Senate Majority Caucus Lies

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Senate Majority Caucus Lies

June 22nd | Diego Rodriguez

UPDATE (July 6th, 2020) - we have received an apology from Steve Vick which read as follows: "There was a letter from the Senate Majority Caucus Leadership sent out a few weeks ago discussing the June 23 legislative session. I signed that letter which was sent to our caucus. In it the letter said that you had been contacted directly by Senate leadership about the issues in the letter. I have learned since then that you were not contacted directly by anyone in Senate leadership. While I did not write the letter, I should have contacted you personally to discuss whether that was correct and find out your position before I signed it. I was busy at the time and had no reason to doubt that information was incorrect but admit that does not excuse my signature on the letter and I apologize for doing so. I will do better in the future."

We accept Senator Vick's apology and likewise retract any comments below which would otherwise include him. Senator Vick's apology and assurance the he will "do better in the future" is what we should all expect from a true statesman. This is the kind of example that should be held in high esteem.

A letter from the Senate Majority Caucus Leadership recently surfaced and was brought to my attention. It is full of lies and total fabrications that demonstrate just how wicked and corrupt these Senators really are.

You can see the letter yourself by clicking here: Senate Majority Caucus Letter

In response, I wrote a full rebuttal and made a challenge for a public debate to give these Senators the chance to defend their position in a public forum. Here is the response that was sent to them on June 22nd via email and followed up via USPS mail the following day:
June 22, 2020

Dear Senator [last name] –

A letter dated June 6th, 2020, written and signed for by the Senate Majority Caucus has recently come to our attention. The letter, signed by Brent Hill, Chuck Winder, Steve Vick, and Kelly Anthon makes some remarkably deceptive claims and total fabrications.

The purpose of this letter is to correct those falsehoods and to give you the true and complete story, since your Senate Majority Caucus leaders have done a terrible disservice by using backhanded tactics and falsifications to support their position.

Let the following facts be presented:

False Claim: “The purpose of the [Freedom Man] PAC is to raise funding for their push to force members of the Idaho Legislature to attend a special session on the 23rd of June.” This is absolutely false. The stated purpose of the Freedom Man PAC, as noted on our website in plain sight for all to see (https://www.freedomman.org/about) is “to advance Freedom, Liberty, and the founding principles of the United States of America.”

Those are our principles and that is our purpose. We have never once asked for donations or tried to raise money
“to force members of the Idaho Legislature to attend a special session on the 23rd of June.” With zero evidence demonstrating this to be true, why would Senate Leadership make such a ridiculously false claim?

False Claim: The Freedom Man PAC is a part of the Idaho Freedom Foundation. This claim is inferred by the statement in the letter, “…the Idaho Freedom Foundation and their Freedom Man PAC…” The Freedom Man PAC is not part of the Idaho Freedom Foundation in any way. To infer, insinuate, or assume that the Freedom Man PAC is a part of the Idaho Freedom Foundation is simply false. What is the reason for making this false claim? Could it be that the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) has been a thorn in the side of the Idaho Senate for many years, and lumping the Freedom Man PAC—an entirely separate organization with no organizational ties to the IFF—to the IFF, would cause Senators to quickly dismiss or disregard the actions or petitions taken by the Freedom Man PAC? You will have to draw your own conclusion as to why your Senate leaders have chosen to make this false claim.

Tenuous Claim: The June 23rd Special Session is Unconstitutional. It is disingenuous to state that the June 23rd session that we have been encouraging legislators to attend is unconstitutional—for there are many strong arguments demonstrating the opposite to be true. It would be more reasonable and honest to state that “we have a legal opinion which concludes that the June 23rd session would not be consistent with the Idaho Constitution.” But, legal opinions are just that—opinions.

Other lawyers, including Kory Langhofer and Thomas Basile from the Statecraft law firm have concluded that
“the Legislature’s convocation of a special session on June 23, 2020 to address issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor’s related proclamations and executive orders is authorized by, and consistent with, the Idaho Constitution.”

Again, we are simply advocating TRUTH and accuracy. In this case, it is the opinion of one lawyer that the session is “unconstitutional” while other legal minds disagree. Therefore, to make a definitive claim that the session is unconstitutional is disingenuous.

False Claim: “The Freedom Man PAC…want[s] to undermine the authority of the Governor and the Legislature.” This is another false claim that is completely disingenuous. The information the Freedom Man PAC sent out to all legislator’s demonstrates a careful and cautious concern for the rule of law. Our suggestions and encouragement to all legislators is based on a specific interpretation of the Idaho State Constitution and Idaho State Statutes.

While the Senate Majority Caucus are free to disagree with our interpretation, to state that the Freedom Man PAC wants to “undermine the authority of the Governor and the Legislature” is a complete lie and is contrary to the principles of our organization, and our personal belief systems. It is disheartening to see members of leadership use such inflammatory language and disingenuous claims to support their false narrative.

False Claim: “The Freedom Man PAC…wants to violate the Idaho Constitution and the principles of representative Government.” This is another blatantly false accusation. As already stated, it is contrary to our principles to violate the Constitution or the principles of representative Government—and that is literally and exactly what we fight for. However, the Senate Majority Caucus is again using inflammatory language without demonstrating any evidence to support their wild claim.

The Freedom Man PAC’s recommendations regarding the legislative session on June 23rd with the purpose of rescinding, by concurrent resolution, the Governor’s executive orders in response to the COVID-19 “pandemic” are 100% consistent with the Idaho State Constitution and Idaho State Statutes. Furthermore, they are consistent with the US Federal Constitution Article 4, Section 4, which guarantees a republican form of government in all states. Idaho, under Governor Brad Little’s recent executive orders, is definitely not operating with a republican form of government.

Ultimately, it is our opinion that the Idaho Senate Majority Caucus used lies, inflammatory rhetoric, and fear-mongering to intimidate the members of the Idaho State Senate from educating themselves about the principles of freedom, the specifics of the Idaho State Constitution, Idaho State Statutes, and Constitutional Law.

In the end, this meant that Idaho State Senators were bullied into inaction, rather than thoughtful consideration of any of multiple avenues and legal pathways they have to reign in the out-of-control executive branch, led by Governor Brad Little.

CHALLENGE – I hereby challenge any member of the Idaho Senate Majority Caucus to a public debate. To the members of the Idaho Senate Majority, if you are so confident that you are right about your claims in your letter written to the Senate Majority Caucus, then I challenge you to make your case in a public forum for all Idahoans to see.

You have made many false claims in your letter that I have already addressed. So, I now challenge you to present the evidence that the Freedom Man PAC is promoting anything that is unconstitutional or illegal.

And more importantly, I challenge you to make the case publicly that the Idaho State Legislature is currently powerless to do anything about Governor Brad Little’s actions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic until the January 2021 legislative session.

Brent Hill, Chuck Winder, Steve Vick, or Kelly Anthon—you are all hereby notified that I am inviting you to make your case in a public debate. Any one of you can debate me on your own, or you can come together as a group.

I will be happy to finance the rental of a suitable location here in the Boise/Meridian area, to have the debate, along with providing video and audio services to ensure the debate is preserved professionally and even streamed live online so the entire state of Idaho can observe in realtime.

Please respond to my invitation for public debate by Friday, June 26th, so we can make plans and coordinate logistics for the debate. Thank you.

Diego Rodriguez
Communications Director
Freedom Man PAC
That is our response, and that is my personal challenge to debate them. It is high time we hold corrupt and lying men accountable for their misdeeds. I, for one, certainly and sincerely hope that they accept my challenge for public debate.
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