Laurie Fortier and Laura Thompson: a Tale of Idaho's Lesbian Power Couple at the Heart of Child Trafficking

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Laurie Fortier and Laura Thompson: a Tale of Idaho's Lesbian Power Couple at the Heart of Child Trafficking

January 9th, 2023

In any business or marketplace, you need at least 2 elements:
1. The product/merchandise.
2. Customers/Cashflow.

In America's ugly past, the slave trade brought together evil businesses (the slave traders) who forcefully stole human beings to sell them to other wretched human beings who purchased these slaves like cattle.

In order for this slave trade to work, you had to have thousands of people participating in the process and even if they disagreed with it, they all agreed to turn a blind eye in order to protect their paychecks or to prevent societal discomfort.
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It is hard to imagine how many thousands of people participated in the despicable process of forcefully capturing human beings with souls and selling them into forced slavery—but it happened and it's part of our nation's shameful history.

Today, there is an equally wicked, and perhaps more severe, wicked business transaction taking place every day that is actually subsidized by the American Federal Government—it is child trafficking.

There is no place clean (Isaiah 28:8), as all 50 states are involved and participate. And there is a complex web of bad actors who ensure that both the product/merchandise exist to be sold and that the customers/cashflow are properly secured. In the case of child trafficking, the "product" is kidnapped children and the cashflow is payments made to state departments in charge of their respective CPS ("Child Protective Services") agencies in their states.

Sometimes, that agency is called Health and Human Services, the Department of Family Services, the Department of Children and Family, or other similar names. But in Idaho, it is called the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

This agency of the State of Idaho receives the largest share of Idaho's annual budget—more than education, healthcare, or law enforcement. More money is given to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare than any other line item in the entire state's budget.
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Dollars are noted in Millions so this means $4.63 billion dollars have been appropriated to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

And yes, this department literally receives payments from the Federal Government for kidnapping your children. In fact, every time a child is kidnapped in the state of Idaho by force, at the point of a gun, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare gets paid. They get paid again when that kidnapped child is put into foster care. They then get paid every month for as long as the child is in the state's custody. Multiple other agencies including police, hospitals, doctors, and countless bureaucrats also get their hands in the cookie jar and get paid from the process as well, both directly and indirectly.

However, there is a relatively complicated legal process that must take place before this "child merchandise" can be legally kidnapped by corrupt police officers and put into the hands of "foster care." However, in Idaho, the process has been streamlined by what appears to be the strategic placement of a couple of very wicked women.


In the business of child trafficking, the kidnapped children are the "merchandise." But the only way to procure this "product/merchandise" is to steal them and to do so "legally." Therefore, children must be forcefully kidnapped from their parents—a process which, in theory, should be difficult to do. However, in practice, all it takes is a judge to simply declare the parents "unfit" due to "child neglect" or "child abuse" or any other cause the judge deems worthy.

Unfortunately, a judge can use any excuse to make these claims. For example: homeschooling, being "too religious," being poor, not having a clean house, a child being too skinny, a child being too fat, rejecting medical advice from incompetent doctors, refusing vaccines, etc. have all been used as pretexts for claiming parents are "neglecting" or "abusing" their children.

Essentially, those who would otherwise be considered perfect parents can still have their children legally kidnapped from them as long as a wicked judge issues the order to do so.

In Idaho, the primary judge responsible for doing so is the felonious Judge Laurie Fortier. She rules over most CPS cases in Ada County, which has the most CPS cases in the state of Idaho. In short, she is responsible for ensuring the continued flow of child "merchandise" into Idaho's child trafficking machine.
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Unlike her contemporary judges whose images are easily found online, felonious Judge Laurie Fortier has, quite remarkably managed to nearly completely scrub images of herself off the internet. Freedom Man Press has managed to acquire only a handful.
There is no diplomatic way of stating this. She is wicked. She is a criminal. She is responsible for destroying more lives and more families in the state of Idaho than probably any other person. Sure, she is just one cog in the machine, but she is the one who provides the legal cover to keep the machine moving and to keep the "merchandise" flowing.

