Why I am a Mexican for Trump

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Why I am a Mexican for Trump

October 15, 2020 | by Diego Rodriguez

The popular narrative that is being pushed all over the world is that Trump is racist and hates Mexicans. This is a complete lie, and the only people who believe it are ignorant “sheeple” who literally don’t know anything that they haven’t heard on the news or on social media.

So in this post, I want to demonstrate why intelligent and informed Mexicans are voting for and supporting President Trump. I will also refute the claim that Trump is racist below…

(Furthermore, when I use the term "Mexican" in the context of this article, I will be referring to both Mexican-Americans and also Mexicans in Mexico.)

So here's at least 8 reasons why I am a Mexican for Trump:

1. Mexicans Make More Money Under President Trump

Trump unleashed an economic tidal wave through his freedom based policies and leadership which meant that Mexican people as a statistical whole had more money than they had ever had in American history!

2. Hispanics Started More Businesses Under Trump

While its true that entrepreneurship flourished under Trump, it is also a statistical fact that more Hispanic people started businesses and became entrepreneurs under Trump than any other people group in America:

3. Trump Let More Mexicans Out of Prison

Trump championed prison reform which let non-violent criminals out of prison and put them back into the workforce and back with their families instead of rotting in jail cells. This positively affected latinos and blacks more than all other people groups:

4. Trump Created More Jobs for Hispanic People Than Anybody Else

Hispanic unemployment was the lowest it has ever been in the history of America under President Trump. Nobody has ever been responsible for creating more jobs for Hispanic people than President Trump.

5. Trump Created More Jobs in Mexico

This one is hard for people to imagine but it is 100% true! Mexico's current President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), has been an absolute failure at every level. He is a complete socialist and he implemented socialist policies in Mexico which caused the strongest economy in Latin America to flounder:
Other Latin American countries who have gone down the same path as AMLO in recent history have had total collapses of their economies (like Argentina and now Chile). So what saved the Mexican economy and prevented it from total collapse? Believe it or not—it was Donald Trump!

Two industries in Mexico began to flourish as a consequence of the policies of President Trump. The first was tourism (more below) and the second was manufacturing.

By exposing the evils of the Chinese Communist party, putting tariffs on Chinese imports, championing civil rights in China, and highlighting the truth of the Chinese coronavirus, thousands of American and European manufacturers have looked to move their manufacturing efforts out of China. Trump then re-negotiated NAFTA and signed the USMCA that incentivized businesses to move their manufacturing efforts to Mexico which has moved billions of manufacturing dollars from China to Mexico, creating thousands of new jobs in the manufacturing sector of Mexico (which is 18% of the Mexican economy)! Trump is literally responsible for more job growth in Mexico than any Mexican leader in recent history. Without Trump, Mexico’s economy could have collapsed like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and potentially even Venezuela.

Tempest Capital has estimated that Mexico will be receiving $12 billion - $19 billion in manufacturing redirects from China, as a direct result of President Trump's policies, EVERY YEAR going forward, for the foreseeable future. Check out the videos below for more info on this:


If you're a Mexican in Mexico with a job in manufacturing, you probably can thank President Trump for your job.

6. Trump Caused More American Tourism in Mexico than Ever Before in History

Because Americans had more money than ever, and Mexican-Americans specifically had more discretionary income than ever in their lives, more Americans took their tourist dollars to Mexico than ever before in history. American travel to Mexico set a record every year during Trump’s Presidency, starting in 2017, then 2018, and then 2019. This brought unprecedented wealth and economic growth to Mexico’s tourist zones and to Mexico's overall economy as tourism makes up 17% of Mexico's GDP. If you’re a Mexican with a job in a tourist area of Mexico, you probably have Donald Trump to thank for it.

7. Because of Trump, Mexican Americans Sent More Money Back to Mexico Than Ever Before

Mexican Americans are faring better than ever under President Trump and because of their increase in wealth, were able to send record amounts of money back to Mexico to support their families. In fact, over 2% of the entire Mexican economy comes from Mexican Americans sending money back to Mexico!

