We Will Be Invaded By Space Aliens Soon

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We Will Be Invaded By Space Aliens Soon

November 10th, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

It goes without saying that our election last week was a total disaster. I am NOT going to repeat the same stuff everyone has been talking about because it is just noxious at this point.

However, I need to point out something. Something that will sound ridiculous, then funny, then real. Okay, are you ready? Here it is:

We are going to be invaded by space aliens in the near future.

Yup. I'm certain of it. Let me explain how and why…

It's All Trump's Fault

President Donald Trump was like some kind of invincible superhero, politically speaking. Literally EVERYONE was against him—the entire "Deep State" and the Washington D.C. "swamp." This included the CIA, FBI, NSA, his own White House staff, the mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and more!

But he seemed impervious to their attacks. One man humorously stated that Trump was like a cockroach that you just couldn't kill!

They tried yelling "Russia stole the election" for over 3 years straight, they repeatedly played his "locker room" talk from 15 years ago on the airwaves—and they even impeached him. Yet, he just kept soaring! The American public loved him even more. He was set to win, what I believe, would have been a landslide victory.

Then, in February of this year, the so called "coronavirus crisis" hit America and proved to be President Trump's kryptonite.

But more than that, it demonstrated—on full display for the entire world to see—the most remarkable and massive, coordinated marketing campaign of all time! News networks, tech giants, governments, and more, all lined up to sing the same song, tell the same lies, and to extract more power for themselves while terrifying the entire world into unifying compliance.

There has never been a marketing effort so well coordinated and so well executed. Everybody got on board with the foolish and ridiculous concepts of "social distancing," mask wearing, and government mandated shutdowns.

Of course, they were all lies, and easily seen by anyone with a brain. We have documented this well on our website here: Coronavirus Lies and Scams.

So what did we witness? We witnessed an entire world FALL IN LINE with mass marketing and coordinated government tyranny. And because of fear and for "the greater good," the majority of humanity just complied.

And it all had to be done because the DEEP STATE hated Trump with so much passion that they finally decided to use their ace in the hole to finally get rid of him.

The Election Proves More Mass Ignorance

Now we can bring this all back home to the election last week. The evidence for corruption and fraud is so alarming and so "widespread" that it is unprecedented and terrifying. We have evidence of:

  • Hundreds of thousands of ballots showing up out of nowhere with 100% of them going to Joe Biden (a statistical impossibility).
  • "Glitches" changing thousands of votes from one candidate to another.
  • Democrat ballot counting stations where Republican observers are illegally denied access to observe the counting process.
  • Signed affidavits from "whistleblowers" who observed fraud in election offices and the USPS.
  • Undercover video of fraud taking place and fraud-workers demonstrating their fraudulent activity.

This is just the start of the list. And this is only what's been published in a few short days after the election. And guess what, with all of this evidence coming to light, all of the major news networks, with a UNIFIED VOICE, came out and declared Joe Biden as the winner.

They then ran, and continue to run, multiple articles online and on the air claiming that there is NO EVIDENCE of election fraud. And even after they spent 3+ years yelling and screaming about how the Russians fraudulently hacked the election and got Trump elected, they are now claiming that there is no possible way we could have any fraud in this election.

Now I could go on and on about this, but you, the readers of the Freedom Man blog, already know this and more. So I won't make these points again. However, I want you to take note of something that you probably don't realize…

The mind-numb ignorant sheeple on the left actually believe ALL OF THIS! They actually believe that Biden has already been elected and declared President! They believe that President Trump is responsible for 250,000 COVID deaths. They believe that lockdowns are necessary. They believe America is a democracy. They believe CNN only tells the truth. They believe America is a racist country. They believe Trump stole the election with the help of the Russians. They believe there is no evidence of election fraud. They will believe anything! They are literally that stupid!

And guess what? If you throw a health scare into the mix, a giant swath of "conservatives" and the majority of all Republicans will believe anything you tell them as well.

Republicans, most of which are not conservative, all believe the same COVID lies as everybody else. Republican Governors, Mayors, and legislators all over our country have implemented lockdown orders (which are all unconstitutional and therefore illegal), mask mandates, and more!

So what's the point. The point is that America has become so dumbed down, so gullible, and so easily controlled, that we will fall for anything. I am convinced, that after 100 years of government education, Hollywood, weak churches, feminism, and men abandoning their roles as Biblical leaders, we have arrived at a generation of complete idiots that are so ignorant and sheep-like that they can be controlled by any story told to them by the powers that be.

So consider this…

Let's say President Trump is successful in his court cases against Joe Biden and the corrupt left, the deep state, and all of his enemies. Let's say Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin all get certified for Trump. Let's say Trump maintains his position as the duly elected President of the United States…do you really think the Deep State will just sit back and let that happen?

Do you really think they will just say, "Okay, Trump won. Let's leave him alone for his second term. No more attacks. Let's just heal the divisions in our country."

Of course not. Now I know you probably believe that Antifa will start up with riots and looting, and the fake news media will hyper-inflate COVID deaths all over again, and people will be terrified about "new high numbers of infections," and doctors will keep killing patients using ventilators, and all of that will continue. But that can't last forever. And ultimately, Trump will survive it and come out on the other side unscathed.

So if an international pandemic, and the false blame of hundreds of thousands of deaths on the President, including the greatest destruction of our economy and the greatest violations of our liberties (that took place under Trump's Presidency) was not enough to take him out, then what could they possibly have left to throw at him?

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself, because we are about to be invaded by space aliens!

Think about it! Do you actually think that the Deep State and it's allies are above trying to pull a scam like this over on the public? And do you really think it would not be possible to do? Doesn't the technology exist to easily fool people who have proven themselves to believe anything the media says anyway?

With advanced CGI graphics, deep fake videos, liars speaking in unison, COVID-style mass disinformation campaigns, big-tech suppression of real evidence, and an outrageously ignorant sheep-like population, it would be SO EASY to fake an alien invasion.

We'll have mass shutdowns, attacks on our military, entire cities destroyed by "new alien technology," and utter devastation across our nation. In the end, it will be Trump's fault for "not protecting us," not doing "what Nancy Pelosi said all along he should do," and for "fomenting hatred and xenophobia so great that it offended space aliens," and more.

Sure, it sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But I promise you, if you think about it logically, you will not be able to come up with a good reason why it could not happen. All the pieces are in place. And people are literally now JUST THAT STUPID.

One last thing—you know how Bill Gates and crew have been mentally prepping society for years about a pandemic, and then boom we get one? And you know how the media has been prepping the public for months that "when Donald Trump loses the election he will not leave peacefully," and then boom, what do you know, that's what happens. Well take a look at headlines and articles like this one below (you can search for yourself and find more online) and you tell me if they're not prepping the public, just in case they need to use their final wild card:
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