Republican Leaders Denounce Constitutional Protests - PATRIOTS RESPOND

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Republican Leaders Denounce Constitutional Protests

December 10th, 2020 | by Freedom Man Staff

Yesterday, December 9th, 2020, leaders from the Idaho Republican Party issued a joint statement condemning "intimidation and hate" by protestors who were protesting unlawful tyrannical orders. Here is the statement:
"The harassment and intimidation of public officials as they do their work, at their homes, or anywhere for that matter will not be tolerated. We vehemently condemn anyone who engages in this unacceptable behavior. We strongly support free speech and the right to peaceably assemble but political expression must be exercised civilly and in a proper setting. Further, anti-Semitism and the defacement of the Anne Frank Memorial are abhorrent, and discrimination on any basis will never be tolerated.

There always has been and always will be disagreements on policies and political issues but we should never resort to anything other than peaceably expressing our opinions and passionately debating the issues."

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The statement was co-signed by Idaho Republican Party Chairman Tom Luna; U.S. Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo; Congressmen Russ Fulcher and Mike Simpson; Gov. Brad Little; Meridian Mayor Robert Simison; Garden City Mayor John Evans; Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce; Star Mayor Trevor Chadwick; Kuna Mayor Joe Stear; and Ada County Republican Central Committee Chairman Victor Miller.

The Patriot's Response to these Republican Officials:

Every elected official who signed their name to this letter should be ashamed of themselves. The claims of this letter are simultaneously erroneous, disgusting, historically inaccurate, and tyrannical. While I recognize many of those who signed their names have NO CLUE as to what really happened yesterday, it is still a dereliction of their duty to sign their names to a statement about situations for which they are ignorant of the circumstances.

First of all, let it be known that no single protestor in front of the Central District Health meeting was violent or aggressive in any way. It was 100% peaceful and we have the entire event recorded so the world can see and judge for themselves. So to claim that a constitutionally protected and cherished right is “harassment and intimidation” is reprehensible and in context with this specific protest—is a flat-out lie. Nobody in the Central District Health board meeting was threatened nor did any of them claim to feel threatened. I challenge you to ask the police who were present and see if you can get any of them to go on record as saying that the protest was "violent" or "threatening" in any way.

Other groups of protestors, who did not coordinate with the protestors in front of CDH (because, surprise—people being threatened and oppressed by tyrants don’t need a ringleader to move them to action—their own consciences compel them to do so), likewise did not threaten or intimidate. They simply made a bunch of noise in order to protest government officials who were about to pass unlawful ordinances to violate peoples’ rights. That, by the way, is the purpose of the 1st Amendment in the first place!

Now you don’t have to like that, but you must respect its validity. Why are you so bothered by American citizens—who are currently under illegal oppression by Government officials—exercising their Constitutional right to peaceably assemble and express their grievances with those very government officials? And how ignorant are you to history? Do you not understand that this is exactly how our nation was founded and birthed? Protesting in front of the homes of government tyrants is not only a protected right, but it is an American tradition! This very thing was done countless times in our founding era and by many of our founding fathers themselves! That is why when they formed a new nation, they were certain to PROTECT this very right and codify it in the very 1st amendment in the Bill of Rights!

To claim that such behavior will "not be tolerated" is to claim that you would not tolerate the actions of the founders of our nation and that you furthermore won’t tolerate the exercising of Constitutional rights. By definition this makes you a criminal tyrant. Remember, the Constitution is the highest law of the land, and if you break the law, you are a criminal.

Furthermore, If you won’t tolerate the Constitution, why should you be tolerated? You don’t deserve any office of leadership anywhere in this country, and quite frankly, you don’t even deserve citizenship in a country where you despise and reject the Highest Law of the Land.

Additionally, when you claim that “we should never resort to anything other than peaceably expressing our opinions and passionately debating the issues,” you are directly inferring that protestors did not do that very thing. And to make such an inference is to lie and deceive again. Tell me, what single protestor on December 8th connected to protesting the vote of the Central District Health Board did anything other than “peaceably express their opinion” and “passionately debate the issues?”

You don’t get to sit in some ivory tower and abuse the population as “leaders” and then demand that if they don’t like it they can only protest or speak against it in some sequestered corner of town where their voice is not heard. Every citizen protesting on December 8th did so in accordance with the law. They were 100% within their Constitutional rights to do so.

So to each of you Republican leaders who are supposed to represent the people, I ask you to answer three simple questions:

1. In a historical context, did any of these protestors who you are denouncing do anything wrong?
2. In a legal context, did any of these protestors who you are denouncing do anything wrong?
3. In a moral context, did any of these protestors who you are denouncing do anything wrong?

I fully expect every one of you to ignore these questions, because to answer them would be to demonstrate your own error and your own hypocrisy. If you choose to respond to this at all, I predict you will do so by ignoring these 3 damning questions. You were elected to represent the people, but in the hour when you were needed most, you stood against the people and enacted tyranny upon them or otherwise supported and enabled those who were enacting tyranny.

