St Luke's is Suing Us for Exposing Them

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St Luke's is Suing Us for Exposing Them

May 16th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

Last week I got a text from a reporter at the Idaho Statesman asking me about a lawsuit with St. Luke's hospital. I had no idea what they were talking about, and later had to read about it from a news website where I downloaded the actual lawsuit (i.e. legal complaint) and read it for myself.

And yes, it is true, St. Luke's Hospital is suing me, Ammon Bundy, and other entities they allege that Ammon and I control.

What is all this about, you might ask? Well, they are claiming that in the course of fighting to get my Grandson back from their clutches after he was kidnapped by child traffickers from the Meridian Police Department and put into the very wicked hands of St. Luke's Hospital, Ammon and I allegedly caused them so much harm and damage that their business has suffered as a result.

The 33 page complaint is so littered with lies, mischaracterizations, falsehoods, and not-so-cleverly-worded propaganda claims, that it makes one wonder if the attorneys spent any time at all doing real research before filing the complaint, or if they're just banking on the assumption that they control the Ada County courthouse and are backed up by the highest levels of Idaho's government—including the Governor, Attorney General, and the entire RINO wing of the Idaho Republican party.

To be certain, the Holland & Hart law firm that was hired by St. Luke's hospital is the most powerful and deep-pocketed law firm in the state, and have themselves worked in cahoots with Idaho state government to build legal barriers to Idaho citizens regaining their freedoms during the fake COVID lockdowns. And they've been at the forefront of many corrupt Idaho policies in conjunction with IACI and Idaho government officials. Yup, it's that same law firm.

So yes, their pockets are deep and their ability to financially devastate their opponents is unmatched in Idaho. Yet for all their historical legal prowess and their deep ties to Idaho's corrupt state—they sure have put on a display of utter incompetence in their filing of this lawsuit. I mean, at least, they could have pretended to try to make accurate claims against us!

But in the end, we all know what this is—it's an attempt to silence their opposition. It's an attempt to shut down the voices who are exposing the wickedness of St. Luke's Hospital and the multiple players involved in Idaho's government subsidized child trafficking ring.

We've been shining the light on them, and the darkness doesn't like it. So they are trying to slap us down with what is colloquially referred to in legal circles as a SLAPP suita baseless lawsuit designed to silence political opposition. And its typically done by large, deep pocketed institutions, who have more money than morality, and who don't care how much money or time they have to expend to destroy innocent citizens who are exercising their Constitutional rights and exposing wickedness.

And here's the best part of this case—they have included a number of incredible elements to their list of allegations against us which means that we will now have DISCOVERY and SUBPOENA power to prove in a court of law the veracity (i.e. truth) of our claims. And the amazing thing is that they didn't have to include these things, but they did! So now, thanks to them, the entire country is going to learn things that they previously would have never known. For example, they are alleging:

1. That St. Luke's Hospital, and their CEO, Chris Roth, did not financially benefit from the pandemic. Wow! How does that have anything to do with Baby Cyrus? But we'll take it! Now they have to prove in a court of law that St. Luke's hospital and CEO Chris Roth did not financially benefit from the pandemic. The discovery from this case will obviously extend to all allopathic hospitals that received compensation from COVID money, and we already know in this case that Chris Roth earned multiple millions of dollars in the 2 years since COVID, which is outrageously higher than any CEO had previously earned. So yeah, we get to find out how much money St. Luke's earned by giving Remdesivir to patients or by putting them on ventilators—treatments known to kill people, and treatments for which they were paid quite handsomely! And now they have to provide PROOF of it all in court. And yes, I'm going to publish it far and wide for everyone to see! Thanks guys! Thanks for this opportunity!