How Shelter Care Hearings Work (What Happens When Your Child is Kidnapped)

According to Idaho State Law, within 48 business hours after a child is kidnapped at the point of a gun by immoral police officers, there must be a "Shelter Care Hearing" where a judge determines if the child can return to its parents or if the parents will be deemed "unfit" to be parents and the child will then be turned into merchandise for Idaho's Child Trafficking Machine.

Judge Laurie Fortier was the judge who presided over Baby Cyrus's case, as she does for most CPS cases in Ada County. There were several important things to note about Baby Cyrus's shelter care hearing that most people don't know about:

1. Contrary to the 6th amendment which requires cases to be held in public in front of a jury of your peers, felonious Judge Laurie Fortier closed off the hearing, violating the Constitution and disallowing the public from viewing. She likewise put a gag order on Levi and Marissa (Baby Cyrus's parents) which prevented them from speaking about the case.

2. Levi and Marissa had an attorney go with them into the court hearing and the clerk mentioned that in the 2 years she had worked there, she had "never once seen parents go to a shelter care hearing with an actual attorney." That means the deck is stacked against most parents who have had their children kidnapped. They are not getting any legal help and are therefore easy to abuse. Laurie Fortier, and the entire system in general, are taking advantage of people this way.

3. Regardless of the fact that Levi and Marissa's attorney presented a case based on law, facts, actual Idaho statutes, and also had professional witnesses (including medical and healthcare professionals) testifying on behalf of Levi and Marissa, felonious Judge Laurie Fortier immediately passed judgment declaring Levi and Marissa to be unfit parents due to "child neglect" and "child abuse." Of course, there was not a shred of evidence demonstrating neglect or abuse, but that doesn't matter. Felonious Judge Laurie Fortier can and will do and say whatever she wants, simply because she is evil and she can.

4. It was evident that felonious Judge Laurie Fortier didn't even listen to any of the court proceedings or the testimonies of professionals testifying under oath in her courtroom. Because within seconds of the attorney finishing his final remarks, felonious Judge Laurie Fortier turned to her computer monitor and immediately read off her pre-written judgment against Levi and Marissa. In other words, it was all a dog-and-pony show. There was no justice, no actual court case, and no consideration of any facts. It's all fake. The felonious Laurie Fortier is always going to issue orders to legally kidnap children to keep the merchandise flowing into Idaho's Child Trafficking Machine.

And note that all of this which took place could never be discussed because if Levi and Marissa mentioned it, they could go to jail for violating Judge Fortier's gag order. And we all know that psychopathic Idaho police officers are more than happy to enforce illegal orders, even contrary to their own oaths as officers.

Here are some comments regarding felonious Judge Laurie Fortier from Idaho citizens:
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The Second Person Necessary to Keep the Child Trafficking Machine Alive

Remember, Judge Laurie Fortier is the one who keeps the merchandise (kidnapped children) flowing in Idaho's Child Trafficking Machine.

However, there is a second person who is just as important to the child trafficking process as felonious Judge Laurie Fortier. You see without payments being made, there is no trafficking taking place. A financial transaction must take place in order to keep all of the participants in the child trafficking process under control.

Just like in the times of slavery, you can only hold people's conscience's back and keep them as silent members of your wicked machine if they are all getting paid or financially benefitting in some way.

In the case of child trafficking, the payments come from the Social Security Title IV fund which was all set up in the ASFA (Adoptive Safe Families Act) which was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1997, and championed by Hillary Clinton herself.

However, in order for states to receive the payments promised by ASFA, each state must "check all the boxes" and comply with the requirements set forth by the ASFA law. Therefore, all 50 states have created their own set of laws to ensure that ASFA is followed and all 50 states have someone or some department in the state who is responsible for ensuring standards compliance with the federal ASFA law. Are you following?

In the state of Idaho, the department responsible for this is "Facility Standards" at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. As you can see in the screenshot below, "Facility Standards" is responsible for "Enforcing compliance with state rules and federal regulations." This is important because if all the boxes aren't checked and states (like Idaho) are not properly following the rules established by the ASFA law, then Idaho won't get money for kidnapping children.
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So the department of Facility Standards is the department that ensures cashflow for child trafficking while judges like felonious Judge Laurie Fortier, and her wicked colleagues, ensure the flow of the "merchandise" of kidnapped children. These two elements must simultaneously exist in order for the Child Trafficking ring in Idaho to continue.