Furthermore, to try to lump together the defacing of property at Anne Morisson park with the protests at the Central District Health is likewise reprehensible as they have nothing to do with each other and nearly everyone involved in the CDH protests would likewise denounce such defacement. You have done so only as a propaganda tool to try and bolster your support and to fraudulently slander the peaceful, honorable, and law-abiding protestors at CDH.

But believe me, Idahoans will remember all of you and your support for tyranny and your denouncing of oppressed Idaho citizens peaceably exercising their Constitutional Rights. We will also remember how the Republican Party DID NOT come together to make any statement denouncing violence from BLM, Antifa, or the destruction of public property by those groups.

Your mothers should be ashamed of you all.

Wouldn’t it be nice, for a change, for government officials to actually stand up for the rights of the people? But you all refuse to do so and instead take sides with insidious tyrants. Are any of you willing to publicly debate the actual legal, moral, and scientific tyranny that our current Government is executing upon citizens of Idaho? Let's do it! Let's have public debate! We are ready.

You should take note that the people are exhausting every peaceful means necessary to procure their own freedom and maintain the rights that were given to them by Providence and by the sacrifices of our forefathers.

To put things in context to remember WHO IT IS that is actually being the bully, let's consider these words: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - President John F. Kennedy, 1962.
Co-Signed by:

Diego Rodriguez, Freedom Man Press
Ammon Bundy, Peoples' Rights
Levi Anderson
Micaiah Chavoya
Mario Perea
Casey Whalen
Marissa Anderson
Brenda Caine
Jeremy Lemmen
Tom Smith
Lareina Chavoya
Susan Dusseault
Carmen Glancy
Miranda Makayla
Moriah Maysun
Manoah Chavoya
Joshua Keyser
Terry Hunt
Steve Roth
Steven Oldham
Jaana Oldham
Warren Cays
"Buffalo" Jason Andre Colwell, Ph.D.
Christopher Rodocker
Victoria Lechelt-Furth
Geri Gallupe
M. Clarice Jernigan
Stephen Jernigan
Russell Maples
Colette Costello
Susan Brown
Sidney Brown
James Dearing
Lana Dearing
David Klinchuch
Todd Sargent
James Costello
Jeff Price
Eric Ryals
Yvonne Liescheski
Eric Peterson
Jinny Peterson
Cameron Peterson
Alec Peterson
Lesley March
Les Harper
Amy Harper
Rick Deighton
Della Deighton
Dwayne VanHoose
Phillip Brownlee
Teresa Brownlee
R. Douglas Stoker
Nichole Nead Crossley
Tammy Kennedy
Jennifer Dunn
Marvin Castro
Yessenia Castro
Karen Gosche
John Keith
Marion Smith
Susan Morgan Share
David Misner
Fin Dorough
Rick Youra
Leslie Youra
Jon Gosche of the USA
Cheryl Sauer
Tracy Rains
Roy Bandle
Karen Cook
Joseph Anderson
Lance Ferwerda
Don Cook
Todd Blacketter
Stephanie Blacketter
Chris Share
Susan Share
Ken Hart
Cora Andra Wilson
Barbara Norton, Roseberry Precinct Committeman
Ron Andrews
Carol CC Andrews
Suzanne Iannaccone
Samantha Stoker
Kyle Braun
Bee Main
Wade Fehlman
Regina Wildeisen
Bill Matthews
Dee Matthews
Craig Campbell
Warren Grover
Larry Lundin
Sarah Anne Clendenon, Health Freedom Idaho
Emil Hahn
Gaylene Hahn
Jared Johnson
Bree Walker
Bonnie Oja
Mac Raslan
Casey Lyon
Jeff Cooper
Matthew Boyer
Jonathan Butterfield
Lori Marr
Stephanie Brunson
Raymond Morris
Reed Hill
Philip Riba
Candis Jones
David Pettinger
Karen Bryan
Patti Neuroth
Lori Johnston
Rhonda Tomlin
Charity Dooley-Myser
Robert Hatvani
Matthew Call
Kevin Castleberry
Caitlyn Schmidt
Alicia Mehr
Aaron Austin
Dave Lang
Steve Kellerhals
Emily Sires
Harry Steimer
Rebecca Steimer
Steve Adams
John Filax
Seda Speaks
Jhar Fuller
Merlyn Schmeckpeper
Eric Hanson
Mara Lavender
Kasia Kelley
Ron Smith
Violet Fuller
Marni Marchek
Jeremy Reeder
Shelley Ramos
Tami Larson
Nate Jones
Donald Cameron
Shalean Fox
Troy Mills
Christine Mallin
Dan Graber
Sonja Graber
Janet Chezem
Bill Dovel
Sandra White
John Lutzke
Kathryn Vickerman
Dr. David Vickerman
Sarah Groseclose
Matt Larson
Bo Rosecrans
Doug Harmel
Trudy Harmel
David Van Velson
Ben Lewis
Valerie Estabrook
Tamara Molfino
Troy Sappington

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