What Both Sides Are Always Missing

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What Both Sides Are Always Missing

We've got two major "sides" who are warring against each other right now when it comes to the police abuse issue. There is a "defund the police" side which is mostly being promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement. And there is a "defend the police" which is mostly being supported by various factions of the "Patriot" movement.

Generally speaking, I consider myself to be part of the "Patriot" movement. But I must freely admit, that we've got a bunch of idiots, morons, and absolute losers on our side. It's true.

Sure, the other side can appear to be almost completely worthless and ignorant, but that doesn't excuse "our peeps" from being the same.

And it is totally ineffective to just point out the error of the other side, as if it somehow justifies any wrong, immoral, illegal, or foolish action that you have likewise taken.

And above all, there is a very common flaw that BOTH SIDES seem to always have. It is a simple trait that both sides seem to always be missing. It is this—DISCERNMENT.

What is discernment? Well, in short, it is the ability to make good judgments. But more specifically, it is the ability to distinguish between the whole and the parts, and to ensure you don't group together ideas, peoples, or realities, without recognizing the distinctions within them.

Discernment is a trait of wise men. It is part of the character of mature people. Contrariwise, those who lack discernment; are unlearned, immature, and foolish.

Consider the full definition of discernment:
Definition of Discernment
So here's the question: who is failing to have discernment right now in the culture wars? The Black Lives Matter movement or the Patriot movement? Hmmm. Well let's see. Who is it who says the following:
  • I hate cops.
  • I support the police.
  • You can't trust the police.
  • Cops enforce the law.
  • Cops are abusive.
  • Only criminals are afraid of cops.
  • The police are criminals.
These are all ignorant statements that I've heard from both sides in the last several weeks. But they're all stupid statements because they lack discernment. Think about how obviously flawed these statements are because they GROUP everyone together and fail to make distinctions between the individuals and the whole—as it pertains to the police.

So you hate cops? Really? ALL of them? Until someone attacks you and you call the police and they save your life.

You support the police? Really? ALL of them? Until a police officer abuses you, steals your property, and gets away with it because of qualified immunity and civil asset forfeiture laws.

I could go on and on. But the point is obvious—not all cops are bad and not all cops are good. People with wisdom, intelligence, and maturity judge individuals and not the whole. What do you do? Do you make judgments based on group association? Or do you judge the individual merit, worth, and character of individual people?

Because guess what? There are some really great cops out there. And guess what else? There are some really wicked cops out there too.

And this goes for everything! Let me give you some examples below:

Some Questions for Black Lives Matter People:

  • Why don't you assume that all white people are good since it was white people who liberated black slaves in both America and England?
  • Why don't you assume all Republicans love black people since the Republican party was the anti-slave party and their first President, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves?
  • Why don't you assume America is not racist against black people since black people have achieved the highest levels of success in America including President of the United States? (Mexicans have no equivalent of Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy, Jay-Z, Tiger Woods, etc.—and yet there is no Mexican Lives Matter movement with violent protests, rioting, and looting.)

Some Questions for Patriots:

  • Why do you assume that all Black Lives Matter people all communists? Do you really lack the ability to discern between the BLM organization and local uninformed peons who are being used and manipulated?
  • Why do you always support the military and law enforcement? Do you not recognize that our military has committed atrocities and our police have committed crimes?
  • If you opposed law enforcement during Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Bundy Standoff, why don't you hate all cops? Cops are cops, right?
I hope you get the point by now. You need to grow up, be mature, and learn to have discernment!

And here is why this is so important—the "powers that be" know how easy and effective it is to destroy the country by making people hate one another. It is simply "divide and conquer" and it works every time. If they can divide our country, they can conquer us. And they're doing it by exploiting this fatal flaw in our people—we lack discernment! They know it. They know that both sides lack discernment, so they HIGHLIGHT differences between groups and categorize everybody in groups and then pit them against one another.

If you would simply not allow them to do this, you could disagree with your neighbor and still live peaceably with them. And here's the most amazing part—if you could ever learn discernment and then communicate with those who oppose you, you'd be able to win over a bunch of them.

And here is why—it is nearly impossible for the left to win over the right. Think about it, could a peaceful conversation with a leftist make you start thinking that you ought to give socialism a try? Would you all of the sudden think to yourself, "Man, I've been looking at this all wrong! Abolishing all rights and giving the government control over my life is totally the way to go!" Of course not! Duh. Liberals can never win in the arena of ideas.

But the right can win over the left all day long, if we could just engage with them from time to time. Because there are a lot of ignorant fools on the left who are just being used and played by the propaganda from the "powers that be." But if you could ever talk to them civilly, you would find out that some of them intuitively believe in property rights, in justice, and in freedom. But you'll never get the chance to win them over—because you let yourself be divided by the propaganda machine which instills fear, hatred, and mistrust—and that keeps the two sides from ever talking.

And this only ensure more destruction, more violence, and the obliteration of what was once the greatest country in the history of the world.

So go ahead and continue with your lack of discernment. You are getting played. And because of it, you are helping to facilitate the end of our country as we know it.
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