Why Over 90% of All Conservatives
are Actually Socialists

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Why Over 90% of All Conservatives are Actually Socialists

January 4th, 2021 by Gunner Steele

Before I get started, I must warn all of my conservative friends that I'm about to offend 90% of you with the content of this article. I would only ask that before you let your emotions overtake you because of my assertions in this article, that you first LOGICALLY think through my arguments to logically demonstrate how I am wrong.

Now first of all, lets remind everyone of what socialism is at its core: socialism is government control over anything that is beyond it's role or purpose.

An encyclopedic entry for "socialism" states that it is: any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

Socialism stands in contrast to free market capitalism where free individuals in a free marketplace have full control over their own lives, consciences, and capital, to do with as they please so long as exercising such freedom does not infringe upon the rights of others.

The United States was founded as a free market capitalist nation but has become more and more socialistic over the years as our federal government has grown exponentially and swallowed up entire industries and areas of citizens' lives to which it has no Constitutional jurisdiction.

Under socialism, the government controls basically everything. And those of us who are free market capitalists oppose this.
  • Under socialism, the government controls healthcare—and we conservatives oppose that. We believe we should be in control of our own healthcare in a free, unregulated healthcare market.
  • Under socialism, the government controls agricultural production—and we conservatives oppose that. We believe farmers and consumers should be free to grow and buy whatever they want in a free, unregulated agriculture market.
  • Under socialism, the government regulates and controls speech and thought—and we conservatives oppose that. We believe we should be able to say and think whatever we want.
I can go on and on, but you get the picture. Conservatives are supposed to believe that their lives are their own responsibilities. Conservatives are supposed to believe that the government should be small and have powers limited by the Constitution. Conservatives are supposed to believe that the government's only role is to protect the people (national security) and to execute justice (uphold and execute contracts, etc.).

And for the most part—that is all true. However, there is one area of life where over 90% of all conservatives go Jekyll and Hyde on us and completely do an about-face and become full-fledged socialists. And that is this—public school!

It is remarkable to think that conservatives would say and believe that the government has no right to meddle in their businesses, in their lives, in their faith, on their farms, with their health, or with any other area of their lives, but when it comes to the rearing of their own children, they happily and without question turn that responsibility over to their socialist Uncle Sam. They then have the audacity to act enraged when Uncle Sam teaches their children everything contrary to their own belief system!

Tell me, my conservative friends, what is your greatest asset in this life? What is your greatest possession? Is it not your children? What would you give in exchange for your children? Would you not be willing to sacrifice your own life for them?

And yet, how is it, that you would not let the government control your business, your finances, your health, or anything else that is your responsibility, but when it comes to your most prized possession—your offspring, your heritage, your children—you happily pack them up every morning and send them off to be reared by a socialist branding machine who will spend 8 hours or more per day INDOCTRINATING them with every false belief that is contrary to your core convictions? How is that possible? Can you explain that to me?

And how is it that you can act shocked when the government fails to educate your child? As a conservative, you would gladly denounce the government at every turn, rightfully declaring that the government is inept and incompetent at running anything better than the private sector. The government fails to do anything well outside of its proper role. You know that to be true and you believe it. But then you send your children off to government schools and act shocked when your children fail to be educated properly, yet can clearly describe and declare how America is racist, how whites are privileged, how fetuses are just clumps of cells, how Heather has two mommies, how we all started off as pond scum billions of years ago, how our founding fathers were atheist slave owners, and how there is no such thing as right or wrong.

They don't know the quadratic equation, basic english grammar, or how not to end a sentence with a preposition, but they know how to put a condom on a banana and are contemplating which gender, out of infinite possibilities, they want to identify as.

And when it all happens, conservatives act appalled. But why? You sent them there. You accepted socialism in education. You somehow, in an act of hypocrisy, inconsistency, or bi-polarism, found a way to justify your conflicting position—believing that you can be an anti-big government conservative who blasts the government for being socialistic, expanding into areas it doesn't belong, and yet still supporting public education.

How? Why?
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Monument made to a couple of dudes who never went to public school.

Public education didn't exist in this country for over 100 years after its founding. And when it became mainstream, it did so intentionally as a result/consequence of Communist infiltration. That is a fact of history and not a conspiracy theory. From Horace Mann to John Dewey, called the "Father of American Public Schools," the goal of the founders of American public education was to force government education into American life. After all, compulsory government education is one of the 10 planks of communism. It's always been about power and control and never about education. They've even admitted it:

But I Can't Afford Private Education

If your inability to afford education for your children gives you the right to FREE government education paid for by your neighbors and all tax payers, then every welfare recipient's inability to buy food, pay rent, buy a home, or get healthcare, also entitles them to FREE government handouts as well.

You see, you can't have it both ways. You can't claim to be against welfare and government handouts, with educational welfare being your exception. There's a word for that, which they probably don't teach in government schools anymore—it's called hypocrisy.

So then what is the solution, Gunner?

Ummm…hmmmm…let me think…

How about we use FREE MARKET CAPITALISM?!?!? This is not tough, people! When coming up with solutions, instead of trying to minimize socialism, why don't we just eliminate it? How is it that our brains naturally think of free market solutions for everything except when it comes to government education?

The answer is simple—we simply go back to the time previous to the introduction of public school in mainstream America where private schools, church schools, and homeschooling gave America the most educated population in the world with a 99%+ literacy rate and where 8th grade students could complete advanced math and english tests (considered basic at the time) that college graduates today could never pass.

Because let's be real—virtually EVERY SINGLE SOCIETAL ill in America today is a direct result of a poorly educated population. And let's be even more real—virtually every single liberal, socialist, left-leaning kid who breaks the heart of their conservative parents for being Obama voting, leftist, liberal freaks, are what they are because they were raised by public school and not by their conservative parents.

Let me make this plain—
THE COVID SCAM ONLY WORKS ON PEOPLE WHO WENT TO PUBLIC SCHOOL! Which fortunately, for the left, is up to 90% of the American population. These people, from children to senior citizens, lack critical thinking skills, creativity, and discernment. They're the brainwashed masses who've been groomed for nearly a century to buy and accept wholesale propaganda without question. How long do we want to let this go on?

In short, we can't say "we raised them right," if we send them off to be trained by marxists whose goal is to "raise them left." Right, comrade?
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