact, it was intentionally suppressed. I barely found out about it a few months ago (in June of 2020). How is that possible?

To make a long story short, according to police reports, Fred Martin went into the girls bathroom at Centennial High School, wearing a long coat and gloves, hiding behind a wall, while "peering out." He scared several custodians who found him both in the girls bathroom and also hiding in the shadows under some trees.

The incident was so shocking and disturbing, that the police were called and an investigation was initiated. The investigation was ended when a member of Fred Martin's church, who was a member of the Idaho State Police, tipped off Fred to the fact that he was under investigation (this, of course, is illegal as it is considered tampering with an ongoing and existing investigation). All of this can be read in the police report which you can read here:


Fred Martin is just the tip of the iceberg. The Idaho State Legislature is unfortunately filled with corrupt and disgusting individuals who seek higher office for all of the wrong reasons.

This is why we need more honest, God-fearing, constitutional loving men and women to rise up and fill our legislatures. Thank God for those who are already doing so. We pray that more of you will be inspired to do so in coming years.

Because if good people don't get run for office, then by default, we will be ruled by the evil, the wicked, and the corrupt—just like Fred Martin.
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