Why Do They Hate Ammon Bundy So Much?

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Why Do They Hate Ammon Bundy So Much?

April 8th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

When great injustices abound, it is easy and common to question so many things and to feel despair and to think that the future is bleak and we remain without hope.

And to see injustice and pure vitriol by wicked authorities over a man like Ammon Bundy, it brings to mind the obvious question—why do they hate Ammon so much? The government, police, mainstream media, and nearly all connected to the state absolutely despise Ammon with intensity.

I submit to you that it is not a difficult question to answer. It's just that the answer is not what people want to hear.

You see, this is a spiritual battle. People don't hate Ammon because he stole their money or killed their cat. They hate Ammon because their spirits are wicked and full of darkness, and Ammon shines the light on them. It really is that simple:

John 3:20 "For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed." ESV

All statists hate those who promote liberty. Those who are corrupt hate those who expose. Tyrants hate liberators. Statists hate patriots. It really is that simple.

These battles are spiritual—they cannot be explained any other way. Truth be told, those who hate Ammon couldn’t even define or articulate WHY they hate him. They just know that they do. They will say things like, “I don’t like his tactics” or “he is just an agitator”—silly claims that are baseless, vacuous, and just plain dumb. Others flat out lie and say things like, “he’s a domestic terrorist” or he’s a “criminal.” Of course, those are just pure lies made up to scare and intimidate the thoughtless, uninformed, zombie class of Americans who gleefully absorb whatever putrid lies the mainstream statist media spews at them like fresh sponges dropped in a polluted gutter.

Remarkably, every public battle Ammon has ever fought, was something that exposed evil and darkness in America. Every time Ammon has been thrown in jail (locked in a cage), it was in the defense of SOMEONE ELSE or SOMEONE ELSE'S RIGHTS. And every time, statists and media acolytes rush to condemn him and to speak all manner of evil against him falsely. But fear not, it is actually an honor to be lied about when you are standing for righteousness and the causes of our Lord:

Matthew 5:11 "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."

They hate Ammon because he is a leader. Leaders inspire others. Leaders gather crowds and make great societal change. They lead not out of an inward desire to have followers, but out of a sense of destiny to serve a cause greater than themselves. Leaders are not perfect, as they are human and fallen, but they do possess that Christ-like quality of servitude and humility, driven by purpose, that makes them at once—both manly and meek.

They hate Ammon because he takes action. The enemy doesn’t much care or pay attention to academes or to those who pontificate with many words yet little action. In a war, there is no time for the verbose, the petty narcissists, or the fearful, who all have many mechanisms to avoid taking action while attempting to appear “above the fray” or more “reasonable” and "levelheaded." But these stagnant whiners are destined to become the lost and nameless souls of history who neither affect change nor achieve the proposed end that they bloviate over.

Contrariwise, action-takers, lead by default—not because they set out to do so, but by reason of their intentional action, they inspire others to pick up their own swords and follow. Like our founding fathers, and the great transforming agents of history—who themselves were persecuted falsely, imprisoned, and suffered for their respective causes—Ammon takes action, inspires others, affects real change, and will likewise be remembered in history by name and with honor. His enemies will fade into the ash heap of history, and if ever mentioned, will only be known as the evil ones of their day.

Ammon is my best friend. He is my family. And it is easy for those of us who love him, his family and his cause, to be discouraged when we see a righteous man persecuted and put in jail without cause. But we must remember that God Himself will avenge the righteous, it is not our duty to do so:

Romans 12:19 "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

This is not to say that we should sit silent—GOD FORBID! It just means that ultimate justice is not in our hands, but in His.

And mostly, we must remember that God is just and He is sovereign. From his great throne above he may be orchestrating the greatest victory we have yet to see, and perhaps what we are now seeing is simply one chapter in His cosmic plan, with Ammon being just one of His chosen vessels to bring elements of His will to pass.

And with an eternal perspective, we can and should, rejoice for our friend Ammon, for he has been deemed worthy to be God’s vessel, and worthy to suffer for righteousness' sake.

We should all therefore continue to pray for Ammon, but mostly continue to pray that God’s Will be done in the earth.
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