Freedom Man PAC Responds to News Reports, Fred Martin, and More

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Freedom Man PAC Responds to News Reports, Fred Martin, and More

October 8, 2020 | by Diego Rodriguez
Updated: October 9, 2020

There have been several news reports and responses this week after our mailer titled, "Creepy Fred Martin" landed in the mailboxes of District 15 voters.

As usual, and as completely expected, the news articles were full of spin and deceit, and specifically skewed in favor of Senator Fred Martin.

Additionally, Fred himself has responded on his Facebook page, and has likewise posted a response from former Senate Pro Tem, Brent Hill. I will respond to each of them below:

Known By the Company You Keep

Senator Fred Martin has the most atrocious voting record of any Republican in the Idaho legislature. You can see his voting record for yourself at FredMartinRevealed.com.

This is why he is LOVED by democrats, the media, and establishment Republicans. (And we haven't even got to the special interest groups who own Fred. Don't worry, we'll publish that later…) Anyhow, it's true, democrats love Fred Martin. And now, everyone can see how the media rushed to defend him this last week.

Tell me, when have the likes of liberal, left-wing, wacko, Obama loving nut-jobs, rushed out to defend any conservative candidate or elected official? When has that ever happened? But look at how KTVB, the Idaho Statesman, and the Idaho Press, all rushed together to defend Fred Martin. It's humorous because it is so telling and so illustrative.

To the voters of District 15, and to anybody else paying attention, you must ask yourself the question, is it possible that any true conservative constitutional candidate could be protected or supported by the mainstream media?

Read the articles for yourself:
And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I offer you this picture of a District 15 home with signs for both the Democrat legislator, Steve Berch, along with Fred Martin:
Fred Martin and Steve Berch Signs
I mean, that picture really says it all. When voters can simultaneously support YOU and a far left wing Democrat, it's because you don't stand for conservative principles.

My Challenge to Brent Hill:

Former Senate Pro Tem Brent Hill epitomizes what it means to be a do-nothing "establishment" Republican. A separate page would be necessary to detail his disgusting history in the Idaho Senate. But, as we know, "birds of a feather flock together," and Brent was quick to come to the defense of his comrade, Fred Martin:
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Brent Hill is claiming that the Freedom Man PAC's publications regarding Fred Martin are "without regard to truth," and are "not founded on truth." Okay great, Brent. So here's your challenge: show me and the citizens of Idaho one single, solitary false statement in any of the publications we have made about Fred Martin. The mailers that were sent out along with all online publications are available at FredMartinRevealed.com.

You have claimed that they are not truthful. Okay. Prove it. Show us ONE SINGLE FALSEHOOD! Just one. I commit to you right here and right now that if you can demonstrate any single falsehood, I will immediately delete it and write a retraction for the falsehood along with a video apologizing for stating things that were "not founded on truth."

But if you can't name one, Brent, then YOU are the liar. You are the one spreading falsehoods. For you are trying to claim that we at the Freedom Man PAC published falsehoods when we have not published a single one about Fred Martin. And if you choose not to respond, then that alone is evidence enough that you are the one who has no regard for the truth (something that anyone who has watched your career in the Idaho Senate already knows).

The Brent Hill Liar Stopwatch

We'll be counting down the amount of time that has elapsed since Brent Hill was issued the challenge to prove he is not a liar by demonstrating one falsehood that the Freedom Man PAC has published about Fred Martin.

Fred Lies Again while trying to prove that he's not a liar:

You can't make this stuff up, folks. I mean it's a script that even fiction writers couldn't put together. But Fred Martin, in his attempt to "clear his name" and make himself not appear to be the "creepy" Senator who struggles to tell the truth, put out the following paid advertisement on Facebook:
Fred Martin lying Facebook Post
Here, Fred Martin claims that I (Diego Rodriguez) lost multiple ELECTIONS, and had several failed ATTEMPTS to win an election. So either Fred is going Joe Biden on us and can't remember things properly (which is something that Fred himself admits to in the police report which he doesn't want you to read), or he is again lying and attempting to intentionally deceive his followers.

Here's the bottom line—I, Diego Rodriguez, only ran against Fred Martin for the District 15 senate seat ONE TIME in 2014. That was it. But out of kindness, I'll chalk this one up to Fred mis-speaking or just not being able to remember well. Because after all, Fred claims to support the Constitution, but his voting record shows quite plainly that he just can't remember what that darn Constitution even says, because he just can't stop voting against it's principles!

UPDATED: Section regarding Joe Parris and KTVB

Updated 10:00 am October 9th, 2020: When this article was originally published, this section of the article described how Joe Parris of KTVB had originally published in his own article that he had contacted the Freedom Man PAC about our mailers and that we had not responded.

We showed and demonstrated in this section (using an intentionally inflammatory subtitle) that this was not true. We then sent this section directly to Joe Parris who responded this morning.

Joe stated that our email response went to his spam folder and that it was an honest mistake. He concluded by stating, "my sincere apologies. I take full responsibility and deserve to be held accountable."

This is a fair and respectable response and we appreciate Joe being humble enough to do the right thing one it was brought to his attention. We have since removed that section of this article.

Joe has likewise updated his article to include our response which you can
see here. KTVB has also published a retraction video which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFkRIJArE_4

In Conclusion

To all those standing by watching this play out, we urge you to visit FredMartinRevealed.com and read the facts, download and read the entire police reports concerning Fred Martin, review Fred's voting record and then determine for yourself what is really going on. Contrary to what Fred's lawyer, David Leroy, wants you to believe, the Freedom Man PAC has not kept any information from you and wants you to read for yourself the entirety of the police reports. Don't trust us, don't trust Fred, and don't trust David Leroy—read it for yourself!

You determine for yourself if the Freedom Man PAC has published any false information or if Senator Fred Martin is actually just a bad Senator who is being protected by other bad actors and bad legislators who are all part of the "Idaho Swamp."
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