2. That St. Luke's hospital is not involved in child trafficking along with police departments, the judiciary, and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Again, this might be the most glorious part of the entire lawsuit! Now, we will get to have discovery on the details of how much money the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare receives for every child they kidnap. We'll also learn in a public trial how much money St. Luke's gets paid for taking these kidnapped children into their care. We will find out how Police Departments get compensated and how the judiciary is allowed to violate the Constitution while acting on behalf of CPS. Dozens of questions that parental rights advocates and CPS opponents have been trying to find out for decades are now going to be subject to legal discovery in this case! What a gift! Thanks again!

The next best part is that the foundations for their claims are totally baseless. For example, they claim that we did this for financial gain. Ha! First of all, I have never earned a single red cent for any political activism, and I've never earned anything on behalf of the Freedom Man PAC, or the publishing of our blog here at FreedomMan.org. On the contrary, I've personally subsidized the entire thing! In other words, my activism has cost me money, and I haven't earned a thing!

On the other hand, St. Luke's is a "non-profit organization" that is heavily subsidized by the government, yet its CEO, Chris Roth, has earned millions off of this "non-profit." How about that? A multi-millionaire who earns his money from tax-subsidized compensation (in other words—your money) at a so-called "non profit" is accusing local citizens of attacking his hospital for financial gain when we haven't earned a dime and have actually lost tons of money, out of pocket, for simply exposing them and doing the "exposing work" that our founders recognized citizen's would have to do in order to preserve our Republic. Chris Roth and St. Luke's are making money off of child trafficking, pure and simple. Ammon Bundy and I are losing money trying to expose it. Also pure and simple. And this will be easily demonstrated in court.

And in this case it is sooooo obvious that our fight was not about money, but it was about getting back my GRANDSON who had been kidnapped! Even low IQ RINOs can figure that out, but apparently the geniuses at Holland & Hart can't.

They are also are going to have to legally refute the claim that St. Luke's hospital is "world famous for harming patients and killing babies." And we will likewise have to substantiate that claim. This means that we get to invite any of thousands of patients and citizens that St. Luke's has harmed over the years in unimaginable and unconscionable ways, who have had their stories oppressed and have never had their day in court. Imagine the number of witnesses who have been dying for the opportunity for the court to hear what St. Luke's did to them, and who have never had the means or platform to share their story and have been silenced for so long. Thank you, St. Luke's! With this lawsuit, you just opened the door for every single citizen you have harmed over the years to get in line to testify against you.

So yeah, we get it—they want to shut us up. Well fine. Go ahead and try. We already know that in your secret meetings you have made it clear that your intent in this case is to silence us and to totally "bankrupt Ammon and Diego." Well, I've got news for you, we're not shutting up and we're not backing down.

In fact, I will make you this promise—you will see a measure of public exposure and publishing on this case, the likes of which you've never seen in your entire life. And no amount of legal maneuvering or manipulation will shut my mouth or stop me from publishing EVERYTHING, as it is my Constitutional right to do so and I will exercise that right!

I will publish everything. Every. Thing. In other words, EVERYTHING. "Todo" in Spanish. I will make videos, mailing campaigns, social media campaigns, radio ads, TV ads, and more to publish to all Idaho citizens, and to the world, the specific corrupt actions that Holland & Hart along with St. Luke's are taking in this case. I will also publish everything about the discovery we make concerning payments received from COVID money, from the Federal Government for forcefully taking children, and everything else we learn and uncover that is both incriminating and unconscionable, and downright outrageous and offensive to the public conscience.

We will also publish any and all evidence of conspiracy against us on behalf of all the bad actors in Idaho government with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, police agencies, the judiciary, prosecutors, and others.

I'm even going to have an entire website built and developed from the ground up to expose everything and to keep a historical archive for all time so that the entire world can see the corruption and wickedness of St. Luke's, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, and all other bad actors in the process, and it can be used to permanently shine the light on the criminal government subsidized Child Trafficking ring that exists in all 50 states.

Everyone will soon learn everything—because you guys made it all possible when you filed this lawsuit. So thank you. Thank you for finally seeing to it that this gets done. We'll see you in court!
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