August 21st - Baby Cyrus Health Update (from Marissa)

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August 21st - Baby Cyrus Health Update (from Marissa)

If it wasn't for you, Baby Cyrus wouldn't be HAPPY or safe. Thank you for all your support!

August 21st, 2022 | by Marissa Anderson

This last month has mainly just consisted of running tests on Cyrus. One of the test results showed that he tested positive for C. DIFF. (basically a bacteria infection in the colon). We can’t know for sure how he got it, but his current doctor thinks it’s possible that he picked up the infection during one of his hospital stays at St. Luke’s. (Hospitals are one of the most common places where C. DIFF. is contracted.)

Most specifically, we were originally concerned when Baby Cyrus's forced NG tube (that St. Luke's forced in him) fell out, and according to the "safety plan" that the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) made us agree to in order to get Baby Cyrus back, we had to return to the IDHW for them to put the NG tube back in. The nurse, Tracy Jungman, literally just grabbed the tube, which had been flopping around touching things and getting dirty, and shoved it back into this nose and down into his stomach. She didn't wear gloves, she didn't sanitize the tube, and she didn't switch the tube out for a new one, or anything that would seem obvious for sanitary purposes. We expressed our concern and she just played it off as if it was nothing. According to the American Association of Pediatrics, prolonged use of an NG tube is a common cause of C.DIFF. infection:
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We have started some natural treatments for C. DIFF. and have a follow-up appointment this upcoming week to see if the treatment is working. Although we don’t know if or how it is related to his Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, we know it most certainly does not help to have this infection on top of everything he’s dealing with health-wise.

We also finally got in with a geneticist, ran the first tests, and are waiting for results there. We’re hopeful to find more answers.
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Last month, Cyrus’ doctor put him on a combination of supplements—CoQ10 and L carnitine, and his vomiting episodes were less severe but happening at the same frequency.

We took him off of the supplements for a few days while we were doing some of his tests, and he had one of his worst episodes in the last couple of months. We immediately put him back on the supplements, and his doctor added Riboflavin, which he thought would help (from what he could see on the latest test results), and Cyrus was doing much better. He went the longest he’s ever gone in between episodes, the severity is down, and he’s doing really well with weight gain this last month.

It seems that his vomiting is being spaced out more. We’re very encouraged and hopeful to find more answers as we continue with testing, and his current primary doctor here in Florida has been absolutely amazing to work with. He seems to be taking us on the right path to find answers. We are grateful for him and for all the doctors and health specialists who have helped us along this journey.
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This month has given us more hope, and we’re so grateful to have Cyrus in our custody and be able to choose a more natural approach to his healing, which is proving to be a much better option for him. Without your help, support, love and concern, we never would have got Cyrus back in the first place. As we have learned, and as has been masterfully described in Stew Peter's documentary, "These Little Ones," our system in America is not designed to protect children nor to restore family unity. It does just the opposite.
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Thank you to everyone for your care and concern for Cyrus, for reaching out to check up on him, and for your continued prayers, which have helped tremendously. We’re so grateful for each and everyone one of you, and your messages absolutely mean the world to us!

Marissa Anderson
(Baby Cyrus’s mom)

P.S. My court date for my criminal trial, where I am being criminally charged for "resisting and obstructing an officer," because I wouldn't give Baby Cyrus to Officer Steve Hansen who wanted to forcefully kidnap him from my hands, is still being actively fought. The next hearing has been delayed until October 6th. Please pray for our legal team that they can help us get this case rightfully dismissed. Imagine being charged criminally for not complying with someone who is illegally kidnapping your child! That is what is happening in this case. And I was always told that America was the "Land of the Free."

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