The Power of Controlled Information

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The Power of Controlled Information

November 17th, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

Here we are nearly 2 weeks after the Presidential election without really knowing who the President is going to be. And unfortunately, it doesn't appear we will have an answer any time soon.

It is a fact, that there has been a tremendous amount of fraud during this election cycle, but admittedly, we can't really know what information that we are receiving is accurate and what is not. Like sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, it is difficult to discern who really saw something and who just wants to jump on the bandwagon.

And this is the problem with CONTROLLED INFORMATION and the reason why propaganda is so powerful. People act upon that which they believe. Tyrants and dictators know this very well, and this is why they have always worked tirelessly to CONTROL the flow of information in their regimes.

This is also why America needs a reset on it's 1st Amendment protections. Because we are living in an era where the free flow of information is controlled by "-opolies" and "-ocracies" that may not necessarily be owned or controlled by the government, but are run by those with leftist interests.

For example, right now, we don't know what is true and what is not true, but once information is "put out there," be it on private websites, email lists, social media, YouTube, etc., the information is instantly scrubbed by "big tech" and then "debunked" by so-called fact-checkers. So the information stays "controlled" and while it is not done by the government, the practical effect is that free speech is now limited in America!

This makes the finding of true original-source documentation and cold-hard proof—you know real evidence—very difficult to come by. Thankfully, some bloggers and independent reporters are doing a good job getting factual data to as many people as possible, but are constantly fighting against false allegations and cover up stories from mainstream media and tech giants (like Google and Facebook).

The bottom line is that the cloud of information is so great, that we honestly don't know what to believe yet.


For example, we do know for a fact the following things:
  • Hundreds of witnesses have signed affidavits testifying to having witnessed election fraud take place. A signed affidavit qualifies as a sworn testimony and if found to be false, is punishable by law. By definition, a signed affidavit is "evidence."
  • "Ballot dumps" with tens of thousands of votes in favor of Joe Biden dropped into battleground states, seemingly out of nowhere, which is a mathematical impossibility.
  • In Pennsylvania, at least, Republican ballot count observers were denied access to watch the process of voting—which is illegal and has no other explanation other than they were hiding illegal or inappropriate activity.
  • Dominion voting machines have already been proven to be hackable and a professor of computer science demonstrated it to be so—having testified before Congress in 2018 that it could easily be done.
  • People who are dead and people who lived in other states did vote.


There's a ton of additional information, that as much as I want to believe it, and as much as it makes sense, we can't confirm just yet:
  • We have reason to believe that Dominion voting machines, and others, were "hacked" or otherwise tampered with to change votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. But we don't know for sure…yet.
  • We don't know how many dead voters and out-of-state voters voted fraudulently.
  • We don't know if President Trump's lawsuits will end up before the Supreme Court, but probably so.
  • We don't know if the entire election will be thrown out because of the insane amount of fraud and irregularities brought to light.
  • We don't know EXACTLY how the 12th Amendment will be exercised along with Electoral College law and legal precedence to ultimately choose the President, if it comes down to that.
There's a ton of unknowns. We really cannot and should not just run away with these ideas that are spread around online or through other means of communication until they have been substantiated.

But that process of substantiation is remarkably difficult because of the centralized power of CONTROLLED INFORMATION from the mainstream media.

But this much we know—the media has already called it for Joe Biden. This is unethical and morally repugnant. All news organizations complicit in this type of controlled mass information, including Fox News, must be punished. And the most powerful form of punishment is to disallow them power over your life! In other words SHUT THEM OFF.

If you're really unsure if these news organizations are really all controlled by the same "powers that be," then watch this short video and try to explain how it could be:
If you really care about the future, never watch CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or any other mainstream news network again! Get rid of Facebook (use Parler), stop using Instagram, and stop using Google (use DuckDuckGo).

Solutions exist, but you have to be willing to use them. Otherwise you become somewhat complicit—yelling and screaming about the abusive nature of these manipulators of information, all the while you continue to feed them and give them their power.
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