Voting is Not Worthless

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Voting is Not Worthless

October 5, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

I must make a confession—there have been times over the years, when I have temporarily flirted with the emotion that tells me that voting is a meaningless and fruitless exercise.

I actually have tons of very conservative friends who believe this. And yes, when terrible things happen, like the election of Barack Hussein Obama (not once, but twice), the forcing of gay marriage, the persecution of Christians for refusing to bake a cake, or for protesting abortion, or whatever—it is easy to become overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness.

But, guess what? To follow our feelings and our emotions instead of facts, reason, history, and most importantly—the Word of God, is the modus operandi of liberals, leftists, and losers. This type of response should have no place in the lives of conservatives, Christians, and Constitutionalists.

So I implore my conservative brethren, DO NOT GIVE IN TO YOUR EMOTIONS. Do not give in to the emotionally weak side of your nature that tells you that all hope is gone, and that voting is a futile endeavor.

In fact, in addition to demonstrating that following feelings and not facts is the way liberals operate, allow me to give you three additional reasons why you should not give up on voting:


The reason why good people don't vote is because they feel like their vote doesn't matter and that we are going to end up with bad government no matter what.

But we live in a representative Republic. And in a representative Republic we VOTE for our representatives (Exodus 18:21-22; Deuteronomy 1:13-18). If you don't vote for godly men who will represent you with the fear of God and with a servant's heart, then who will you end up with?

Well, if godly people don't run for office and if you don't vote for them, then by definition, you're only left with ungodly people. And you will therefore have ungodly rulers—thus fulfilling your belief that voting doesn't matter. So the reality is that by NOT VOTING, many Americans, especially Christians are ensuring that we end up with wicked leaders.

Either you believe that this is the form of government God wanted for our country or not. If you don't believe it is a good form of government or the one God wanted for us, then what type of Government would you prefer, and based on what authority? And how would you then suggest we acquire that new form of government?

“Providence has given our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” - John Jay (1st Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court)


According to a 2015 survey of Americans, over 75% of the country, nearly 250 million of us, identify as Christians. And of those eligible to vote, only about half of them actually vote. That's right. In America, the land with more "Christians" than anywhere else in the world, only half of all eligible Christian voters actually get off of their lazy butts and vote. Do you claim to be Christian? Do you vote?

By sheer numbers alone (even considering the deplorable state of the American Christian church today), if these self identified Christians would vote, Christians would have all the power in American politics. We could eliminate abortion, high taxes, government regulations, immoral laws, and unjust statutes.

In short, Christians could preserve the FREE COUNTRY that our forefathers gave us and show the rest of the world the beauty of a bible-centered civil society. And that is pretty much EXACTLY what it means to be "salt and light." That is our job as Christians and we are simply not doing it.


The list of Trump's incredible accomplishments as the President of the United States are shocking when held in context. He singlehandedly lowered taxes, kept America out of needless wars, appointed more than 200 conservative justices, appointed two originalist justices to the Supreme Court (hopefully a third very soon), preserved and fought for religious rights, reduced federal laws and statutes (for the first time in recent history), and established policies and market confidence to give America the greatest economy we've literally ever had.

Christians had more money, meaning churches had more money and were able to accomplish more missionary work. And even though I don't believe in separating Americans into people groups, it's still a fact that black, hispanics, other "minorities," and women fared better under President Trump than ever before. Everybody had more money. Everybody had a job. Everything was improving in almost every metric, and we were restoring freedom, religious liberties, and bringing America back to its fundamental purpose and origin. Quite frankly, the first 3 years of Trump were beyond our greatest hopes.

Then the COVID crisis hit (aka the Great Scam of 2020). And we saw our freedoms disappear like never before in the history of our country. And this has highlighted the value, need, and power of every single vote. While it is true that local politics is the most important—this includes your local state offices like: governor, attorney general, your state legislature, and it also and more importantly includes city and county officials like mayors, city councils, and sheriffs. These are the people who are going to have the most effect on your daily lives. And these are the people who are right now responsible for whether or not you are living in a free state, or under some type of unconstitutional "lockdown."

But let's take a look at how important one election is by using the Presidential election as an example. If President Trump wins, he will undoubtedly give us one more Supreme Court Justice, and possibly two—Clarence Thomas is currently 72 years old and will most likely be replaced by the next President. Stephen Breyer is 82 years old and will most certainly be replaced by the next President. If Trump is elected he will replace them both with conservatives—giving conservatives/originalists a 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court. This means that abortion not only can but WILL be overturned.

Think about that—the most important political issue in our country—the issue about whether or not innocent babies will be allowed to be slaughtered—hangs in the balance by who we elect as President. And we elect him by voting!

With only that issue at hand, how dare anyone say that voting doesn't matter? The lives of precious innocent babies matter! And don't say that you don't care about voting because you are going to be a militia man and fight for yourself and your family. Well good for you! Way to go you selfish and worthless, good for nothing, piece of trash! (Matthew 5:13) You only care about yourself and your own family? You don't care about the innocent?

If you believe that God gave you the 2nd Amendment so that you could protect your family, then you should likewise believe that God gave you the power to VOTE so you could protect the innocent!

And although the Supreme Court justices get the most attention, the truth is that as a whole, the other federal court appointments often have a greater affect on our lives. In Trump's case, he's already appointed over 200 federal judges! And with all of the rights that have been violated in the name of COVID, we are going to need good judges to ensure our rights are not trampled on again and that our rights are preserved. In fact, this has already begun…

In Pennsylvania, just 2 weeks ago, US District Judge William Stickman IV ruled that the lockdowns in Pennsylvania ordered by liberal democrat Governor Tom Wolf were unconstitutional. This is an incredible win! How and why did this happen? Well, Judge Stickman is a Trump appointee! That's how.

You can multiply this over a thousand times for every right we've lost as a country and ask yourself, what kind of judge do you want ruling on these cases?

Well, in the end, we get the government we deserve. And considering the fact that our forefathers literally sacrificed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor just to give us the right to vote, if we don't exercise that right and instead choose to do nothing, then we likewise DESERVE NOTHING.

My brothers and sisters, get out and vote. And when you vote, VOTE RIGHT!
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