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Specific Action Steps You Can Take To Help:

NUMBER 1 - Contact CPS/Department of Health and Welfare and voice your concerns and discontent.
Real people have to read your emails and answer your phone calls and the more people who call the more they get annoyed and just want it all to go away.

While Baby Cyrus is home now, the Department of Health and Welfare is still collecting money from the Federal Government for having legal custody/control over Cyrus—even though there is no reason or cause for it. [UPDATE—as of December 13th, 2022, all cases have been dropped and Baby Cyrus's "case" along with his mother's case, is now over!]

Call the Department of Health and Welfare and tell them to stop taking money from the Federal Government for Baby Cyrus and to let him go! [Now that Baby Cyrus's case is over, we suggest you just call CPS and demand that they stop taking money from the Federal Government to kidnap children.]

Department of Health and Welfare emails and phone numbers:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

NUMBER 2 - Contact Sheriff Matt Clifford and Meridian Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea and demand that they respond to Diego Rodriguez's open letter.
If you have not read the open letter, you can do so here. These two disgusting law enforcement "leaders" have doubled down on the abusive, tyrannical, actions taken by police officers under their command.

If Matt Clifford is re-elected and if Tracy Basterrechea is not forced out of office—every one of you is in danger. They both should be fired. But give them a chance to resign in shame.

Sheriff Matt Clifford:
(208) 577-3000
[email protected]

Meridian Police Chief Tracey Basterrechea:
(208) 888-6678
[email protected]

NUMBER 3 - Contact St. Luke's and voice your disappointment with their involvement in Child Trafficking.
St. Luke's kills people and destroys lives. They killed thousands of people during the COVID scam and were payed hundreds of millions for doing so.

They have a history of killing children in their "care." And they gleefully participate in the Child Trafficking Network known as "CPS" by taking children into their hospital to receive never-ending streams of payments from Medicaid and other government sources in order to give faulty and unreliable information to the "family courts" in order to keep children away form their parents.

Our case is not unique. This happens every day in Idaho. Nearly 4 times per day, to be precise. St. Luke's is probably the number one accomplice in this Child Trafficking system—and they profit as much as anyone from the system.

St. Luke's
(208) 381-2222
190 E Bannock St
Boise, ID 83712

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

NUMBER 4 - Contact Functional Medicine of Idaho and voice your disappointment with their failed policies that put families and children at risk and lead to Child Trafficking.
If there are no consequences for the wicked actions of people and businesses, then everything continues. Functional Medicine of Idaho and two of their nurse practitioners are directly and fundamentally responsible for this entire episode.

Both Nadia Kravchuk and especially and particularly Aaron Dykstra were directly responsible for putting Cyrus into the hands of CPS. They know how dangerous and deadly it is to contact CPS or to send families to St. Luke's, but they both did so with reckless abandon. Aaron Dykstra didn't even try to contact Levi before calling CPS.

And Functional Medicine of Idaho hasn't demonstrated any care or concern for changing their policies or protocols to ensure that this never happens again.

They don't deserve anyone's business. Take your children away from Functional Medicine of Idaho and run away as fast as you can.

Functional Medicine of Idaho
Phone: (208) 385-7711
Fax: (208) 385-0346

NUMBER 5 - Contact Judge Laurie Fortier.
This is a very wicked woman. Of all the wickedness and criminal activity that has gone on in this case and amongst many others—it appears as though Judge Laurie Fortier is at the root of it all. It would be impossible to know just how many families she has destroyed over the years. Contact her and demand that she obey and follow the rule of law (Luke 18:2-5).

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Office Information:
Phone (208) 287-7625
Fax (208) 287-7499
200 W. Front Street
Boise, ID 83702

Home Information:
(208) 629-4015
(208) 433-9057
1014 W Pueblo St
Boise, ID 83702

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How You Can Help Baby Cyrus and Bring an End to State-Subsidized Child Trafficking:

NUMBER 1 - Get educated.
The most important weapon you have is knowledge and information regarding this case. We simply ask that you at the very least watch the main video on this page to see exactly what happened. Read the posts on this website and go through the details.

NUMBER 2 - Subscribe to Our List
Once you subscribe to our list, we will be able to send you ACTION ALERT emails to let you know how your help could best be utilized.

NUMBER 3 - Be a Keyboard Warrior
Sharing this website and the videos available with everyone you know is extremely helpful to build support for this case. Make comments on videos, social media posts, and more. Send emails and text messages to your friends and family and make sure everybody knows!

NUMBER 4 - Pray for Baby Cyrus and the Family
We believe in prayer. Your prayers help. Specifically, we ask that you pray for protection for Baby Cyrus and our family, and that you bind the wicked and evil spirits working in the hearts and lives of the those who are working against Baby Cyrus.

It is unfortunate, but "the system" has demonstrated already that no one regards the Constitution, the rule of law, or anything of the sort. The Judge in this case, Judge Laurie Fortier, is going to make her next ruling, in spite of any evidence demonstrating that the entire thing is a fraud. The only hope for Baby Cyrus is from A HUGE NATIONAL OUTCRY on behalf of Baby Cyrus. Only sufficient public pressure can remove Baby Cyrus from the system so him and his family can be FREE AGAIN. Will you help?

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