My Response to the Idaho Statesman Regarding the St. Luke's Lawsuit

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My Response to the Idaho Statesman Regarding the St. Luke's Lawsuit

June 30th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

Yesterday I received another text message from an Idaho Statesman reporter about news reports regarding the lawsuit from St. Luke's hospital against me and Ammon Bundy. Here is what the text said (actual screenshot):
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Obviously, a newspaper article is only going to pick and choose certain statements to publish (not necessarily nefariously, but there's only so much room available in any given article), so I wanted to give you the entirety of my response here:

First of all, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be NO REAL JUSTICE in any lawsuit against me or any other liberty minded individual in Ada County. Ada County is bought and paid for by Idaho’s “deep state” which is a general cabal made up of Idaho’s corrupt politicians, IACI, and other nefarious characters—all of which get their power and money by force—stealing from Idaho’s citizens by way of Idaho State Government.

Both recent and past history have demonstrated that there is NO JUSTICE in Ada County. Period. Ammon Bundy was wrongfully prosecuted and found guilty, as well as Casey Baker, Aaron Von Schmidt and untold numbers of innocent Idaho citizens. The details of their court cases demonstrate gross constitutional violations on the part of judges and law enforcement, including at least one police officer who was forced to come back to the courthouse to recant his testimony after evidence was presented that he LIED UNDER OATH, and at least one judge denying Ammon Bundy the right to mention the Constitution in his own case. Any inquisitive citizen can find the details themselves—though the average citizen is too busy or too indifferent to care.

St. Luke’s has also hired the Holland and Hart law firm which is the same law firm who has been involved in untold numbers of corrupt actions against the citizens of Idaho, all to enrich themselves. They have been the law firm who have taken hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of dollars from Idaho Citizens from payments they received directly from the Idaho State government. They got paid from Butch Otter, NonBinary Brad Little, and hoards of other state government politicians and corrupt state agencies.

They were the law firm who gave the “legal opinions” that were used to prop up fake and unlawful lockdowns during the COVID scam of 2020 and 2021. Now they have been hired by St. Luke’s who also gets millions of dollars of funding from government—meaning that they again are taking money forcefully from the people. In short, by taking taxpayer dollars, essentially stealing from the people, they now have essentially unlimited funds to fight against me until the end of time.

So there will be no justice in this case other than PUBLIC EXPOSURE. With the odds stacked against me, it will not matter what evidence is presented at this court trial—I will lose. I accept that.

Nevertheless, I will do everything in my power to expose the corruption of St. Luke’s Hospital and the Holland and Hart law firm. Their actions in Idaho over the course of decades have been unprincipled, corrupt, indefensible, and are direct attacks on the soul and conscience of the Idaho public.

They are suing me for publicly declaring FACTUAL ACTIONS that they have done/taken. Well, that is quite a waste of everyone’s time because I am happy to publicly recant any single statement I have made and to publish retractions and/or to delete any previous articles or statements about St. Luke’s hospital if they can demonstrate ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY FACTUAL INACCURACY that I have stated or published. It is as simple as that—no lawsuit necessary.

They can’t and won’t do that—because I have not made any false statements about them. On the other hand, they have lied repeatedly about me and my family and the entire Baby Cyrus case and this will be demonstrated both in and outside of the courtroom.

The truth is they are suing me as a means of intimidation—to demonstrate their power and to make me an example to anyone and everyone else who would dare challenge the power structure of Idaho.

As far as them not being able to serve me properly, well I can’t hold that against them as I have been out of the country and I am now a resident of another country where I will be for any future hearings anyway. But I am both happy and willing to participate in all court hearings via Zoom which is the means by which Idaho courts forced Idaho citizens to use during the COVID scam anyway.

I do find it remarkable that they are claiming to not be able to get a hold of me—with all of their limitless resources. Yet Ian Stevenson, a singular individual reporter from the Idaho Statesman was able to do so within a few hours. Sounds to me like they’re not trying very hard, or they’re just lying.

And as for the state entering a tax lien against me as a result of this lawsuit—I don’t know anything about it, but I wouldn’t be shocked. It would just go to show AGAIN how corrupt and vile the Idaho court system is—how they could enter a judgment against me for a civil lawsuit where I have not been been served, where no evidence has been presented, and where no court hearings have been held. That is called INJUSTICE, and it is par for the course in the State of Idaho.

NOTE - the reporter later clarified that the tax lien mentioned was not as a result of this lawsuit.
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