Is the Coronavirus the Weakest Virus of All Time?

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Is the Coronavirus the Weakest Virus of All Time?

April 2, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

Let me introduce you to a term you've probably heard on the news lately: asymptomatic. Basically, when you are asymptomatic, it means that a particular virus is in your body, but the virus is not strong enough to overtake your immune system, and your immune system fights it off before the symptoms can manifest. In short, even though you have the virus, you never get the disease so you never know it or feel it.

Loosely speaking, we can describe the strength or ferocity of a virus by the percentage of asymptomatic carriers the disease typically has. Because strong viruses will affect and cause disease in the majority of people who contract the virus. Weak viruses, on the othe hand, while they may be contagious, will not affect or cause disease in the majority of people who contract them.

So, the higher the percentage of asymptomatic people with a virus, the weaker the virus itself actually is. Got it?

According to statistics published by the CDC, approximately 2% - 9% of influenza carriers are asymptomatic. That’s remarkably low! Two percent? That means that up to 98% of people who get the flu virus will experience flu symptoms and get “sick.” And if you’ve ever had the flu, you know just how brutal of a disease it really is. The flu is remarkably strong!

Now, those numbers can go down every year since once you get the flu, you typically develop antibodies to that strain of the virus meaning that if you get the virus again, you’re more likely to be asymptomatic the second time as your immune system now “knows” how to fight it off.

But what about COVID-19 and the "novel coronavirus?" This is allegedly the first time the disease has affected the globe, so if it was strong, at least as strong as the flu, we’d expect it to have similar asymptomatic percentages, right? In other words, around 98% of people who contract the “novel coronavirus” should come down with symptoms of the COVID-19 disease—if the virus really was a strong virus.

But what does the research show?

There have been 3 published studies from 3 separate “authoritative” government and academic bodies in the UK, Iceland, and Italy. And the results are remarkable—both in the sense that the conclusions are contrary to everything you are hearing right now, and remarkable in the sense that hardly anybody is publicizing it.

The Oxford’s Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease Group Study

A group of academic researchers at Oxford University have concluded that “The latest modeling produced by the group of Oxford academics indicates that the Coronavirus may already have infected as many as half of the UK population.”

You read that right. The report is here. They are concluding that probably half of the UK’s 66 million citizens have the coronavirus. That’s about 33 million people! As of April 1st, 2020, only 2,921 have died in the UK. That is a mortality rate of just .00885%. Assuming that all 33,718 people in the UK who have tested positive for COVID-19 are symptomatic, then with 33 million people actually infected, the asymptomatic rate for the UK would be: 99.9%. Gadzooks!

The flu is between 2% and 9%, but COVID-19 in the UK is 99.9%?!? That makes it sound like a pretty weak virus. So what about Iceland?

Iceland's Statistically Sound and Accurate Results

Iceland’s reporting is unique and special because as a small, isolated nation of only about 360,000 people, they have been able to test nearly 5% of their entire population (17,900 people) for coronavirus. Statistically speaking, that is an incredibly large sample of the population.

And guess what they found out? It turns out that 50% of those who tested positive in this highly accurate study were found to be asymptomatic. This is not a guess or projection like the Oxford Study—these are just simple statistics from the largest study of positively identified coronavirus carriers on the planet. 50% people. Fifty freaking percent! If only half of people who get this virus every show any symptoms, just how weak is this virus anyway?

Let’s Review Italy’s Reports One More Time

While we can’t ascertain anything about the percentage of asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 in Italy, it is worth repeating that the government of Italy’s own published report about COVID-19 attributed deaths only shows 0.17% of people infected with only COVID-19 in Italy actually died from it. And these numbers are actually artificially high, since it doesn’t include all of the thousands (if not millions) of asymptomatic carriers of the disease. In other words, 0.17% is absolutely an incorrect number. The TRUE number is much less, but 0.17% represents the current worst case scenario.

So let’s put this all in perspective for panicked sheeple in America:

  • A scientific study at Oxford University puts the percentage of asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers at around 99.9% compared to 2% - 9% for the seasonal flu.
  • A highly accurate study by the nation of Iceland shows that around 50% of COVID-19 carriers are asymptomatic.
  • Simple conclusion: COVID-19 is remarkably weaker than the seasonal flu.

Additionally, by way of comparison, the CDC estimates that approximately 56,000 people die from the flu each year in the United States. The mortality rate in the 2017-2018 flu season was 0.14% compared to .00885% in the Oxford Study. That means that according to these numbers, the seasonal flu may be as high as 16 times more deadly than COVID-19.

If Oxford University’s figures are even close to accurate, or if the final worldwide number is between what Iceland and Oxford show, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 may very well be one of the weakest viruses in human history!

This is not to say that it does not kill people. It certainly does. As do dog bites, car accidents, coconuts falling on people’s heads, people taking selfies, ebola, MERS, SARS, H1N1, and the seasonal flu. And for those who have lost someone due to any of these reasons, it is a certainly a tragedy to lose someone you love.

But statistically speaking, the “novel coronavirus” objectively appears to be one of the weakest viruses of all time. Only time will tell. But with previous evidence being so scant and weak, and current evidences and studies showing much the opposite of what is being touted on the mainstream news, one must ask the question: why has the seemingly weakest virus of all time been able to systematically destroy more of the global economy and strip more freedoms away from individuals than anything else in the history of the world? One word: propaganda. And you just keep soaking it all up, don’t you?
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