This means that the two people in charge of these two processes:
FIRST, the primary judge ensuring the legal kidnapping of children, and
SECOND, the department head of Facility Standards at IDHW that ensures that the money continues to flow for these kidnapped children, are two of the most important figures in the ring of Child Traffickers in Idaho.

The entire machine comes crumbling down without them doing their jobs.

And wouldn't you know it, the Bureau Chief of Facility Standards at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is Laura Thompson, a woman who happens to be felonious Judge Laurie Fortier's lesbian lover.
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Felonious Judge Laurie Fortier
She keeps the merchandise (kidnapped children) flowing into Idaho's child trafficking machine.

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Laura Thompson, Bureau Chief Facilities Standards
She keeps the cashflow coming into the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for all the children kidnapped by CPS.

These two criminally wicked women live together in a lesbian relationship and represent THE POWER COUPLE who are responsible for sustaining the continued destruction of families, and the continued exploitation of children, including sex abuse, child torture, and the disappearance of innocent children at the hands of "foster care."

This begs many questions. What type of shady and unethical exchange of money and financial entanglement is going on between Ada County judges and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare? With a history of antagonism against traditional families, are these lesbians conspiring to intentionally harm and target Christians, conservatives, and traditional families much like the IRS targeted conservative organizations during the Obama administration? How did Laura Thompson get such a remarkable promotion to such a position of power when previously she was just a nurse at Kaiser Permanente? Who helped felonious Judge Laurie Fortier get to her position in the Ada County Court system? How much money do judges make when ruling over CPS cases? How and why are judges allowed to violate the 6th amendment without consequence? Who is going to hold these wicked people accountable?
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This information has been kept hidden from the public for years. Unquestionably, if the public knew this was going on, they would demand that felonious Judge Laurie Fortier and Laura Thompson be removed from their positions and that their entanglements with the child trafficking system be investigated and prosecuted as necessary.


FACT - felonious Judge Laurie Fortier is responsible for thousands of children being taken from their parents without any evidence of abuse from those parents. She keeps the merchandise flowing.

FACT - Laura Thompson is the Bureau Chief of Facility Standards at the Idaho Deparmtent of Health and Welfare. She presides over the department that ensures that the money for the child merchandise keeps flowing into Idaho's coffers.

FACT - the state of Idaho gets paid by the Federal Government for every single child it kidnaps forcefully at the point of a gun, even when there is not a shred of evidence that the parents have done anything wrong.

OPINION - Lesbian lovers Laurie Fortier and Laura Thompson are inappropriately benefitting financially from the millions of dollars of federal funds that they are responsible for procuring for their efforts in Idaho's child trafficking ring. They should both be investigated thoroughly by an independent special investigator and prosecuted according to the findings.

4 Things You Can Do About This:

1. The first and most important thing you can and should do about this is to become informed. If you're not familiar with the story of Baby Cyrus, you can read about it here. However, please note, that Baby Cyrus is just one story and many families experience far worse. You should also watch the documentary, These Little Ones, which does a great job of describing the reality of government subsidized child trafficking in Idaho.

2. Share the information with your friends! There is great power in numbers. Make sure every citizen of Idaho knows about this. Share this article immediately!

3. Call your representatives and demand that this story be investigated. Demand that Judge Laurie Fortier be fired! Demand that the Constitution be followed!

4. Make phone calls, send emails, and write letters to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, the Ada County Courthouse, your local representatives, and the Attorney General.

Over 1,400 children are trafficked every year by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Thousands of families have been destroyed, marriages have been ruined, children have been irreparably harmed, sexually abused, and have even been lost in the system. And it all goes on because the wicked and corrupt IDHW is getting paid millions of dollars every year from the Federal Government to traffic these children. The Idaho Legislature can put a stop to it immediately, but they'll never do so without pressure from the people. The responsibility is yours…

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