8. Trump Has Protected the Efforts of LEGAL Latin Immigrants

Millions of Latino immigrants have come to America legally, going through long legal processes, following the rules, spending the money, and enduring lengthy and cumbersome approval processes with high requirements, without asking for any freebies or entitlements from the American taxpaying public. It is unfair for these Latinos from all over Latin America to have to endure so much, only for illegal immigrants to cross our borders and get free entitlements. Legal Latin immigrants understand this and do not support open borders and therefore respect President Trump.

FALSE CLAIM 1 - President Trump is a RACIST and he called Mexicans murderers and rapists

If Trump hates Mexicans, and if he's a racist, then he's sure doing a terrible job at being a racist. Because no political leader in recent history has done more to benefit Mexicans on both sides of the border.

That being said, let's take a look at Trump's famous speech which has been taken out of context and used OVER AND OVER AGAIN to make Trump look like a racist:
"When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending they're best. They're not sending you, they're not sending you [pointing to people in the crowd]. They're sending people that have lots of problems. And they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

If I say, "American Pastors don't preach the truth anymore," should all Pastors get mad and offended because they feel generalized? Or is it obvious that my statement is directed at SOME Pastors and not ALL?

What if I say, "American men aren't chivalrous anymore." Does that make me anti-man or "manophobic" or sexist against men? Come on, you're not that stupid. Those are generalizations that are both TRUE, but not aimed at every single person.

And the statement Donald Trump made about Mexicans is not a blanket statement against ALL MEXICANS. And it is definitely not a racist statement against Hispanic-Americans. In fact, he specifically distinguished the people he was describing as being separate from "the best" Mexicans. His statement simply a statement of fact. Let this sink into your head—factual statements are not racist.

So here's some simple questions to ask yourselves:
  1. Are some of the Mexicans who cross the border rapists and murderers? The answer is YES.
  2. Are some of the Mexicans who cross the border bringing drugs and other problems into America? The answer is YES.
Guess who knows this better than anybody? Mexicans do! It is a statistical fact that Mexico has one of the highest crime and murder rates in the world. And particularly, since their socialist President, AMLO, took over as President of Mexico, the murder and crime rate have risen to all time highs:

So, if I say that Mexico has one of the highest murder rates in the world, is that racism or is that just a fact? And remember, I personally am a Mexican! And guess what, rape and femicide (the murder of women) is also breaking records in Mexico. That's a fact. It's not racism, it's just statistics. You know, MATH!

It's remarkable to see how President Trump can simply make simple statements of fact and yet ignorant people blindly accept the media narrative that Trump is racist against Mexicans because he stated the facts.

FALSE CLAIM 2 - The fact that Trump wants to build a wall is proof that he's a racist!

Well then all of Mexico is racist, also. You know why? Because every single Mexican I know, and I'm talking about Mexicans in Mexico, also want walls to protect themselves from other Mexicans. Every last one of them! Nearly every home you see in Mexico is surrounded by a wall or fence of some sort. Even in the poor neighborhoods.

All housing developments in Mexico are built with walls surrounding them. The most desirable homes advertise "doble seguridad" which means double security with TWO WALLS that you have to pass through in order to get to your house. And why? Who are these Mexicans protecting themselves from? From gringos? From American tourists? From the Chinese? Nope, from other Mexicans!

So if wanting to build a wall around your house because your country is one of the most dangerous countries on the planet makes you a racist, then every single Mexican with a fence or a wall around their house is A RACIST.

But obviously, President Trump, just like every Mexican in Mexico is not a racist—he is just trying to protect his country from violent criminals just like Mexicans with walls around their homes are trying to protect their own families. Come on people, get a brain and use it!


These are just a handful of reasons why Latinos with brains support Trump. These are all facts. The other side of the aisle only has feelings, propaganda, and lies. They tell you Trump hates Mexicans and Hispanics, but they have no facts to support it. And if he hates Mexicans and Hispanics, then why does he treat them so well? Why do Hispanics fare better under Trump than ever before in history?

With the facts before your eyes, the only thing that doesn't make any sense at all, is why aren't ALL MEXICANS on both sides of the border, Mexicans for Trump!?!?!
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