Lionel Messi Won MORE than Just the World Cup!

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Lionel Messi Won MORE than Just the World Cup!

December 19th, 2022 | by Gunner Steele
I know, I know—you probably don’t care about soccer. But hear me out, because what happened yesterday is important and relevant, not just to soccer fans, BUT TO YOU, SPECIFICALLY!

Yesterday, as you may or may not know, was the World Cup Final for national teams in soccer. The World Cup is quite literally the biggest event in the history of mankind—with an estimated 1.5 billion people around the world tuning in yesterday to watch the final game.

To put that in perspective, the most viewed Super Bowl in history was in 2015 with nearly 115 million people watching worldwide (New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks). So that means that the World Cup Final yesterday had 13 TIMES more viewers than the most viewed Super Bowl in history! There is nothing else on the planet that even comes close to uniting the planet like the World Cup.

And the second most exciting part about the World Cup is that it is essentially the longest running peaceful geo-political conflict in history. The World Cup is not just soccer team vs soccer team. Rather, its NATION against NATION. And the stakes are very high. There are ancillary consequences to World Cup performances that go far beyond glory or monetary gain. People have lost their lives, their citizenship, and their freedom over the World Cup.

And yesterday is already being called the “Greatest World Cup Final EVER.” I watched the game, and I have to agree. It was emotional, intense, outrageous, and a 100 percent total spectacle! In the end, Argentina defeated France in a penalty shootout and Lionel Messi and his Argentinian teammates brought home the trophy for the 3rd time in Argentina’s history.
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Argentina players celebrating their World Cup 2022 victory!

But there was something more interesting and incredibly important that took place yesterday that affects you and your future that I must point out to you. It is more impactful than you can imagine and it has to do with the two main players from each team. That is Lionel Messi from Argentina and Kylian Mbappe from France.

By the measure of some, Lionel Messi is the most famous human being who has ever lived. If you're an American, it's possible you have never heard of him, but on the rest of the planet, he is widely considered the greatest soccer player to have ever lived. However, many people have criticized him for "not being as good" as his fellow Argentinean soccer hero, Diego Maradona. It is a silly comparison, since Messi completely destroys Maradona on basically every metric imaginable. However, Maradona won the World Cup in his career while, until yesterday, Messi had not. And while Maradona was an incredible player, he likewise was famous for being a charlatan, a playboy, and a cocaine addict. In other words, he’s not the kind of guy you would want your kids to look up to or hang his picture on their wall.

Messi, on the other hand, despite being called the “G.O.A.T.” (acronym for greatest of all time), and being so highly revered worldwide that it borders on worship—has demonstrated incredible humility, class, grace, and famously is so faithful that he is married to his childhood sweetheart. And when I say “childhood sweetheart,” I’m not talking his girlfriend from High School, I mean he’s married to the girl he was sweet on since he was 5 years old! Can you imagine being married to the chick you used to “go around with” in kindergarten!? (Remember that saying, “going around?” Ha! I’m dating myself for sure!)
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Messi with his family celebrating after Argentina won the World Cup.

Well here’s the spoiler that I’ve already mentioned—Messi and Argentina won the World Cup yesterday! It was an incredible game and Messi has rid himself of the “black cloud” of “never having won a World Cup” and quite literally, has nothing left to win. He holds nearly ever record conceivable from goals scored, to assists, to championships. He’s won his club League championship (La Liga) where he played with F.C. Barcelona more times than you can count, the biggest European Tournament (the Champion’s League), the great tournament of the Americas (Copa America), and now the World Cup!

And after all was said and done, guess what he said yesterday when he was interviewed after the game? He gave all the glory to God. At his highest moment, at the pinnacle of his career, when billions of eyes were focused on him and his words, he simply stated, “The truth is that I thank God for giving me everything. He’s given me everything." So yeah, Messi is not Maradona and I'm thankful for that!

However, there was another superstar on the field yesterday—his name is Kylian Mbappe. He’s young and fast and extremely talented. He is widely considered to be the next great soccer superstar of the coming generation. While Messi’s career is coming to an end after nearly 3 decades of wowing the world with his unbelievable skill, Mbappe’s career is just beginning.

Besides Mbappe having prodigious skill with the ball, and insanely fast speed, he is also widely known for having his friends make fun of the fact that he looks like Michaelangelo the ninja turtle, and most recently for letting it be known that he is a homosexual. Yup!

But Mbappe is no garden variety celebrity fag like Ellen Degenerate or Elton John. He is part of the new generation so his “girlfriend” is actually a transvestite. Yes, you got that right. Kylian Mbappe’s “girlfriend” looks, acts, and dresses like a girl with fake boobs and all, but is actually a dude who has a penis.
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Kylian Mbappe with his "girlfriend," the transvestite, Ines Rau.

So why do should you care and why does this matter?

There are things that go on in this world that you might not care about but that affect you right now and even more in the future. Truly, if the previous generation can be properly criticized for anything it is for being so lackadaisical about the world and the events around them that they ignore it and never engage, which ultimately gave the enemy space and time to “creep in unawares” and to plant seeds of wickedness that ultimately have grown into the social and moral devastation we live with today.
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This is Kylian Mbappe's "girlfriend" before and after "transitioning" from a dude to a transvestite.

The social commentary around soccer celebrities is one such example. You probably could care less who Messi and Mbappe are. And had someone not introduced me to Messi’s prowess a few years back with some of Messi's soccer skills highlight videos, I wouldn’t know or care either. However, hundreds of millions of kids around the world idolize these men. Literally, HUNDREDS. OF. MILLIONS. They want to be the them. They want to be the NEXT soccer hero!

And don’t you think it's relevant or important when two players are on a world stage and represent completely different lifestyles and ideals—and the world is WATCHING to see who will come out on top? Sure, it was Argentina vs. France, but the media billed it as “Messi vs Mbappe.” It was the believer vs the unbeliever. The family man vs the fagly man. It was tradition vs progressivism. It was humility vs pride.

Think about it—depending upon your generation—don’t you think it would be significant and devastating if Tom Brady or Joe Montana were queers? I mean look how much traction Bruce Jenner has got for all his perversion, and he had nowhere near the platform of these other men.

Well, to put things in perspective, Mbappe has more fans and more admirers than Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana and Bruce Jenner COMBINED. Messi has even more.

And yesterday, the FAMILY MAN WON! The humble man lifted the trophy with both confidence and excitement, with tears in his eyes—surrounded by his teammates and his family. Messi's influence is so profound that my wife literally cried real tears when Argentina won. So did my daughters along with millions of fans worldwide. That's a lot of passion.

Yesterday, because of Messi, God was given glory instead of selfish humans. Yesterday at the World Cup, the image of a masculine leader with a loving wife and a beautiful family was exalted instead of the image of a fast fag who lusts after a transvestite with a penis.

And 1.5 billion people watched. Things matter. Pay attention. And get involved...

Gunner Steele
Freedom Man Press

P.S. Congratulations to Argentina and Lionel Messi. And rumor has it that now that Messi has literally nothing left to win, he may retire from both National and European soccer, and finish out his career playing for David Beckham's soccer team in Miami. In short, Messi may bring soccer to America and if he does, whether you like it or not, the face of American sports will be unrecognizable one generation from now. And it certainly matters who the next crop of American sports celebrities will be…
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