We're Not Living in the Last Days

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We're Not Living in the Last Days

October 21, 2020 | by Diego Rodriguez

This message has been a long time coming…

I should’ve written this A LONG time ago so that we could all settle this issue and get on with our lives. But alas, we are here now and so here it goes…

Friend, we are not LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS!

As many of you know, I am a dedicated Bible Student, minister, and former Pastor of a church for nearly a decade. I am not new to the scriptures and I am fully aware of what the Bible actually teaches.

So this doctrine (which technically is called Pre-Millennial Dispensationalism), as promoted in the wildly popularly books The Late Great Planet Earth (by Hal Lindsey), the Left Behind Series (Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins), and in the popular Scofield Reference Bible, which teach that the “rapture” is imminent, that we are living in the “last days,” that the “antichrist” is about to take over, that they are going to build a “third temple” in Jerusalem to offer sacrifices, that the “mark of the beast” is an RFID chip, tattoo, or other technology that is about to be implemented, that all of these things were prophesied to happen, and that we are living in the days of their fulfillment—yes, THAT DOCTRINE—is 100% absolutely, diametrically, unequivocally FALSE. This is all false doctrine.

And you know what? I used to believe it! I was a wholesale believer in this damnable doctrine. As a Pastor of a church, I even had a bulletin board in our church foyer with a big headline that said “Signs of the Times,” where I posted newspaper articles and magazine clipping showing what I believed to be “evidence” that we were living in the “last days.”

Then guess what happened? I did what preachers and church leaders all over DON’T WANT people to do. I actually read the Bible for myself! In fact, I studied the doctrine for myself and discovered that not only is none of this nonsense correct, but that it is a true damnable doctrine, and a full fledged Biblical heresy that undermines the very authority of the Word of God itself!

Now, this blog post is obviously no place to have a full-fledged Bible study on this issue or topic. However, I must make mention of this doctrine right here and right now because it is destroying our country.

It is no mystery that 2020 has been a crazy year on a number of fronts. And as a result, Christians all over America are crying “it's the signs of the times,” and “we’re living in the last days,” because of this heretical doctrine that they’ve heard. So what are Christians doing as a result of it? What are Christians doing right now in the moment when they need to be the greatest form of “salt and light” and need to be the most active, the most resilient, and the most aggressive about standing for truth, liberty, and freedom? Well, like most dispensationalists, they’re staying back and doing absolutely nothing—feeling like there is no reason to do anything, since this is all the fulfillment of prophecy!

Well it’s not! It’s not the fulfillment of prophecy! And the Christian church’s apathy can be directly traced to the acceptance of this damnable doctrine of dispensationalism! And it has to stop!!!

So, I am writing this message to challenge any Pastor, Bible Teacher, or church leader who believes we are living in the “last days” and that all that we are experiencing right now are just the “signs of the times” to a PUBLIC DEBATE. Let’s debate it! And in public.

I will debate any Christian Leader here in my home area in central Florida. If you’re out of town, contact me and I’ll be willing to pay 50% of your travel costs. I will pay for the venue and ensure that the entire event is professionally recorded and streamed LIVE online. To accept my challenge, just send a response using this contact form and I will contact you directly so that we can arrange the details.

Just like here at Freedom Man Press, we expose corrupt and wicked politicians, it is time to expose this corrupt and wicked doctrine, so all the world can see it for what it really is!

Diego Rodriguez
Freedom Man Press

P.S. If you’re a churchgoer and you’re wondering why your weak church leaders closed the doors like a bunch of hireling wimps when the coronavirus lockdowns happened, there is a high likelihood that your church leaders are dispensationalists.
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